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Evine, And Akos Jankura, Will Solve All Your Problems

June 29, 2017

OK, we’ve never heard of him, but scientist and inventor Akos Jankura is bringing what is described as his “problem-solving product line” to Evine. The collection is called “Akos The Solutionist.”

According to the press release, Jankura is “one of the world’s top inventors and TV presenters” whose “long career includes nearly $1 billion in sales, nominations for multiple industry awards and appearances in over 40 infomercials.”

He will be on Evine July 4 and 5.

“Akos Jankura is a big name in the world of video commerce and I’m excited to leverage his incredible talent and expansive collection of ingenious products,” Evine CEO Bob Rosenblatt said in a canned statement.

“Akos’ impressive career has been built on his ability to connect with customers and develop products that solve problems. Coming to Evine, Akos not only brings experience from other networks, but also a large following of fans that have come to know him for his radio show, ‘My Cool Inventions,’ and his live-streaming Inventions & Gadgets channel on Roku, AmazonFire, AndroidTV, YouTube and Facebook Live.”

Jankura’s inventions have been featured in The New York Times and the “Wendy Williams Show.” He also owns Inventures International Inc., which seeks out inventors throughout the world.

“All of my products are designed with a real-life problem in mind and I’m looking forward to showing Evine’s customers just how easy it is to overcome everyday household tasks,” Jankura said.

“As an inventor and entrepreneur, I’m passionate about offering a great value and creating products that are not only easy to use, but make even the most mundane tasks fun. I can’t wait to wow Evine’s viewers with the amazing demonstrations and the stories behind the collection of products I’ve assembled.”

He will demonstrate a variety of problem-solving products, including a UV vacuum cleaner, fridge deodorizer and “World Famous Survival Steel.”