HSN’s Beekman Boys Face Backlash On Donation to LGBTQ Group

Seriously? The Beekman Boys at the center of a controversy?

The former Evine vendors, who are now on HSN selling their soaps and other products made from goat milk, posted a story on Facebook that said they were getting backlash after contributing to a gay charity campaign.


“It’s 2019, and this really shouldn’t be how we make the news,” they said on Facebook.

The Beekman 1802 partners, in business and life, are Josh Kilmer-Purcell and Brent Ridge. The pair recently said they would be donating some of their product sale proceeds to PFLAG, a national organization, to help support the families of the LGBTQ community, according to the story.

In one FB post the boys said they were donating all the proceeds of the sale of a cute rainbow goat pin to LGBTQ-focused charities.

If you like these guys, who run a goat farm in Upstate New York, and buy their products don’t be a hypocrite by blasting them for supporting their community.

In fact, don’t be a chuckle-head full of bias and hate. Period.

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11 Responses to “HSN’s Beekman Boys Face Backlash On Donation to LGBTQ Group”

  1. Queen Celeste Says:

    Wow, that’s hard to see, especially in 2019. I liked watching them on Evine, and remember thinking that any homophobes watching couldn’t help but see them as a nice, hard working couple, funny, engaging, just like any other couple.

  2. Claire Dee Says:

    I say good for them. They can do whatever they want with their money! They have earned it and are sharing it with others. Cant get better than that.

  3. Linda Says:

    Trump’s America, scary times! It will only get worse, we are going backwards as a country…

  4. j Says:

    You assume that if you donate to a charity, it will do good. My preference is to donate local (humane society) or to physically give spare change to a homeless person. Tired of hearing 99% going for “administrative” expenses..aka jets, limos, salaries.

  5. Claudette Says:

    Has nothing to do with Trump.

  6. Judy Says:

    Allison Waggoner, former host at Evine,has signed on as a traveling Milkmaid for the Beekman Brothers.

    • Ben Says:

      They could have picked a better personality. She was annoying as a host, at HSN and Evine. I don’t dislike the woman, I just don’t think she’s a good host. They need someone calmer. There’s already too much hyper activity in their presentations.

      • Carly Says:

        Totally agree. I never cared for her as a host of both channels, either.
        I’m allergic to sheep/goat products so I don’t use Beekman stuff. They seem like nice guys and they do have fun on TV. Sometimes, with goats, presentation, etc it does get to be a bit too busy. And Waggoner’s chirpiness will only add to that. They need someone with a quieter personality, for sure. And really, they don’t need a milk maid. There’s enough going on already.

      • Haley Says:

        I like the Beekman boys…but not their products. I can smell urine in any goat products…especially milk and cheese. Having tried them I can say, that for me, at least, they’re over hyped and over priced. For those that like them, good for you.
        Allison Waggoner…really? The milk maid concept is just silly. And I think the goats should be left at home more. Cute, but they pee and poo everywhere. If I were a host, I wouldn’t want that on my nice outfit. Bring pictures and short videos instead.
        As for their donations, it’s their lifestyle and their money, and they can do with it whatever they wish. I would think such narrow mindedness would be a thing of the past.

  7. Ashleigh Says:

    I like the boys but it’s a big thumbs down for goat products, though the presentations are fun.
    What they do with their money is their business, period. I agree with j on upthread who prefers to donate locally, just to make sure it’s going to help people; the LGBTQ community in this case.
    But all said, they can give to whomever they please 😇. That they have generous ideals should be enough, not worrying about who it goes to as long as someone or something is being helped.

  8. Claudia Sianez Says:

    I agree completely, their sexual orientation has ABSOLUTELY no bearing on the quality of their merchandise. They can donate to whatever charity they choose, and people who are complaining need to stop. It’s sad that there are still so many ignorant, homophobic, hateful people in this world.

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