Wendi Russo Returns to Evine, And Libby Does a Cameo

Pardon us for being a little late on this but two former Evine-soon-to-be-ShopHQ-again hosts are back at that home shopping network.

Wendi Russo was the first one to return, with a full-time gig, and we rather enjoy her presentations.

And lovely Libby Floyd, who did a stint at Jewelry Television after exiting Evine, appeared back on the Minnesota-based channel earlier this month. We’re weren’t quite sure if she was permanent. But someone on Facebook said she was only appearing for a week, that she didn’t want to relocate from sunny Cali to frozen Minneapolis.

Smart move.

Floyd herself posted on Facebook, “Hey everyone! So fun seeing all my old friends at Evine/ShopHQ today and look forward to shopping with all of you this week.”

She did at least one show with jewelry vendor Michael Valitutti.

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17 Responses to “Wendi Russo Returns to Evine, And Libby Does a Cameo”

  1. Judy Says:

    I heard Libby say that she was only guesting for a week, but then she said “we’ll see what happens” so that sounded to me like she was open for something more permanent.

  2. Jerri Says:

    Evine should never have let Wendi go. She has always been a great host. Same with Libby. I believe Libby left on her own. I remember watching Libby on Shop at Home very early 2000s. I bought a beautiful rubelite tourmaline ring from her. It’s the perfect shade of hot pink, with flashes of orange, pink, and magenta. I wear it a lot.
    Anyway, I hope Libby stays on permanently. And good to see Wendi back. I don’t watch home shopping much at all anymore, and when I do it’s usually Evine.

  3. Anna Says:

    I’m glad Evine smartened up and hired Wendi back. She’s a classy, smart host. And it would be wonderful to see Libby back permanently. She was missed when she left. How long has it been? I know it has been about 5 years since she was on JTV. I don’t remember exactly when she left Evine before that.
    Anyway, good to see them again. Evine needs more good hosts.

  4. Carolyn Simpson Says:

    i read that jewelry television treated Wendy badly. she is a great host. she is relaxed and cordial and has an air of sincerity about her.i remember Libby but not well

  5. Abigail Says:

    Looks like they are finally getting a clue and bringing back good hosts, this might help save the network.

    I too had heard JTV treated Wendi bad, wasn’t shocked as it doesn’t seem like a happy place to work, that’s just and observation from watching the hosts running boo and constantly watching the monitor for the number of sales.

  6. Carrie Witter Says:

    I always knew that Wendi wouldn’t last long at JTV. It just wasn’t a good fit (in my eyes). I am so happy she’s back at ShopHQ and she seems so happy there. That truly is her 2nd home. I enjoy Libby also and she certainly didn’t fit in at JTV either. I hope she sticks around!

  7. Jerri Says:

    Not of this topic, but….
    Is Paul Deasy leaving HSN? A quick view of his inventory shows everything is on clearance. He isn’t on the program schedule, at least as I could see.
    Ms. Moss, do you have any info? I don’t really shop HSN anymore, but do surf the clearance pages; sometimes getting lucky. Also, with all the exits at HSN, am wondering if Paul is next out the door. Anyone with info, please post, and thank you!

    • Sandra Says:

      I don’t know, either, Jerri, but it’s looking like it. The HSN forums are talking about it, too. And anything decent left in his collection was not in my size (rings) or not in a gem choice I liked. Also, HSN’s clearance prices are a joke. They could lower them a bit more, if they want to move things. Their jewelry got very expensive 10 years or so ago, and hasn’t been worth it. They are delusional.
      I guess we’ll see if Deasy leaves AGAIN, lol. They don’t have anybody left there. If Jay King leaves, they’re screwed. Manse jewelry is pretty, but way overpriced. Same with Carol Brodie. Those 2 are for the rich customers. There are more of us “poor people” watching than rich ones, I’m pretty sure.

  8. Queen Celeste Says:

    Completely agree with all about Wendi. She is a superb host: smart, funny, great with guests, and gorgeous to boot. It’s a joy to see her back. Caught one show with Libby last week and hope she returns full-time. I’m interested to see what other good change ShopHQ will bring.

  9. CP Says:

    Jerri, yes, Paul Deasy is gone from HSN; he and his wife Judy Crowell are starting up an internet-based jewelry shopping business. I’m pretty sure that when he left Evine and went to HSN Judy was going to stay at Evine, but that didn’t work out either.

    As for Libby Floyd, since she left JTV she has been a host on at least one of the small jewelry shopping “networks” that buy brokered time on cable and satellite channels on nights and weekends and broadcast anywhere from 1-5 times a week. She’s currently listed as the jewelry host at Lux Jewelry Network, which sells jewelry and art. When they were on air (and I know they were on Verizon Fios) she was on one night for 3 hours during the week from 10-1 eastern and the art guy another night. For at least a few months now Lux has not been broadcasting, just selling stuff online, so she certainly has time to pay a visit to Evine.

    Other jewelry shopping entities that buy brokered time are TVON and Gem Hunter, plus others that have popped up and fizzled over the years.

    • Jerri Says:

      Thank you for all the interesting information! I have distanced myself from HSN, and am last to know everything. It sounds like you keep informed, and that’s great.
      One can’t blame Paul for leaving the mess that is HSN, and with Judy still at Evine, it made a home life difficult. I’m sure that the changes at HSN were most influential on his decision. Hopefully their new venture will be more successful than past ones that fizzled out. With the way home shopping is going, there is definitely a place for an online business.
      As for Libby, I do hope she visits Evine more frequently. It sounds like she’s keeping busy otherwise. From what I’ve heard, JTV is NOT a nice place to work at, and she was probably glad to leave.
      I’m curious to see what happens to HSN/QVC and Evine over the next couple of years. The way things are going, it doesn’t look good.

      • CP Says:

        You’re welcome! This is the 2nd time Paul has left HSN, and collectively they have done the circuit (QVC, HSN, Evine, and JTV). ShopLC would not be a good fit for them, and I highly doubt they’d consider moving from Florida to Austin. At this stage they pretty much have to strike out on their own.

      • Judy Says:

        Jeri: when Paul Deasy went from Evine back to HSN he didn’t last long. I bought from his line three times at Evine and all three times I had to return the item. The quality was terrible. I was surprised HSN wanted him back. CP: Serious question=is shop LC a good choice for anyone? JTV is in its own little world.

      • Jerri Says:

        I knew this had been Paul’s second go at HSN. I did not know they (he and Judy) had been at JTV. Wow, they really made the rounds! Thanks again 😊
        Thank you for your info. I watched Paul only once or twice this time on HSN. I usually looked his stuff up online. I bought a couple things; 1 was a keeper and 1 went back. It seems his jewelry was hit or miss at Evine….and sounds like it got worse at HSN.
        I know he and Judy love FL, so I guess an online venture is the next logical move for them. Home shopping sure isn’t the same anymore!

  10. VMoney Says:

    Looks like Wendi Russo is gone again from Shop HQ.No longer showing as a host. I was elated to see her back as she has ALWAYS been my favorite host. Watched because of her. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THEM? I hope I am wrong.

    • Rosey Says:

      I LOVE Wendi, too! Sad that she’s gone again. I always enjoyed watching her, from when she used to work the graveyard shift, I did too and would watch on my nites off. She always described things perfectly–didn’t sit there talking about her personal life or make up stupid things to say. She knew what she was doing!

  11. Cindy Says:

    I’m sorry, but I never liked Wendi Russo. Something about her that Just didn’t click with me. I love Libby though, as she seems so natural, so genuine. Nice demeanor. And Daniel Green is back at Shop HQ! I wish Brian Kessler hadn’t left. We’ll see what happens.

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