Veteran Jewelry Vendor Joan Boyce To Exit HSN

We always enjoyed watching HSN jewelry host Joan Boyce, with her huge back square eyeglass frames, New York City manner and exuberant personality. She has been on the No. 2 home shopping network for 11 years, but last week announced on Facebook that her last show will be Oct. 29.

We guess this is part of QVC’s continuing purge of vendors since it merged-with/took-over HSN.

Sad to see yet another vendor who is unique disappear.

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8 Responses to “Veteran Jewelry Vendor Joan Boyce To Exit HSN”

  1. Jerri Says:

    One of the few I watch on HSN anymore, when I do watch. I hope she’s leaving on her own. They are stupid to get rid of her, but, you can see what they’ve been doing for awhile now.
    She has an upbeat personality and some good jewelry. That’s a shame.
    Hopefully her next move will be a better one for her.

  2. Queen Celeste Says:

    Well, that’s sad to hear. She is such a personality and knows her jewelry. Not to mention those glorious sequined boots with the comfort soles! Fingers crossed she’ll land at ShopHQ.

  3. Michelle Says:

    Oh no!! I have been a Joan Boyce customer since she started at HSN. I love her jewelry, fashions, and shoes. She’s one of a very few vendors that keep me at HSN.
    Indeed, she is unique. I love her personality and attitude. She is so positive. I really hope she goes to Shop HQ. I have been shopping more and more there lately.

  4. Laura Says:

    I have a lot of Joan’s jewelry. It holds up very well. Pieces I bought from her first shows look just as beautiful as the new ones. And I wear it a lot. I also have some of her fashions and slippers, shoes, and boots. All are of great quality and fit well.
    This is yet ANOTHER good vendor that HSN has given a pink slip, if she isn’t leaving on her own. And I doubt that she is.
    When they put HSN under the same umbrella as QVC, they completely ruined it. Like many have said in other posts, it has been changing for the worst since Barry Diller left.
    I have gotten to the point where I watch Joan and Manse jewelry. I started ordering Lessman’s vitamins from his website awhile back. Jay King’s jewelry, which used to be great, is now hit or miss. I certainly hope Joan goes to shop HQ. I think it’s time to tune HSN out for good.

  5. Abigail Says:

    Wow, that absolutely stinks, Joan is one of the most delightful, warm, sincere vendors on TV, yet another reason not to buy anything there, changing channels HSN popped on, with rejects selling handbags from ShopHQ, including the most annoying host, no purchases from me anymore.

  6. Amy Says:

    Another dumb HSN move. They keep getting rid of good vendors. I hope, along with others here, that Joan goes to Shop HQ . I love her products, and she has a wonderful personality.

  7. Carissa Says:

    I really like Joan’s personality and attitude…and she makes beautiful things. Everything is well made and high quality.
    I certainly hope she goes to shop hq. I watch way less of HSN than I used to; I was once a regular shopper there. They’ve completely ruined HSN.

  8. PattiG. Says:

    I agree. I no longer enjoy watching HSN.

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