A Cheeky Lynn Murphy on HSN, And Michael O’Connor

Thank God we don’t work as a host on a home shopping network, so we can walk around with wrinkles on our face and some sagging. That’s apparently not the case in the electronic retailing world, at least for female hosts.

Let us preface this by saying that we have seen ourselves on the small screen, and it amplifies every facial flaw in a horrifying manner. That said, we got a gander at HSN host Lynn Murphy this week on a Chaco Canyon show after not seeing her awhile on air.

She is a blonde beauty, but she didn’t look right to us. Either she had the worse makeup done in history that night, or she had some kind of filler put in her cheeks. It gave a very unnatural appearance.

But it was not as dramatic as the work that HSN host Connie Craig-Carroll had done. We know she is gone from the home shopping network now, but we think she was gorgeous natural, without a visit to any doctor’s office.

On another note, the Chaco Canyon show had one of the most beautiful turquoise necklaces we had ever seen. It was very, very long — to the waist — with many large turquoise stones. We knew it would cost a lot, but checked out the price. It was $3,000, and apparently sold out!

And on yet another note, former QVC Affinity Diamond rep and ex-Jewelry TV vendor Michael O’Connor has turned up on HSN, doing its Passage to Gold shows.

He’s a real pro and we enjoy seeing him.

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26 Responses to “A Cheeky Lynn Murphy on HSN, And Michael O’Connor”

  1. Maeve Says:

    Maybe Michael will help bring back some viewers.
    Lynn’s cheek implants and (possible) eye surgery have aged her terribly. She also has a hard look now and has lost some of her pre surgery beauty.
    I think it is a shame that women (and more and more men, too), feel that it’s necessary to have cosmetic procedures to stay current. We all have value, and make important contributions at all ages. We need to get rid of the “youth rules” culture and embrace all ages.
    Connie’s surgery wasn’t attractive, either. But it looked so much better than Lynn’s does! Sorry, Lynn, you were much prettier before.

    • Benni Says:

      Well, Maeve, I have to agree. I was so shocked at Lynn’s appearance on the Chaco Canyon show, I don’t even remember any of the jewelry.
      And why make it worse, by putting muddy brown makeup over it? A little Botox, a little Juvederm….not for me, but done right, looks nice. Facial implants? No freaking way. Lynn WAS attractive. She’s also a great host. Now no one will be able to get past her face to learn about the products she’s selling.
      The big shame is, people now think that cosmetic procedures are necessary to keep their jobs.

  2. Leah Says:

    Miss Moss,
    Thank you. You saved me a visit from the TV repairman. A recent purchase, our new big screen was a bargain and for 2 months it had beautiful images. When I saw Lynn on the Chaco show, I was shocked. Either the TV went bad, or Lynn had surgery.
    Big, boxy cheeks, slathered with dark brown makeup. And funny looking eyes. Sorry, I disagree with you on the Connie vs Lynn facial surgery. I didn’t like Connie’s, either, but it was better looking than Lynn’s. Lynn has always had a fuller face; why add bulky cheek implants. I wonder if anyone even noticed the jewelry.
    I like Lynn; but she made a mistake with this cosmetic surgery.

    • Crystal Says:

      Leah I, too, had thought my TV had gone wacko ….then when I noticed that everything else looked normal, I knew Lynn had some procedures done.
      From the look of her cheeks and eyes, she must have gone to Connie’s surgeon. 2 pretty women with bad plastic surgeries. Cheek implants always look fake….why do that?
      I have always liked Lynn as a host and I feel bad for her that she felt she had to do this to keep her job. I thought she was aging very well; she looked great. Now she looks like plastic surgery gone bad.

  3. Glenda Says:

    Michael O’Connor is nice to watch. He will definitely be a good addition to HSN. They need all the help they can get.
    I agree with everyone about Lynn’s cheek implants. However, IMHO, her eyes are even more startling than her cheeks. Hers are permanently smiling. Yes, her eyes are upturned and smiley-looking even when she’s not smiling.
    Lynn has always been one of the best hosts at HSN, and she was always pretty. These new surgeries have left her looking hard and older, not the opposite, as one would think.
    These cosmetic surgeries don’t make you work better, or smarter. And they always show….but at least the better ones are more subtle. There is nothing subtle about Lynn’s.

  4. Elle Says:

    It’s a shame Lynn had this surgery. It seems she had eye surgery not long after her wedding. Maybe she’s been doing Botox, etc, but she looked fine. Now she has blocky cheeks and squinty eyes.
    Lynn has always been a favorite host of mine. She’s soft spoken, cheerful, and very polite with the vendors. She was grandfathered in due to her dad’s position, but she worked hard and was a great host. No one could say she was just there because of her dad.
    She is still a great host but she has ruined her looks with these recent surgeries. Hopefully things will settle and she won’t look so bad. It is, indeed, a shame people think they must alter their appearance to keep their jobs.

  5. Carl Says:

    I used to watch HSN sometimes with my wife and we always noticed Lynn’s fresh, pretty look.
    Now, she looks worse than Connie did post surgery. And she has the same chunky cheeks and slanted eyes. Same surgeon, or same mistake?
    As a guy, let me give all you ladies and gents out there an honest opinion. Sometimes a little work, or injections, looks good. Sometimes, like in both Lynn’s and Connie’s cases, none is needed. I would rather see folks with a few lines, and a little sagging, than with pulled tight, or big cheeks, or slanting eyes. If that’s needed to keep your job, that’s B.S. and there should be legal steps to help you avoid it. Too many people on TV look like plastic mannequins. And as I said before, Connie and Lynn were much prettier before surgery.

  6. Alec Says:

    I’ve seen Lynn a couple times since the Chaco Canyon show, and yes, it’s pretty obvious that she’s had cheek implants and most likely eye lift. I really like Lynn, and it’s sad that she felt she had to do surgery. She looked great before she did that. Now, she looks older and hard, like some posters have said.
    Just doing a little research, and it’s been over 10 years since her wedding. WHERE did the time go! And I feel bad for her, losing her dad, James Lawless in 2016. I’m still in shock that her wedding was 10 years ago. And, I’m happy she and Jerry have a good marriage. Here’s to 10 and many more, Lynn and Jerry!

  7. Kim T Says:

    I think Lynn had the surgery between mid June and early July. I noticed her slanting, more beady eyes and pronounced cheeks sometime in there. People are noticing more now because of the horrible makeup job they did on her for the Chaco Canyon show. I think it’s also possible she did her eyes first, then added the cheek implants. Yikes!!! Huge mistakes.
    Like others have said, she was aging well. And also, I agree that her look was fresh and natural. Now, she looks hard as nails and about 15 years older than before. People shouldn’t do these ridiculous surgeries out of peer pressure.
    What a shame, she’s a sweet person and a lovely host.

    • Joanie Says:

      Ah, Kim T you beat me to the post! I do believe Lynn started at least some of her work earlier than the Chaco Canyon show. Her cheeks do look bigger there, though; maybe it’s the makeup. I think I noticed changes around the same time you did.
      Since everyone on here likes Lynn, I think it’s safe to assume that these posts aren’t to knock her down; we’re just surprised that she would do this extreme surgery that has made her look very harsh. We โ™ฅ๏ธ you, Lynn, and you were pretty the way you were.
      I live in an area where plastic surgery is common, and I’m so tired of seeing big blocky cheeks, eyes pulled too tight, big mushy fish lips, fake boobs, fake butts, and other various horrors. A little goes a long way and sometimes none is better ๐Ÿค”

  8. Linda Says:

    She has the most horrid voice, she’s an instant click for me! She is also a dimwit.

    • Louise Says:

      I can live with her voice. And I like her, but sorry to say, she does come across as being pretty dim.
      She has trouble pronouncing names and words, way too often. And I’ve noticed this down through the years; I started watching HSN in 1998. Anyone can pronounce difficult words or names, just phonetically break down and repeat the correct pronunciation until you can say it smoothly. She’s had trouble with a few vendors and some things in general. One would think her image consultant would hook her up with a speech therapist. She also seems clueless at times and needs to work on concentration.
      The choice of plastic surgeon and procedure speaks for itself.

    • Maddy Says:

      I know what you mean. I like Lynn as a person but she does get dim and goofy. She struggles and fails to pronounce several vendors’ names for years. She was on a Suzanne Somers cooking show a little before Somers left, and she kept making these goofy faces when she tasted the food. They were supposed to be in approval of the taste, but looked more like fits or seizures. No offense to folks who have seizures, BTW. She was stumbling over words in that show, too. Nothing was difficult to say, she just had a bad time that day.
      She knows her jewelry, even though she can’t pronounce some of it, or the vendors’ names. She’s cheerful and sweet, and very polite. Someone back stage needs to coach her in pronunciation. They should have years ago.
      She should have skipped the awful eye surgery and cheek implants. I noticed them about a month ago.
      To Ms. Moss point, the Chaco Canyon jewelry was pretty. It has always been very expensive. I have a few pieces that are holding up well; I do think it’s a bit over priced.

      • Gail Says:

        I agree with your post. And no offense taken about seizures. My cousin has seizures and makes some dramatic faces…..but nothing like the faces you mentioned.
        I saw that show with Lynn and Suzanne, and Lynn’s expressions were like a goldfish gulping for air, with her bulging eyes, and fish mouth expressions. I would have been pi$$ed if I were Suzanne and she was representing my product like that. A simple smile and “mmmm…delicious” would have more than sufficed, instead of those exaggerated dying fish expressions.
        No, I’m not much of a Lynn fan. She is there because of her dad. She is dim and tongue tripped. To be fair, she is pleasant and not too over zealous most of the time.
        Her cheek implants and eye lift are awful. She looks like a hard old hooker trying to preserve her youth. And the makeup is hideous. Why is she allowed on air like that?
        I’m done with HSN and QVC, anyway. They are suicidal in many of their decisions, and are headed downhill. Such a shame; 20 years ago I loved HSN and did a decent amount of my shopping on there.

    • Maggie Says:

      I don’t have a lot of patience with her either, Linda. She seems to be a nice person but could use some polishing as a host. She’s been on HSN for a long time and one would think someone would have worked with her on pronunciation, as well as other details.
      She can’t help her voice, but she could be a bit more focused and learn to pronounce names and certain words correctly. She is polite with vendors, and has an upbeat personality. Another plus for her is that she doesn’t scream or use other unflattering tactics to sell. That, I really like about her. But she needs speech therapy and a little polishing.
      Her implants and eye lift are horrible. What a mistake that was. We can only hope the look will soften over time. A shame that many people are pressured into cosmetic surgery to keep their jobs. There will be none of that for me!

  9. Cathy Says:

    HSN bringing Michael O’Connor on board can only be a good thing. He is very interesting to watch and hopefully will bring back some viewers. HSN is a sad shadow of what it used to be.
    Lynn’s eye lift and cheek implants: no, just NO!! She’s had them for a month or so, but the makeup on the Chaco Canyon show made them worse. I do think it’s possible she had bigger ones put in just before that ๐Ÿ˜ฑ. Why make a bad thing worse?!?!
    Lynn is still one of my faves, even though she sometimes stumbles over words. She treats guests with respect, and doesn’t gush over items, or say they’re almost gone when there are 5000 left, and she doesn’t yell. She also doesn’t act like she drank 10 Red Bulls before her show. So, I guess we all have our own different faves and dislikes, to each their own ๐Ÿ˜˜

  10. Kat Says:

    I am more inclined to agree with Linda. Lynn is very polite and friendly, but is very ditzy. I can overlook her voice, but she mispronounces way too many names and words. And yes, Elle, she was definitely grandfathered in because of her dad’s high position at HSN. And I’m sure he’s the reason she has lasted so long.
    I would rather have seen her go than Connie; Connie was a sharp host who was polite with vendors, but knew how to graciously handle the difficult ones. Brusque vendors like Scaasi walked all over Lynn. Connie handled him like a pro, all the while making him feel like HE was in control.
    As for Lynn’s eye and cheek surgery, it just looks awful. Her eyes are pulled way too tightly, and her cheeks look like she has blocks of wood in them. Just say no, people.

    • Carol Says:

      There are several hosts I would rather have seen gone than Connie. Mostly newer ones; and I never cared for Sarah Anderson on Evine, ditto HSN. Lynn is tongue tied occasionally, but better than the newer hosts; with the exception of Debbie Denmon. She seems to be a good host.
      Chuckerman is a nice man but he babbled too much. I do miss Robin. I can’t believe they kept Helen over her. And Connie was good, too. The thinning of the herd, I guess. Home shopping is not the same, and won’t last much longer.

      • Marty Says:

        That HSN herd could use a good thinning. Apparently, there is no discretion in who goes, but I agree with Carol and would add a few.
        Doubt that it matters, it seems TV shopping will soon be gone. I certainly hope you’ll still blog, Miss Moss, you’re a good writer. Maybe you could follow hosts and vendors in a “life after home shopping” blog.

  11. Rick Says:

    Her worst pronunciation mishap was poor Amadeo Scognomiglio. Hope I spelled it right. I do know it’s pronounced skon- yo- meelyo.
    Lynn: “so-nanana-mok-oh-no-no-mee-mee………….Amadeo!” ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ต๐Ÿ˜ฒ๐Ÿ˜ฌ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜•๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜ฌ. But, she can say Jay King. Cameos, anyone?!?!

    • Mia Says:

      You nailed the pronunciation, Rick. I’m Italian and I know. Lynn really did mess up poor Amadeo’s name. His, maybe worst of all. She has had trouble with various names and words.
      I do like her but they need a speech coach for her. And her cheek implants and eye lift are horrible. People are too much influenced into getting cosmetic procedures. And in some cases, like Lynn’s, they looked much better before the procedures.

    • Sue Says:

      Your post is funny and true. I used to cringe when Lynn hosted Amadeo. His cameos were high quality and beautiful. I own several.
      Lynn is a sweet person but I do understand why people think she’s dim. By now, one would think they would have helped her with her speech and some of her facial expressions. I do agree about the Suzanne Somers show she hosted; I saw it and her expressions were awful. She has made weird faces on other occasions. She needs some help so she doesn’t trip over words and look silly.
      And, her new cheek implants and eye surgery are horrible. I don’t think surgery to look worse should be required by any job.

  12. Arlene J Says:

    My TV was being replaced under warranty, a 55 inch flat screen that had a great picture. It took them awhile, and we were using the 24 inch flat screen from the guest room in the interim. NOT the same!!
    Anyway, the exchange took over a month, so I haven’t seen the new Lynn clearly until recently, and I’m sorry to say, her new look is awful. She was pretty before she did this, just like Connie. Neither needed to do any work on their faces.
    I think cosmetic surgery, injections, etc have really gone overboard. Practically everyone with it looks fake and exaggerated. Another annoying trend is colored contact lenses. There’s a woman I work with whose eyes are either brown, green, or blue. I think they are naturally brown, but who knows? What color do you put on your driver’s license? Keep the same damn color, please. It weirds me out, she looks at me with blue eyes one day and brown the next. Too much fake is not good.
    And I really miss Connie. I can’t believe HSN let her go. I watch only and buy no more.

    • Carmen Says:

      I agree about the colored contacts. If you’re going to change your natural color, at least stick with the same fake color. Your co worker would drive me nuts, too. It sounds like she has psychological problems.
      As for Lynn, I agree about that, too. She looks hard and fake. If you’re going to do cosmetic surgery, etc, go to someone reputable and do a LITTLE vs. a lot. As someone up thread said, it looks like she went to the same botcho that Connie did. I see Waylon Flowers’ “Madame” when I look at Connie and Lynn. For those who don’t know or remember Madame, she was a puppet with huge cheeks, exaggerated eyes, and a funny dose of attitude.
      Anyway, there seems to be more real than fake in the world. There’s more plastic in most people than in a Lego factory.

  13. Sheila Says:

    Late, here, but have been wondering….thanks for confirming, posters, that what I thought is true.
    Lynn looked better before this hideous surgery, and it IS a shame that people are goaded into these bad choices to keep their jobs.
    I agree with those of you who think she had the same doc as Connie did. The sharp cheeks, and slitty eyes are the same. And whoever is doing her makeup needs to STOP with the mud colored blush or whatever it is. Ugh.
    We all have to (hopefully) get older and should be allowed to make our own choices as to how we present ourselves to the world. Sometimes a little Botox or surgery is fine; other times it should be left alone, as in this case. If Lynn did this on her own she truly is dim witted.

  14. Jancee Says:

    I couldn’t believe her appearance today, (Lynn Murphy), as she sells makeup. I remember her saying her age…so presently she is early 50’s. That is young! She was always a cutie, . It just startled me to see her as I hadn’t watched for some time.

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