Evine Drops Jane Fonda and LA Studio

Evine has had some disappointing news in the past few weeks, as first reported by the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

First, the No. 3 home shopping network has dropped its plans to feature a fitness clothing line frpm Jane Fonda. The actress remains a controversial figure because of her activities as “Hanoi Jane” during the Vietnam War, but we thought it was a gutsy move on Evine’s part to add her to its foster.

But Evine has a new honcho, and in an interview with the network’s hometown paper he said the deal with Fonda was dead.


The new CEO, Tim Peterman, also said Evine decided to pulled the plug on the pact with Fonda after he closed down the network’s relatively new operation in Los Angeles. We were aware Evine had laid off a lot of staff in May, but don’t recall the channel saying it was getting out of LA.

We thought that LA studio/office was a brilliant move, one that would make it easier for the Minnesota shopping channel to attract vendors and talent and set it apart from QVC and HSN.

Home shopping veteran Steve Bryant has already blogged about these actions by Peterman being bonehead moves, and we could not agree more. At least Evine was trying to break out of the home shopping pack, but no so much anymore.

Evine continues to do on-location broadcasts, with one coming from Tucson, recently, for example. We enjoy those.

But why were the models in Arizona glad in cleavage-baring, tiny tops? We know it’s hot out there, but seriously? It raised our eyebrows more than a bit.

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13 Responses to “Evine Drops Jane Fonda and LA Studio”

  1. Arlene Says:

    I’m glad that some people still remember “Hanoi Jane.” Too many have forgotten.

  2. Macy Says:

    Too bad Evine dropped the Hollywood studio. I thought it was a good idea, too. Evine, HSN, and QVC seem to be thinking suicidal.

  3. wildwoodnewjersey Says:

    So so happy to hear u dropped Fonda But husband and I’m sure all Vietnam Veterans HATE HER. My husband Despises her. My husband has a million n one friends Never a bad word bout him. But her Anyway she deserves it The B###H!!!

    Thank you for dropping her, Marlene Spadea

    Sent from my iPhone


  4. Judy Says:

    Evine routinely has their models dress in cleavage-baring tops, not only in Tuscon. Ever see an Invicta show from Florida? The hosts get glamoured up too. Lots of makeup, hair extensions and low cut dresses.

  5. Cheryl W. Says:

    I watched most of their live show from Tucson, probably because I live in Tucson and even I thought the models were dressed a bit more provocatively than normal. At one point the camera cut away to the model as she was adjusting her top. She was only a sneeze away from an accident. Don’t misunderstand me, they were beautiful women, but I’m not sure the wardrobe choice was the smartest. Models aside, I thought the idea to do a live show from Tucson in the dead of summer was a bit ridiculous. I truly felt for the show hosts. The live show from Italy was beautiful. With the exception of their clothing shows and their Invicta shows, I’m rooting for them. I like most of the hosts and would like to give Qurate a run for their money.

  6. Paula Says:

    I didn’t see the Tucson show, but have seen some with models showing more skin than usual. A little cleavage is ok; but some of these outfits have been too bare.
    Also, so sick and tired of Colleen Lopez and her off the shoulder and bare shoulder tops and dresses. One low bow or stoop and it’s tatas for all. They are not flattering on her and it’s tiresome. I’d rather see her in something on the shoulders cut a little lower. I like her but some of her clothes designs have to go.

    • Lorri Says:

      Yes…..I like Colleen, she’s a nice person and good host. But the cold shoulder look is way over done. I don’t buy any of her fashions anymore because most of them are that cold shoulder or off shoulder junk. Also, the workmanship is awful, and there are too many overly embroidered, ruffled, or pouffy things. Just my taste, but I’m sure I’m not the only one.
      I saw the Evine Tucson broadcast, and I thought the models could have been covered up just a little more. Maybe they’re aiming for the Victoria’s Secret runway look….and Victoria’s Secret is going out of business…🤔

      • Nora Says:

        I agree, the Tucson show models were a little too bare. And also, Colleen, please lose the bare shoulder garments. They are getting old.
        Not surprised Victoria’s secret is going out of business. Seriously high prices for junky clothes. Their bras don’t last more than a couple months, even with hand washing. What a ripoff. They REALLY got expensive about 10 or so years ago. Must be so they can pay their overrated models. The whole thing is anti feminist and stupid.

      • Bonnie Says:

        I agree about the scantily clad models. They can be dressed “sensibly sexy” where they show some skin, but not precariously.
        The off shoulder, cold shoulder and cut out shoulder tops are old and tired already. Not just Colleen, but please cut way back on those dresses and tops….all clothing retailers. High/low hems are tired, too…shark bite, asymmetrical, high front/long back….enough already.
        Evine was not smart getting rid of the Hollywood studios. They were definitely an asset. As for Jane Fonda…. however you feel about her, she has a controversial image from her past. I don’t think it will be a huge loss; if above posters are indicative of public opinion, not many would have watched, anyway.

    • Cindy Says:

      From your lips to the Cosmos’ ears…..STOP with the cold shoulder, off shoulder, weird hems…please STOP. NOT flattering on many, and so overplayed.. I’ll see a cute top online and at closer look, it’s cold shoulders 😬😬. Please, no more!!!! If it’s winter, I want my shoulders covered. Stupid, stupid look.
      As for Colleen, she’s the worst abuser of that tired trend out of everyone. And most of her fashions have it. I liked her before she got so big headed. She has changed very much in the last few years. I don’t care; I’m just sick of seeing her shoulders. Please quit making this crap.

  7. Betty Says:

    Evine HQ is REALLY the watch channel and I love watches but I don’t need more than maybe two. Why are the banking on them? It is bizarre! They are slowly closing out the kitchen department, Deb may not be coming back and many beauty brands are not replenishing their online stock. Some brands had two pages of items are now half a page. It’s weird. Evine HQ may have two years left at the most. I’ve cut back buying from them by at least 75%. I should just close my Evine CC.

    • Jerri Says:

      IMHO, all 3 channels are heading for the end. Evine is the best one left, but I agree….all watches and no beauty, kitchen, or other categories makes for a failing channel.
      HSN/QVC is firing hosts, losing vendors, and providing the worst customer service. I used to shop HSN frequently, and enjoyed it. Now I watch out of curiosity or boredom.
      I hope Evine wakes up and reverses some of its recent decisions….except for rehiring Wendi and having Libby on. Those are the only smart things they’ve done lately. I do hope Deb Murray comes back; she’s such a lovely person.
      It will be interesting to see where these channels are in 2 years.

      • Judy Says:

        Evine/Shop HQ doesn’t really need Deb Murray to do kitchen shows anymore. That is Daniel Green’s specialty. I always felt that he left Evine to try to make it big on a cooking channel. He did make infomercials for a copper pan that got awful reviews. So if they do have cooking shows maybe Daniel will host them.

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