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HSN Jailbird Martha Stewart Attends HSN Vendor Arnold Scaasi’s Wedding

August 1, 2011

Fashion designer, and HSN costume jewelry maker, Arnold Scaasi didn’t get cold feet.

He married his lover of 50 years, publishing executive Parker Ladd, Tuesday at swanky Le Cirque, according to the New York Post’s Page Six.

The guests included one of Scaasi’s fellow HSN vendors, Martha Stewart, designer Tory Burch, Arlene Dahl and First Deputy Mayor Patricia E. Harris. “They were given postcards depicting the couple a half-century ago in Capri,” according to Page Six.

Stewart wasn’t the only jailbird on the guest list. Media baron Conrad Black, who heads back to federal prison in September to complete his sentence for fraud, was also in the house.

Congrats Arnold!


Fashion Designer and HSN Vendor Arnold Scaasi Set To Wed Boyfriend, According To The New York Post

July 27, 2011

We’ve previously noted that Arnold Scaasi’s HSN fashion jewelry line is lovely and inexpensive. But Scaasi has the personality of crab on-air.

Maybe he will be in a better mood now that New York has legalized gay marriages.

Last week the New York Post’s Page Six reported that “fashion legend” Scaasi planned to wed his lover of 50 years, “publishing insider Parker Ladd.”

The wedding was set for this week, according to Page Six, with 75 supposed to attend the soiree at Le Cirque.

Scaasi, who is 81, is legally settling down with Ladd, who is a former Scribners editor and VP of Literacy Partners, according to Page Six.

Here is the link to the Page Six item:

Crabby Designer Arnold Scaasi To Shutter His Couture Business, But Continue His HSN Jewelry Line

July 22, 2010

One of Scaasi's HSN pieces

Mr. Charm and Warmth himself, Arnold Scaasi, is shuttering his apparel business after 55 years of supplying dresses to women like Barbara Bush and Barbra Streisand (he designed the see-through pants she wore to the Oscars in 1969).

But never fear, home shopping queens, Scaasi will continue to do his fashion jewelry line for HSN.

The New York Times had the news Thursday about Scaasi ending his dress line, in a story headlined “No More Flattery From Scaasi,” which we believe was a sarcastic hede. We hadn’t been aware of this, but Scaasi apparently has criticized Michelle Obama’s fashion style. We guess he feels he’s qualified, since he has dressed five First Ladies during his career, according to The Times.

Scaasi, who had been making 20 custom gowns a month, has a glorious jewelry line on HSN. The pieces are gorgeous, and really well-priced.

But he is a nasty jackass on-air, being rude to hosts such as Colleen Lopez, who gave it right back to him — in a nice way. He acts like he is above selling goods on a home shopping channel.

Well, if Badgley Mischka can come to HSN and not be condescending, so can Scaasi. We don’t care how many First Ladies he has dressed.

HSN Colleen Lopez Gives It Back To Snippy Jewelry Designer Scaasi, Pushing His Buttons

December 3, 2009

One of Scaasi's HSN necklaces

HSN’s Colleen Lopez hosted her first show with jewelry designer Arnold Scaasi Tuesday, and we bet she hopes it’s her last with him.

We’ve already written two blogs about what a big crab-ass Scaasi is, but we had to revisit the topic when our mother called us Wednesday to ask if we had seen Lopez and the diminutive designer Tuesday night.

We missed it, since were were busy writing about the finale of “Sons of Anarchy.”

But we watched the video on, and we saw that Scaasi was his usual endearing self. His birthday is May 8, which makes him a Taurus like us, and he’s giving our sign a bad name. But Lopez seemed to delight in yanking his chain. You go girl!

Lopez was her usual enthusiastic self, praising Scaasi and his fashion jewelry line to the high heavens, but we guess it got to the old boy.

At one point he just said to Lopez, “You’re funny.”

Well, since she wasn’t making any jokes at that point, Lopez said, “Why?”

“I like it,” he answered.

Colleen Lopez

Scaasi got bent out of shape when Lopez, noting that he probably wouldn’t like her suggestion, said you could wear one of his large necklaces tucked under a neckline.

“Why would you tuck it under?” he said. “Give me a break.”

Scaasi also told Lopez that if she had worn a high-necked top on the show, he would have taken a scissors to it and made it low cut. Lopez got a kick of that nutty remark.

Scaasi even took a cheap shot at HSN’s models. “I don’t know if they can speak,” he said. “I think they just look good.”

At one juncture out of the blue Scaasi said, “I hope I get through a few more shows,” prompting Lopez to say that Tuesday’s 10 p.m. show was his last for the year.

“Oh please, yes, thank you,” he told Lopez

We agree — yes please, make it his last show.