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Congrats To QVC Host Amy Stran On Boy

November 3, 2016

QVC host Amy Stran and her hubby welcomed a new member to their family this week.

The perky brunette gave birth to Clayton, a name that will apparently be shortened to the nickname Clay.

“I can’t thank you enough for all the love and encouragement you have sent our way from the start of this pregnancy,” Stran posted on Facebook. “We are grateful!”

The message was signed by Amy, husband Steve and big sister Bree.


QVC Host Amy Stran Delivers Easter Baby Girl

April 26, 2014

Congrats to QVC host Amy Stran, who gave birth to an Easter baby, just days after going on maternity leave from the home shopping network.

Stran posted about baby girl Bree on Facebook.

“She’s here!!!,” Stran wrote. “It has been the longest night of our life but worth every second of it! Bree arrived at 11:27am, and measured 7.3lbs and 20in. This is the very first pic we took and you know there are many more coming your way. We did it!!”

You can check out the adorable photos yourself. Congrats to all, and God bless Bree.

We saw Stran on QVC last Friday, and apparently she went into labor the next day and had the baby Sunday.

‘The Lisa Robertson Show’: You Get To Ask Lisa One Question That She Has To Answer

February 5, 2012

We caught the first “episode” of “The Lisa Robertson Show” Friday night, and it was a pretty good effort.

Lisa has her own new set, which almost looked like a living room, and she looked great with a leopard print skirt and great black boots.

Designer Mark Zunino, a protege of longtime QVC vendor and Hollywood designer Nolan Miller, introduced his new line for QVC on the show.

Our favorite guest, however, was fellow Montclair resident and talk show host Wendy Williams, who sat on a couch by Lisa and explained the inspiration for her new QVC accessories line, which is called Adorn. Lisa was on Williams’ show earlier in the week.

Wendy was cool, and had a cute conversation with Lisa, who seems addicted to hair extensions, about wigs.

A stand in for Dr. Perricone, the nationally known skin doctor, was in the house, as well, touting his latest product, or “Fountain of Youth,” as she called it. Really? Does the FDA Know about that?

All the whole shopping networks are trying to make their segments jazzier than an infomercial, in an attempt to draw in new viewers who could become new home shopping customers.

Lisa looked natural in the role of TV show host.

The one thing that did annoy us (there’s always somethin’) was Amy Stran’s presence. She was trying to do the social media thang during the show, answer questions from Facebook and Twitter, and it ground the show to a halt.

There was one interesting bit that the show will be doing: Viewers each week be able to ask Lisa one question that she MUST answer.

Now that’s an intriguing concept.

QVC, Let ‘Black Friday’ Host Dave James Go Home, After 20-Plus Hours On-Air He’s Getting ‘Zombiefied’

November 27, 2009

What a trooper QVC host Dave James is! But get the man some strong coffee, or drugs. Or better yet, cite QVC for cruel and unusual punishment of its employees.

For QVC’s big Black Friday event, James is appearing live for the network for 28 hours straight. He started at 8 p.m. Thanksgiving night. If he’s not on the air live, he is appearing on a Webcast, showing viewers a behind-the-scenes look at QVC.

About 4:45 p.m. Friday, we checked out the Webcast and saw James with fellow host Sharon Faetsch. He was using a Dell laptop that is going to be tomorrow’s Today’s Special Value, and he looked like he needed toothpicks to keep his eyes open.

Sharon Faetsch

“He’s a little zombiefied at this point,” said Faetsch, since James had been on 20 hours straight by that time.

“I can only close one eye at a time, or I’ll fall asleep,” he said at one point.

James could barely feign interest in Faetsch’s babbling about a taco-egg recipe. Finally, he got up and said he was taking a break.

“I’ll be back in just a few minutes,” James said. “Guys, I’m going to cut off my microphone.”

Thank God. It’s embarrassing when you leave you mic on when you’re in the bathroom. Didn’t Leslie Nielsen do that in one of his movie comedies, maybe “Naked Gun”?

James took such a long time getting back that Faetsch brought out a life-sized photo of him and sat it next to her, and then she had a backstage crew member come up and chat with her.

James is a pro, and it was amazing to see him summon up his energy and perk up when he want back on live TV.

Behind the scenes, we saw James being told he was going to have to do a “walkaround” with a cameraman with a Steadicam.

In between all this, James was concerned about the score for the Alabama-Auburn game. We know nothing about college football, but he was rooting for Alabama.

“Roll (Crimson) Tide, roll,” he said.

Some posters on QVC’s forums complained that looking at the Webcast “was like watching paint dry,” but we actually enjoyed watching Faetsch squirm when James took so long to come back from his break.

Amy Stran

And we heard this behind-the-scenes tidbit: “We’re going to have to be quiet when we go where Jane (Treacy) is selling,” the stage manager told James.

As we turned off the Webcast, host Amy Stran, a former cast member of the soap operas “All My Children” and “One Life to Live,” had just joined James.

At one point, Stran and Faetsch were chastised by a stage manager for talking about one of their wedding-ring sets while James was chatting to his wife on the phone about the football game.

“You can’t have two conversations,” the stage manager said, noting that viewers — like us — were hearing everyone talk at once.

QVC, let James go home.

Ex-Soap Opera Actress Amy Stran Nabs Role As QVC Host

September 29, 2009

QVC officially named a new program host Tuesday, one-time soap opera actress Amy Stran.

In a press release, the No. 1 home shopping network said that Stran joined QVC in February and did a six-month training program “to learn about QVC’s products and sales strategy.” We guess she passed her probation period.

Stran has done theater and television, and has held parts on the soap operas “All My Children” and “One Life to Live,” according to QVC. Before QVC, Stran hosted “Premium TV,” a show that promotes premium cable networks. Stran got a bachelor’s degree in theater from Catawba College, Salisbury, N.C.

Here’s the stock quote from QVC on the news, straight from the press release.

“Amy has a proven talent in connecting with our customers. She’s someone they love to shop with,” said Jack Comstock, vice president of talent for QVC. “We’re thrilled to welcome her to the team.”