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That’s Just How She Rolls: Supermodel Iman Brings Her Baggage to HSN

September 27, 2009

Model and entrepreneur Iman, who is also the wife of rock star David Bowie, this weekend was back on HSN with her Global Chic line. Iman offers purses, clothes, shoes and jewelry, which she models after baubles she herself owns or has found in her world travels.

This go around, Iman has Today’s Special Value, the “Jet…Set…Go” luxury duffle roller luggage at $89.95.

Iman often makes references to Bowie during her presentations, but she is always down to earth and friendly, like that best friend of your’s who is married to a stockbroker — not a jet setter with a cooler than cool husband.

But it’s a little hard to swallow her comments about every woman being dissatisfied with some part of their body. We can’t imagine her having any such insecurities. Yet while touting the new leggings she is offering, and which she was wearing, Iman said that other leggings make her look like she has “stumpy ankles.”

Iman’s HSN purses have been particularly popular, and at price tags in the neighborhood of $100.

“It takes a woman to understand what a woman needs in a bag,” the lanky, long-haired model said Sunday.


InStyle Magazine Offers Discount on HSN’s Curations Faux Fur Vest

September 27, 2009

The October issue of InStyle magazine, just out, is offering a 20 percent discount on a faux fur vest from HSN’s Curations with Stefani Greenfield line. The belted vest, on the magazine’s “This Just In” page, is regularly priced at $150.

Carol Brodie’s Pricey Jewelry Irks Some HSN Shoppers

September 27, 2009

Carol Brodie, formerly in the employ of high-end jeweler Harry Winston, is now doing a line called Rarities for HSN, and she had several shows Saturday.

The jewelry is beautiful (we had our eye on a star and moon diamond pendant, $299), but posters on HSN’s jewelry forum were griping about how expensive the pieces were. The price tags ranged from a modest $29.90 for a drusy ring to $1,000 for a citrine and orange sapphire ring.

One poster had a better eye than us, because she even pointed out that Brodie, a striking blond, was wearing “CL,” or Christian Louboutin, shoes. That eagle-eyed poster spotted the trademark red soles of the shoes, which sometimes cost four figures. When you can afford that kind of footwear, as Brodie can, we guess you can easily afford a $1,000 ring.

Crain’s New York Business wrote a story about Brodie this week, which discussed her move from supplying red-carpet jewelry to electronic retailing.

After Attack By Whoopi, ShopNBC Newbie Suzanne Somers Explains Remarks on Patrick Swayze’s Death

September 25, 2009

Suzanne Somers, fresh from her debut as ShopNBC’s new home-shopping celebrity, created a storm of controversy this week over her remarks about Patrick Swayze’s pancreatic cancer treatment.

On “The View” Whoopi Goldberg, who co-starred with Swayze in the hit movie “Ghost,” skewered Somers for comments she purportedly made blaming the late actor’s chemotherapy treatment for killing him. Goldberg called Somers’ comments “in bad taste” with “bad timing,” adding “Suzanne, you should know better.”

In her blog Somers addressed the issue, saying she made some remarks about Swayze during a party and did not expect to be quoted.

Here is an edited verson of  her blog about Patrick Swayze, with the full text available on her Web site:

“I was very saddened to hear that Patrick Swayze passed away last week of pancreatic cancer, the most virulent and lethal of all the cancers. My heart and deepest condolences go out to his wife, Lisa, and his family, his friends, and the millions who loved him.

In a casual conversation at a private party (with someone who never identified himself as a reporter) at the Toronto Film Festival last week, I was asked about this beloved actor. It was never my intention to make an official statement about his passing. I was not informed or aware I was being interviewed.

I would never have been so insensitive as to offer a public statement so close to his untimely passing. I sincerely apologize if my comment has caused any additional pain to his family during this difficult time. I send my deepest condolences for their loss.

Having had cancer myself, I know firsthand the pain and suffering heaped on patient and family. The fear is unbelievable and we all make the best choices we can with the information we have at hand. In Toronto, I was thinking out loud and wishing for a different outcome for this beautiful man and his devoted wife.

Patrick and his family fought courageously and with integrity right to the end. I know that every choice made in this devastating situation was made with love and care.

I was a major fan of Patrick’s work, and would never do anything to hurt him or his family.”

Somers is a pretty polarizing figure. She casts herself as a champion of women’s rights at odds with the traditional medical establishment, but doctors and others have criticized her for the advice she offers.

We don’t know if ShopNBC is happy for the Swayze/Somers’ firestorm, or not.

Advice for Chunky QVC and HSN Hosts: You Go Girls, To The Gym, And Skip Wolfgang’s Food

September 24, 2009


Shannon Smith

The female hosts on QVC and HSN may or may not be getting better, but they sure are getting bigger. Women on both the No. 1 and No. 2 home shopping channels seem to have gained a lot of weight in the past few months, enough that it had us doing a double-take at what we are seeing on the screen.

HSN’s Lynn Murphy, Chris Scanlon, Connie Craig-Carroll, Suzanne Runyan and Shannon Smith are all looking fuller around the face and hips. It’s a sad setback for Smith, who slimmed down last year and looked spectacular.

Perhaps everyone is doing too much sampling when celebrity chefs Wolfgang Puck, Emeril Lagasse and Todd English are in the house, cooking up a storm to demonstrate their cookware lines.

We aren’t the only ones to notice the weight gains. One writer on an HSN Forum asked whether Murphy was pregnant, because she looks so big. Murphy got married this summer.

If she is pregnant, we’re not aware that she’s officially announced it yet, or if any of her colleagues are pregnant (Here’s a hot tip: Never ask a woman when she’s due unless you are absolutely sure she is pregnant).

And on QVC, right now Jill Bauer, Jane Treacy and Jacque Gonzales sure look a lot wider when they stand up and step away from their tables on-air.

It’s said that the TV camera makes you look 15 pound heavier, but these ladies can’t blame the camera for the girth we are seeing on them now.

They need to start using their own networks’ products, starting with Spanx for a slimmer appearance immediately and then going on NutriSystem to lose the extra pounds.

Maybe everyone should ask QVC host Patti Reilly for her diet secrets. The once hefty host is a sliver of her old self, with a teeny wasp-like waist. Patti, you look marvelous.

Yet Another Switch, As Jewelry Queen Dallas Prince Waltzes Over to HSN From ShopNBC

September 24, 2009

Looks like another vendor switch from ShopNBC to HSN is looming. Dallas Prince, a classy blonde Texas native, has been selling her high-end jewelry at ShopNBC for years. She does vintage looks with gorgeous gemstones, and one of her specialties is crosses.

But according to HSN’s October program guide, Prince has a show scheduled on Oct. 7 for Gem Month. The schedule describes the HSN show as “new.” We put in a call to ShopNBC’s PR department Wednesday to find out what’s going on, and didn’t get a call back. Prince’s jewelry line is still on ShopNBC’s Web site.

Looks like more of the changes being instituted by the new ShopNBC management team, which includes a host of ex-QVC executives. That includes ShopNBC president and CEO Keith Stewart and the shopping channel’s strategic advisor, former QVC honcho Darlene Daggett.

Some of the other ShopNBC jewelry lines that have moved to HSN are Passport to Fine Jewelry, Gem Designs by Palermo, Sajen Silver (formerly known as Offerings) by Marianna and Richard Jacobs, and Jewels by Behzad.

Celeb Stylist Wayne Scot Lukas Follows Suzanne Somers to ShopNBC From HSN, and Gets Bitchy

September 22, 2009

In the game of musical chairs that goes on with home-shopping vendors, handsome celebrity stylist Wayne Scot Lukas was showing off his Lukastyle clothes on ShopNBC today. Like Suzanne Somers, Lukas is a recent refugee from HSN. In fact, he referenced Somers on one show today, saying, “We moved.”

“There’s no place like ShopNBC,” said Lukas, who often proudly makes jokes and references to his gayness on-air. But then Lukas got a little bitchy. At one point, he complained that he and the host were working too hard, that the camera was not taking enough shots of him and her. On HSN, the camera often focused on Lukas. He even griped, “This is not fun. If I come to ShopNBC, it has to be fun.”

The stylist, who is also on TLC’s “What Not to Wear,” is not a guy to hold his tongue. He’s got a biting sense of humor and makes tons of sexual innuendos (and many references to his mother, who he said lives in north Jersey). We’ll see if he and ShopNBC turn out to be a good match. The early signs are not good.

Barry Manilow Gives Suzanne Somers A Call For Her ShopNBC Debut

September 19, 2009

Who can resist a “Naughty Librarian Necklace”? That was one of the items Suzanne Somers was selling during her premiere on ShopNBC tonight.

After 17 years at HSN, diva Somers debuted on ShopNBC by fawning over her new network, and the network mooning over her. Somers’ switch to the Peacock home-shopping channel shocked her fans, with lots of speculation about why her ties to HSN were being severed.

During her “Welcome Party” debut, Somers walked onto a new set, which ShopNBC created specially for her. “I’m so happy. My new home,” she said and later cooed, “They went all out for me at ShopNBC.” The banged blonde hinted about why she moved on (or was cut loose, we still don’t know which it was). She described ShopNBC as “a new, forward-looking company” that was “open to expanding” her brand. Of course, ShopNBC is also a financially ailing network looking for a rebound, and Somers’ star power may help raise its profile and move more merchandise.

During the show pop singer Barry Manilow, Somers’ friend of 30 years, called in to wish her luck at her new venue. And her fans from HSN phoned in as well. “My girls are coming over her,” she said.

Somers is bringing her HSN products, and more, over to ShopNBC. Yes folks, that means more FaceMasters, trilliant jewelry, “Somersize” foods, clothes and skin-care products. ShopNBC also said that Somers will be offering “a line of ingestibles,” a not very appealing name for what we assume are vitamins and supplements. Somers’ views on health and natural remedies are quite controversial. For example, her advocacy of bioidentical hormones for women sparked vicious criticism from the medical community. And after Patrick Swayze’s death, Somers was critical of the course of treatment he chose for his cancer.

At one point during her debut, Somers said, “I should have been a has-been a long time ago.” Well, some may say she is a has-been. But as one of the first celebrities to forge an alliance with a home-shopping network — which dozens of stars are doing today — it looks like she’s a smart cookie, has-been or not. True, she’ll be the butt of ThighMaster jokes for the rest of her life, but so be it. And we all should look as good at 62.

Tennis Champ Serena Williams, Big on Bling, Scores With First Appearance on HSN

September 19, 2009

Tennis star Serena Williams made her debut on HSN today, and watching her, you would never pick her out as someone who had lost her temper and thrown a fit at the U.S. Open. Williams was utterly charming, like someone you would like as your BFF, as she peddled her jewelry, clothes, handbags and other assorted accessories.

Affable Williams had HSN’s Friday “Today’s Special,” a “Rings of Bling” woven leather bracelet. When you are a guest with the “Today’s Special,” it’s as grueling as getting ready for a big tennis match. You are on-air at midnight to introduce the “Today’s Special,” and then must appear throughout the day to do presentations on it. So you are on TV from midnight to 2 a.m., then back at 10 a.m., then back in the afternoon and back again in the evening. Not much time for sleep or rest.

Nonetheless, Williams was cheery and looked fresh each time she appeared to talk about her jewelry and other wares. That included a CZ-pave medallion that Williams said she had worn during an appearance on CNN, and her own handsome version of a tennis bracelet. Host Colleen Lopez said that Williams had a background in design. Who knew?

Suzanne Somers Tomorrow at ShopNBC, Serena Williams Tonight on HSN

September 18, 2009

ShopNBC’s countdown to Suzanne Somers’ debut on the No. 3 home-shopping network is winding down, with the blonde diva set to make her grand entrance tomorrow. On her blog,, Somers said she’d received thousands of letters and e-mails about her move from the Southern Channel to ShopNBC. “I have had 17 wonderful years at HSN,” she wrote, then touted her new home-shopping home. Yeah, Yeah. What really happened Suzanne?

Somers added that she will be selling vitamins and supplements on ShopNBC, which could be pretty touchy stuff. Somers caused a firestorm with her controversial book “Ageless, The Naked Truth About Bioidentical Hormones,” with the medical community skewering her for her advocacy of this type of hormone-replacement treatment. And just as she did at HSN, Somers will be selling jewelry, food and beauty items at ShopNBC.

Meanwhile, HSN tonight is welcoming Serena Williams, fresh from her meltdown at the U.S. Open, to its celebrity line-up. Serena’s “Signature Statement” line includes lots of very blingy CZ-encrusted jewelry, handbags and clothes. Let’s just hope that the talented pro doesn’t lose her cool the way she did at the tournament, when she confronted and cursed at a line judge. Temper, temper.