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QVC Will Watch Performance Of Second Networks In UK, Germany Before Considering One In U.S.

August 15, 2010

QVC Mike George

Don’t expect to see QVC launch a second network in the United States any time soon, even though rival HSA debuted HSN2 on Aug. 1.

QVC this fall does plan to launch second channels in the United Kingdom and Germany, QVC CEO Mike George said during a second-quarter conference call for parent Liberty Media Monday.

Those new shopping networks “will feature the best-of content, and expose QVC to more consumers,” according George.

And QVC in the second quarter started doing a late-night simulcast of its UK network on ITV, and a hour simulcast its Japanese home shopping nework in that country.

But you won’t see any of this happening in America yet, he added.

“The reason we chose UK and Germany for second channel is that it’s relatively low cost to get incremental distribution,” George said. In those countries the new QVCs will be “largely leveraging content off the main channel” but will have some original programming.

In the UK, the second network will focus on bearty, while the one Germany will be “more mixed,” with some focus on beauty, according to George.

“These taped channels provide modest revenue potential,” he said. “I don’t want to overstate the impact, and the key is to do it at a very low cost. In the U.S. we may at some point explore a second channel, but it’s a little bit lower down on our priority list…the equation for us is in terms of amount of revenue potential relative to the cost and caliber of the distribution. It’s not as clear cut a case (in the U.S.) as it is in the UK and Germany. So we’ll watch those two markets…At some point we might consider bringing it to the U.S., but that’s unclear at this point.”

HSN2, which debuted on Dish Network, is using taped content from HSN, content that was shot but never aired on HSN and some original programming.

The Kardashians, Mad Chef Gordon Ramsay To Bring Reality TV To QVC

August 15, 2010

The Kardashians are coming to QVC

Ornery chef Gordon Ramsay and the horny (just kidding) Kardashian sisters are coming to QVC.

QVC president Mike George gave Wall Street analysts that news during the second-quarter conference call for the home shopping network’s parent, Liberty Media, last Monday.

“The Kardashians,” according to George, will launch an apparel line called K-Dash. Dash is the name of the boutique that the three beautiful sisters and reality TV stars have in LA and Miami. Kim Kardashian appeared on QVC earlier this year, selling an exercise tape.

QVC will also be adding three chefs to its roster, George said.

Will Gordon Ramsay play nice on QVC

“We’ll be launching a new celebrity chef series featuring Gordon Ramsay, well known for his ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ series and his ‘Master of Chefs’ series, which premieres this summer, as well as Lidia Bastianich, David Burke and Tyler Florence,”
George told analysts.

On the fashion front, QVC will expand its participation in Fashion Week in Manhattan. The network will co-sponsor Fashion’s Night Out with Vogue magazine, the city of New York and the Council of Fashion Designers of America, according to George.

As part of that event, QVC will launch a pop-up store in Rockefeller Center, he added.

QVC Posts 4 Percent Revenue In Second Quarter

August 9, 2010

SHIP BOTTOM, N.J. — QVC reported a 4 percent revenue gain for the second quarter, to $1.2 billion, the home shopping network’s parent said Monday.

“QVC again displayed their strength in operations and expanded its operating margin, and Starz made exciting announcements regarding their original programming,” Greg Maffei, president of QVC parent Liberty Media Corp. said in a canned statement.

QVC’s domestic revenue increased 4 percent to $1.2 billion and adjusted OIBDA increased 10 percent to $303 million compared to last year.

The home shopping network’s product mix showed a steady growth in accessories, apparel and home and a decline in jewelry sales.

The average selling price increased 3 percent from $46.82 to $48.10 while total units sold increased 2 percent to 26.7 million.

Returns as a percent of gross product revenue increased from 17.3 percent to 18.4 percent. sales as a percentage of domestic sales grew from 27 percent in the second quarter 2009 to 32 percent this year.

The domestic adjusted OIBDA margin increased 153 basis points to 25.4 percent for the quarter primarily due to lower inventory obsolescence provisions, lower fixed costs and increased credit card operations income partially offset by higher bad debt expense.

QVC’s consolidated revenue increased 5 percent in the second quarter to $1.8 billion and adjusted OIBDA increased 9 percent to $403 million.

“QVC delivered strong adjusted OIBDA results for the second quarter,” QVC president and CEO Mike George said. “For the third consecutive quarter, net revenue in each geographic market grew in local currency. In addition, our worldwide revenue from new customers grew 14 percent as we continue to attract more and more shoppers to our brand.

”Our US eCommerce revenue grew 21 percent, faster than the Internet retail sales index, as we focus on enhancing the shopping experience across our Internet and mobile phone platforms in addition to our TV platform.

“We achieved 10 percent domestic and 9 percent international adjusted OIBDA growth in local currency excluding our Italy start up costs of $5 million. QVC Italy is on schedule to launch this fall. QVC’s results are evidence of our continued focus on providing a compelling and engaging shopping experience and maintaining strong customer service and loyalty, while also ensuring tight control over expenses and inventories.”

QVC CEO Mike George To Do Presentation At Goldman Sachs Conference June 22

June 16, 2010

Mike George

QVC president and CEO Mike George will be presenting at the inaugural Goldman Sachs dotCommerce day next Tuesday, according to officials.

George will appear at 11:25 a.m. at the Goldman Sachs Conference Center in Manhattan.

The presentation will be broadcast live via the Internet. All interested persons should visit the Liberty Media Corp. at to register for the webcast. An archive of the webcast will also be available on the website for 30 days.

Why No Mention, Or Questions About, The Louis Dell’Olio Brouhaha On QVC Parent’s First-Quarter Call?

May 7, 2010

QVC president and CEO Mike George

Well, we just listened to the Liberty Media first-quarter earnings call, since it is the parent of QVC. We were hoping — silly gooses that we are — that the battle over the demise, and resurrection, of Louis Dell’Olio’s Linea line would be mentioned.

Why? Even though Dell’Olio’s QVC fans were livid that the home shopping channel was going to dump his line, their reaction demonstrated how dedicated and passionate customers are about the brand.

Let’s face it, if some other people heard that a clothing line they liked was being discontinued on QVC, they might not be happy. But they would not mount a campaign — with letters and phone calls to Liberty chairman John Malone, Liberty CEO Greg Maffei and QVC president Mike George — to lobby for that desiigner to be kept on.

Dell’Olio’s ladies fought for him, and as a result not only will his clothing line remain on the home shopping channel, he is even expanding with a jewelry line.

We guess these hot shot Wall Street analysts don’t read The Homeshoppingista, so they were oblivious to the brouhaha and didn’t ask about it. And maybe Malone, Maffei and George are still pissed off about those Linea Ladies calls, even though they capitulated.

But we think the flap presented a PR opportunity. Liberty and QVC could have spun the story, noting how passionate the home shopping network’s customers are, and how QVC actualy listens to its loyal customer base.

Any way, there was nothing that fresh and exciting on the call. Earlier today, Friday, Liberty reported that domestic QVC saw a 10 percent jump in revenue, to $1.2 billion, in the first quarter. QVC also saw its adjusted OIBDA increase 19 percent to $261 million compared to the year-ago quarter.

The network’s product mix continued to shift from the jewelry and apparel to accessories and home.

In the first three months both QVC and competitor HSN saw roughly the same sales growth. On Tuesday, HSN reported that its first-quarter sales had increased, up 9 percent, to $518.9 million.

On the analysts’ call, George said that QVC’s HD channel is now in 32 million homes. The number of new customers was up 15 percent, with revenue from new customers increasing 26 percent.

Happy Birthday, Fellow April 28 Taurus Babes

April 28, 2010

Jay Leno had a roller-coaster year.

Today, April 28, QVC president Mike George and HSN president Mindy Grossman are doing presentations at the Barclay’s Capital Retail Conference in Manhattan.

But that’s enough home shopping news for today. Let’s move on to more important stuff: It’s our birthday.

A year ago today, it was 92 degrees, much too hot for spring. And truth be known, it was not really the usual joyful celebration, even though nobody loves birthdays more than us. We were still quite devastated from our layoff three months prior.

This year things are different. First, it’s freezing out. It was about 40 degrees or cooler this morning. Second, we’ve been forced to do that “reinvention” thing, and it’s working on both a professional and personal level.

Penelope Cruz

As astrology buffs, we always keep track of the fellow Taureans who share our birthday. That’s why we kept a close watch on Jay Leno last year. Like us, he was a hard worker and talent who was underappreciated by management. He got screwed, like some other people we know. While we rooted for his 10 p.m. show, we saw he was struggling. He didn’t want to reinvent himself.

So when Leno got his late-night slot back (karma at work), we felt no sympathy at all for Conan O’Brien. People complained that Leno was not such a nice guy for displacing O’Brien. Since when does being a nice guy mean being a doormat?

Like us, there are two fellow April 28 babies with Latin blood: Penelope Cruz and Jessica Alba. Cruz has had a great year in terms of her career. And she’s with Javier Bardem. Lucky girl.

Jessica Alba

Alba, well, she always seems happy when we see her with photos of her kid.

Ann-Margret, who attended Northwestern like us, is still going strong and performing.

Jorge Garcia, who plays one of the most beloved characters on “Lost,” is also our birthdate mate. Garcia is Hurley.

And the wife of our former co-worker, Eric Smith, was born today.

We’ve left the worse for last. One of the most vile and evil dicators ever, Saddam Hussein, was born April 28. Well, there’s always a black sheep in the family.

Here’s what astrologer Eugenia Last predicts for those of us born today:

“Happy Birthday: Concentrate on the present and forget the past and you will be able to look forward to the future. The outcome is in your hands — simply stay calm and do what needs to be done. Taking care of both personal and professional business will lead to your victory. As long as you know what your goals are, you will have no trouble attaining them.

Jorge Garcia

Birthday Baby: You are sensitive, caring and very protective. You are hardworking, a good listener, strong and determined.”

From astrologer Holly Mathis:

“You take projects to a new level this year. In June, you’ll attract people to help you exceed previous limitations. Follow curiosities in September: They lead to love. Libra, Capricorn people adore you.”

Designer Dell’Olio Says ‘Open Issues’ Need To Be Settled For His Collection To Stay On QVC

April 23, 2010

Fashion designer Louis Dell’Olio met with QVC officials Thursday to discuss the future of his clothing line, but said that there are still issues that need to be resolved in order for his collection to continue to be sold on the home shopping channel.

On his blog, Dell’Olio left a somewhat cryptic blog about what happened Thursday.

Here it is:

My dear friends.

First, I must thank you for all of the support and love you have shown Jac and myself. If it weren’t for all of you, this meeting would have never taken place. Jac came with me to the city for moral support. I also went into the meeting with all of your suggestions and good wishes.

I am pleased to be able to report to you that I met with the QVC representatives in New York City at the Linea offices, to discuss the future of the Linea/QVC relationship. The meeting was a positive one, but there are certain important matters yet to be agreed upon. It is my hope that this can be accomplished quickly and satisfactorily.

 I will be able to continue to provide you with my Linea collection through QVC. I will report back to you as soon as the open issues are resolved.

Blinddogs, if and when this should happen, I need to know which green you want matched….an A# would help!!!!!! All my LOVE….and a big THANK YOU……………Louis

Dell’Olio’s QVC fans, who call themselves the Linea Ladies, mounted a campaign to keep the designer on QVC when they heard the network planned to dump his Linea line in the fall. They phoned the offices of QVC president Mike George and John Malone, the chairman of QVC parent LIbery Media, and sent letters to the companies.

On the heels of that campaign, where the Linea Ladies threatened to boycott QVC, the home shopping channel asked to meet with the designer to talk about the future his QVC collection. That’s the meeting that took place.

Here’s hoping that Dell’Olio irons out any “issues” with QVC, because we like his clothes, too.

Will QVC President Mike George And HSN President Mindy Grossman Take Us Out For Our Birthday Next Week?

April 22, 2010

QVC president and CEO Mike George will do a presentation at the 2010 Barclays Capital Retail and Restaurants Conference next Wednesday, according to the home shopping channel’s parent Liberty Media.

He will appear at 10:15 a.m. on April 28 at the Crowne Plaza Times Square in Manhattan. Grossman will be doing her presentation on HSN at the same soiree at 11:45 a.m.

Hey, since Grossman and George are both going to be in town for our birthday, we want to ask them both: How about doing lunch? Or getting together for a drink?

We look forward to hearing from them.

Hot Flash: Designer Louis Dell’Olio Meets Thursday With QVC Officials About The Future Of His Clothing Line

April 20, 2010

It looks like the QVC customer campaign to keep designer Louis Dell’Olio on the home shopping network may be working.

On Monday Dell’Olio wrote on his blog that he has a meeting set for Thursday with the honchos at QVC.

Here is his post:

My Dear Friends,

As of this posting, my “discussion” with QVC regarding Linea’s future will take place this Thursday afternoon. I want you all to know that I am taking all of your thoughts, suggestions and ideas with me. I have continually read all of your postings and can’t thank you enough for your untiring support and guidance. You have aided me in focusing on what is most important for Linea. You are one strong, intelligent group of women. It is an honor to know you. Obviously, you a force to be reckoned with……….always, with Love……..Louis

As we’ve said before, campaigns by fans — and threatened boycotts — to keep a cancelled TV show on the air, for example, only rarely work.

But it looks like all the irate phone calls that Dell’Olio’s “Linea Ladies” made last week and Monday to QVC president Mike George and the honchos at QVC’s parent Liberty Media, John Malone and Greg Maffei, may be working. These ladies were threatening to boycott QVC and take their disposable income elsewhere.

Last week Dell’Olio, who just celebrated his 10th anniversary on QVC, wrote in his blog that the home shopping channel had informed him it wasn’t placing any new orders or reorders for his Linea line come the fall.

Liberty Media Says It’s QVC’s Decision Whether Or Not to Drop Designer Louis Dell’Olio’s Line

April 19, 2010

John Malone

Monday morning fashion designer Louis Dell’Olio’s QVC fans decided to protest his possible exit by calling John Malone’s office at Liberty Media. Liberty owns QVC, and cable legend Malone is chairman. The guy who really runs that show on a day-to-day basis, however, is Liberty president Greg Maffei. Malone is more a big-picture guy.

Anyway, we decided to give Liberty’s PR department out in Denver a call Monday afternoon to find out how many calls they had received, etc. We also checked in with QVC, to find out of president Mike George’s phone was ringing off the hook.

At Liberty, corporate spokeswoman Courtnee Ulrich told us they have been getting calls from Dell’Olio’s fans, who have named themselves Linea Ladies, after the name of his QVC collection. She didn’t have a count as to how many calls Liberty had fielded about Dell’Olio, but she said, “We forward everything along to QVC.”

The hubbub started last week when Dell’Olio revealed on his blog that QVC had informed him it would stop ordering his line in the fall. His loyal QVC fans, who love his beautifully tailored classic clothes, sprang into action, coming up with a campaing to pressure QVC to keep Dell’OLio on.

That strategy included phone calls and letters to QVC president Mike George, as well as Malone and Maffei.

“We appreciate the feedback that we’re getting from customers,” Liberty’s Ulrich said. “But it’s an operating decision, so any changes will be coming out of QVC.”

That means it is QVC’s decision to make.

There is some hope for Dell’Olio’s QVC line. He blogged Friday that he had been contacted by QVC folks, and they want to sit down with him and discuss the future of his collection. That means there may be actually be a future for the designer beyond this fall at the Q.

When we checked in with QVC, spokeswoman Erin Mulholland was cordial, but close-mouthed. She wouldn’t comment on how many calls George had received, or about QVC possilby reconsidering its decision to drop Dell’Olio.

For those interested, Liberty will report its first-quarter earnings May 7 at noon (ET). Maffei will host the call, and QVC’s George ususally speaks, as well.

Replays of the conference call can be accessed through 3:00 p.m. (ET) May 14 by dialing (719) 457-0820 or (888) 203-1112 plus the pass code 5583834#.

Just for your information, the first-quarter earnings conference call will also be broadcast live via the Internet. All interested participants should go to Liberty’s website at to register for the web cast.

Replays of the call will also be available on the Liberty Media website. The conference call and related materials will be archived there for one year.

But maybe this Dell’OLio mess will have been solved by then.