Suzanne Somers Poses Nude for Birthday, Sues QVC

This blog is a tease, and if we could find out more we would, but here it is: Veteran home shopping vendor Suzanne Somers has filed a lawsuit against QVC.

Bloomberg Law, which requires a subscription to get the full text of its news stories, wrote about the suit about a week ago. The case is Docket No. 19-cv-4773.

Actress, author and entrepreneur Somers — who has sold products on HSN, ShopHQ and QVC — has charged QVC with fraud and antitrust violations in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, “claiming the at-home shopping company used catch-and-kill tactics to favor another dietary supplement over hers,” according to Bloomberg Law.

It reported:

Somers, the former star of the TV sitcoms “Three’s Company” and “Step By Step,” sells supplements through her company SLC Sweet Inc., according to her complaint. Before inking a deal with QVC, she marketed the products through her own website and platforms run by other home shopping businesses, including HSN Inc. and Evine, now known as ShopHQ.

Around the time QVC was negotiating with Somers, it was also…

But that’s all we could read without paying for a sub.

This brouhaha broke about the same time as another tempest in a teapot, when Somers posed topless, her arms across her chest, on her 73rd birthday 0ct. 16. She posted the photo on Instagram, causing a furor over whether a woman her age should have been a bare-naked lady or not. Publications like The New York Post and People magazine wrote about it.

Frankly, we were far more disturbed to see her and her husband Alan Hamel in a video, where he had painted his toenails the same deep color blue that we got for our pedicure yesterday.

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25 Responses to “Suzanne Somers Poses Nude for Birthday, Sues QVC”

  1. elizabeth langevin Says:

    Not sure how that lawsuit work, butni hope the Q wasn’t doing illegal stuff.

    • Sylvia Says:

      I’m “replying” to Elizabeth to get my post up top. BTW, Elizabeth, I do hope Suzanne defeats QVC in the lawsuit.
      HUGE SALE ON SUZANNE’S WEBSITE. Just found it. Supplements, skin care, etc. Great buys! Get it while you can. I hope everyone sees this.
      And…people think she does, or are asking if, she is in touch with Colleen Lopez. No, she is not. When HSN terminated Suzanne’s contract, Colleen kind of gave her the cold shoulder. Not surprising, I guess, since she only wears cold shoulder clothes. But seriously, all she said about it is she liked working with her, and wished her luck. And it was a chilly way of saying it.
      Colleen has made a great deal of her money, especially in her earlier years, from selling Suzanne’s merchandise. There were always sellouts on their shows, and Colleen moved inventory. Her shows with Suzanne are a large part of Colleen’s rise in popularity. She would never be this popular now, without Suzanne then. Let’s not forget our humbler beginnings, and especially remember those who helped us rise.
      So, to all of you who think Suzanne and Colleen keep in touch, they do not. Suzanne was asked in an interview awhile back if she and Colleen are in touch, and she graciously said they are not, and continued the interview. When asked questions about possibly working with Colleen again, she just says it would be fun or nice and doesn’t elaborate. It was just business to Colleen, and I think the whole HSN thing, along with Colleen’s coldness, turned Suzanne away.

      • elizabeth langevin Says:

        I am sure the Q did something illegal with Suzanne, and they get away with it with other venders, but can’t with her, she has the means to fight them. I am disgusted with the Q, I hardly to never watch anymore, the previously recorded shows are really irritating, and some of the new fashion hosts irritate me. Getting back to Suzanne, she has been way ahead of healthy trends, such as the white flour, and the list goes on, she is an amazing person and company. Also her facial stimulator was way ahead of any other technology that has surfaced in the last 10 yrs. I wish her luck, and really Coleen and her is best they don’t keep in contact, unhealthy.

  2. Jerri Says:

    I hope Suzanne wins the lawsuit. QVC has been an a$$hole lately.
    Both her birthday picture, and the bathtub one from last Spring, were done in good taste. And she had a sense of humor about it.
    It sends a positive body image message to people of all ages, and that’s a good thing. People get too uptight. She showed less in those shots than in a bathing suit. It sure made me feel good about my 60+ year old body! You’re never too old to feel good about yourself.

    • elizabeth langevin Says:

      I have a feeling if Suzanne filed the lawsuit, she must have a good case. I never saw the pictures, but i’m sure she would never do anything to humiliate herself.

    • Marina Says:

      @ Jerri
      I saw the 2 photos, as well. Definitely in good taste, and the look on her face in both says she’s having fun. I take from it the same body image message you do, and also, it reminds us that exercise is important and keeps us young.
      Somers practices yoga regularly, and works out. She has kept herself in great shape, and more importantly, she’s flexible and fit. Her range of movement at 73 is probably better than many others at 40. Hormones and diet help, but movement is key. Good for her!
      I, too, hope she wins the lawsuit against QVC. They are a horrible company, and even worse under Mike George. I think she made a big mistake leaving Evine and going to QVC. I thought so at the time, and now it’s even more obvious. She does a good business off her Facebook and Instagram shows, and they’re fun. Sorry I missed Al’s blue tootsies!! Ms. Moss, was his blue prettier? 😉😁

  3. Carollee Says:

    See link for details:

  4. Rebecca Says:

    Go get ’em, Suzanne! I hope she wins the lawsuit. QVC is straight up slimy. I’ve had to fight to get money back on broken items, dirty items, etc. And then, some wasn’t reimbursed. I haven’t done business with them in about 4 years. I do watch occasionally, for snarking purposes. I knew she shouldn’t have left HQ.
    Homeshoppingista, thank you for mentioning Suzanne’s photo. There aren’t many places to comment unless you go through social media. I thought the birthday photo, and the bathtub one, too, were very cute, and everything was covered. Suzanne was having a ball, you could tell. I think it’s a great message to people of all ages…love your body, take care of it, and enjoy being in it! There is WAY too much ageism in this country. And hey, if you don’t like it, don’t look at it. No one is making you look at the photos.

    • elizabeth langevin Says:

      I bought something breakable from Neiman Marcus sale division, and it was broken, they sent me another, and it was broken too, this happened 4 times, they never asked to see anything, and resent it 4 times, with never a question. That is the difference of quality.

  5. Vicki Says:

    I am glad that someone with some power behind them is making QVC accountable for all the crap they try to get away with. I’m on your side, Suzanne; I hope you win the lawsuit. It’s a matter of principle. QVC has been getting away with too much underhanded B.S. And they really pulled a crooked move on Suzanne.
    I got a kick out of her birthday suit photo. Very tongue in cheek, everything that needed to be was covered, all good fun. And, it made me get my lazy butt up off the sofa and get back into my yoga routine! As others said, it sent a very important message about body image, as well as aging. Stay active, be healthy, and love your body. At ANY age.
    Cute pedicure story, Ms. Moss. I love blue on my toes. My favorites are turquoise, and Cobalt. Violet is pretty, too. I’ll have to check out Suzanne’s colors; I’m allergic to regular polish and Zoya isn’t that easy to find.

  6. Marean Says:

    Like her or not, Suzanne has a legitimate case against QVC. They are some low down dirty business people.
    I do like Suzanne; I’m not into everything she sells but loved her jewelry back in the day, and use her somersize cookbooks regularly. She also had the easy gym, which attaches to a door or wall and is great for a light toning workout. It seems if QVC had wanted her to succeed they would have featured her jewelry and skincare, which is also very good. Just focusing on her supplements and shakes is boring. They set her up, and I hope she wins.
    As for the pictures that had tongues wagging, they were perfectly covered and done in the spirit of fun. And, like another poster, seeing Somers’ fit 73 year old body got me back into my Pilates and weight lifting routines.

  7. Kay Says:

    Suzanne was done wrong by QVC, so I hope she wins the lawsuit.
    I like her Facebook presentations: Al’s pedicure is one of the fun things that happen. QVC sold the wrong stuff. And boooring presentations. I liked her with Kimberly Wells….even better than with Colleen. Those shows were fun.
    The birthday picture, and the bathtub one were cute and funny. And a good reminder to love your body at any age.
    Vicki, try looking online for Zoya. I used to get it at a beauty supply in my little town, then I moved and can’t find it locally. I use it and Suzanne’s polish. I have super sensitive skin/nails. And Suzanne’s polishes really last well. Good luck!

    • Francine Says:

      I like her Facebook/Instagram presentations, too. They are much more relaxed, and interesting. I like her box of the month deal. You can learn more about it on her Facebook. The Q just focused on her vitamins. They should be shown with jewelry and skin care, to make more of an audience.
      I believe they deceived her, too. They have many underhanded moves. They’ve never been that sweet innocent company they want you to think they are.
      And the pictures were nothing for people to get bent out of shape over. As many on here said, they are great motivation to get moving and keep moving. And, like someone up thread said, don’t look at them if you don’t like them.

  8. Janine Says:

    I like Suzanne because she puts out important information for people to use, if they like. Her Somersize eating plan is great. I lost 40 pounds in 3 months on it. I felt better, wasn’t hungry, and introduced my family to a healthier way of eating. Her jewelry from back in the day was excellent. I’m still wearing 20+ year old pieces that look new.
    I think the birthday picture was fun. As some say, it was an inspiration to keep moving and keep in shape.
    I hope she wins against QVC, too. They’ve really been playing dirty lately. It’s about time someone held them accountable.

  9. Betty Says:

    I enjoy Suzanne Somers. I like her jewelry, skin care and makeup. I don’t go by everything she says, but she does have valid information.
    QVC deserves to get sued, and I hope they lose. As another poster pointed out, Suzanne has the money behind her to take them to task. It’s about time someone called them out. They’ve had questionable business practices for years.
    As for the picture, I thought it was cute and humorous. And yes, I dusted off my E-Z gym and started using it again. Move it or lose it, as they say!

    • Nancy Says:

      I love Suzanne’s skin care, makeup, and jewelry. And I hope she wins the lawsuit.
      I tried the Facemaster nearly 20 years ago. I didn’t see results. It was tedious to use, and I experienced discomfort. Back it went. It wasn’t for me.
      Now, health professionals are questioning the safety of home use micro current devices. Many have come out that are much stronger than Suzanne’s. With the retinal flashing, dental discomfort, and nerve twinges I experienced with the Facemaster, I wouldn’t use any of them. Better to do facial exercises.
      I hope I didn’t double post; my other comment disappeared. Sorry if this is post 2.

  10. Bree Says:

    I have been buying Suzanne’s things since her earlier HSN days. I really like her jewelry, especially from late 90s to early 2000s, and I use her skin care.
    From what I can tell, she has grounds for a lawsuit against QVC, and I hope she wins. Their business practices are far from kosher, especially with their customers.
    As for her pictures, I saw both and got a kick out of them. 15 years from now, when I’m 73, I hope my body looks half as good as Suzanne’s. Since the important stuff was covered up, I don’t see why people are going so crazy. As posters up thread said, I have reevaluated my own workout routine and vow to be more consistent with it.

  11. Joni Says:

    I think QVC did Somers wrong, too. I’ve been a fan and I have a lot of her late 90s jewelry, some a little newer, a few of her fashions, and I used to use her skin care.
    It worked well but got too expensive to use. I went back on her website recently for the first time in awhile, and the prices bowled me over. Especially the Facemaster. It normally goes for $400.00. That’s ridiculous. I thought it was too much at $300.00 (which it’s on sale for now), but this recent hike is way too much. I noticed her makeup has jumped up a bit, along with her skin care. Suzanne, you should really think about your prices. You could lower things 25%, and still do well. More people would buy.
    And the Facemaster shouldn’t be more than $100.00. It isn’t that sturdily made, and the power isn’t that strong. Also, you have to keep buying 9V batteries to put in it. They’re expensive, too. Maybe it should come with a cord, and a back up battery option for travel, etc. That way you wouldn’t need so many batteries, and the power would be steady. Just some ideas from a fan who wishes you well.

    • Amy Says:

      @ Joni
      I know QVC pulled a fast one on Suzanne, and I hope she wins the lawsuit.
      I’ve been a fan and have bought many of her products. They are good quality and I know organic is more expensive. However, like you said, the prices are getting way too high. And the facemaster is WAY over priced.
      I had it back in 2000, the one that used q tips. It didn’t do anything for me. My window of time to return it expired so I gave it to a friend. She saw results. Fast forward 11 years and I decided to give the Platinum facemaster a try. It is supposedly a stronger current and the new wands make it easier. Well, it didn’t feel any stronger, and the booties come off the wands all the time through the treatment. And, one of the wires broke….so back it went. It was “on sale” for $200. It is cheaply made, I think the earlier models were made better, q tips and all!
      Anyway, I agree, she should reduce her prices. I’m using another organic skin care line that’s every bit as effective, and just a little over half the price of Suzanne’s. If she lowered her prices a little, she’d get more customers.

    • Myra Says:

      I like Suzanne, too, and hope she wins against QVC.
      I’ve been using her skincare ever since she went organic. It works well for me. It has gone up, like everything else. There are cheaper brands and more expensive brands; I stick with hers because it works. Everything everywhere is going up. She isn’t the only one.
      I do, however, agree about the facemaster. It IS way over priced. I had the original, from years ago. It helped my facial skin. It was $99. A couple years ago, I bought the Platinum one. It was $300. It is made more cheaply and is harder to use because the little booties for the wand tips fall off frequently. And I do agree about the battery. Your idea about making it with a cord and battery backup is great. Anyway, I sent the Platinum facemaster back and I continue to use the old one. Hopefully she’ll perfect the platinum one and reduce the price before my old one wears out. I’ve had it for almost 20 years! And I use it at least twice a week.

  12. Nicky Says:

    Go Suzy!! It’s time someone stood up to QVC.
    They’ve done many people dirty including customers. I refuse to stop there.
    I love Suzanne’s organic skincare. It’s really not more than any other organics, and you know it is pure. I have tons of her jewelry from HSN early days, mid 90s to early 2000s. I know her things went up in price, but so have many others. I guess it all depends what fits your needs.
    As for the Facemaster, it IS a bit over priced. $200 is plenty for it, unless she’s made some significant changes. I ordered mine when they were $300. It came with parts missing and didn’t even turn on. I sent it back for an exchange, and that one works perfectly. The wand tip covers (booties) do come off during use occasionally, but I don’t mind. I’ve seen improvement in my face, and I like it!
    One word of advice: do NOT use it every day. Use it every OTHER day for best results. All muscles need at least 1 day of rest between workouts for top benefits. Otherwise, you’re burning muscle. My personal trainer explained this to me in detail. And it includes facial muscles as well. So best results come with at least 1 day of rest for the muscles you worked out. Good luck!

    • Toni Says:

      I remembered this blog and came on here to let people know Suzanne is having a fantastic sale on her website. Looks like skin care, body care, hair care, supplements and more.
      Nicky, you’re so right about letting muscles rest 1 day or until they’re not sore to work out again. And yes, that includes facial muscles. You will see better results faster if you follow this golden rule. If you’re new to working out, and are sore, wait until your muscles are no longer sore to work out again. If you’re in condition, give the muscle groups you worked out at least 1 day’s rest.
      I’m a Certified Personal Trainer and this rule is carved in stone. If you don’t rest your muscles, you’ll burn muscle, and lose your shape, strength, and fat burning abilities. And muscles are muscles; rest your face at least 1 day between facial exercises, or micro current use.

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