Connie Craig-Carroll, Two Other Hosts Exit HSN

Today was apparently bloody Friday for HSN hosts, with three of them apparently getting pink slips under the network’s new ownership.

Connie Craig-Carroll, who has been a host for nearly 22 years, Robin Wall and Brett Chukerman are all exiting. They each posted the news individually on their Facebook pages.

It’s a pretty big shakeup, but perhaps not unexpected now that HSN is under the ownership of Qurate Retail, parent of QVC. We sympathize, especially with Craig-Carroll. When a company is looking to slash costs, it usually gives veteran employees who are on the top of the pay scale the can. It happened to us twice.

Craig-Carroll left a long goodbye. She pointed out that she had gotten married, had a baby and became a single mom during her tenure at the network, where she has worked since she was 27.

She said she is moving on to her next adventure and will be leaving HSN next month. Craig-Carroll asked people to post their favorite moments or products, and a bevy of HSN vendors lamented her exit.

Chukerman, who has been on HSN for eight years, said he will be departing the network next month as well.

Wall said she had met her husband at HSN nearly 25 years ago, but she has only been a host at the network for 10 years. Her last show is Saturday, June 15, from 4 a.m. to 7 a.m.

“God has always guided my path so I look forward to where it leads next,” she wrote.

Amen to that.

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23 Responses to “Connie Craig-Carroll, Two Other Hosts Exit HSN”

  1. Carolyn Simpson Says:

    wow, what a shame for her. is this also happening at qvc? a lot of hosts have left that were very nice and we are left with Killinger. she is awful.

  2. Jerri Says:

    I didn’t care for Chuckerman as a host, so no big deal. I wish him well, however.
    I’ve watched Connie for years and she is a great host. The single mom thing is new to me; I didn’t realize she split from Buzzy’s dad. She will be missed. I liked Robin, too. She has a genuine personality, not put on. I hope both do well and have something lined up. I can’t believe they axed Connie….I’d rather see Callie or Colleen go. But I’m sure both of them are looking over their shoulders, too.
    Now, I’m not missing a darn thing by not watching. The hiring, firing, musical chairs continues…

  3. Lovie Says:

    Connie got a divorce?

    • Jerri Says:

      Hi Lovie
      First I heard of it, too. I wonder when? Maybe Ms. Moss or another poster will know, and share with us. I was actually surprised to hear it.
      Not nice of HSN to cut her.

      • Alicia Says:

        To Jerri and Lovie
        I don’t exactly know when, but I think it has probably been at least a few years. When looking at her Instagram, I noticed awhile back that her posts have a different “feel” to them. I can’t explain it, but there has been a vague difference for awhile. I was surprised, too. That’s too bad. Divorce is sad.
        Also sad is the abrupt dismissal of Connie, Robin, and Brett. There are others I would have sooner seen dismissed, but that’s just my personal opinion. I hope they all do well; they will be missed 🙁.
        Home shopping isn’t the same, and hasn’t been for quite a while. I rarely watch, and when I do, it’s always Evine or JTV. I think we’ll be seeing the end of shopping channel shows in the not so distant future.

  4. CMF Says:

    I hate to see them leave. All of them were genuine, down to earth folks who presented products very well. The shame of it all is that the “new ownership” has demonstrated by their actions that people are expendable and no worries – the fan base will get over it! Loyalty means something tangible to many of us and I predict fewer fans tuning in from now on. I know I will be one of them.

  5. Queen Celeste Says:

    It is hard to see hosts leave and I wish all of them well. I used to watch all of them so much, but a lot less in the last few years. Most of the jewelry and clothing lines I liked left. Soon tumbleweeds will be blowing down the empty hallways of the shopping channels. Sad. I’ve been watching Shop LC and JTV lately, as they offer more jewelry and are a little like HSN and Evine in the earlier days.

  6. bella may Says:

    How random were these choices? I would have rather seen Shannon get the boot.

    • Kim D Says:

      I know, right?! It’s as though they put names in a hat and closed their eyes and took 3 out. There could be some numbers/statistics behind it, but it seems really random.
      I like them all, but as a long time viewer, I’ll miss Connie the most. Actually, Robin has been on for quite awhile, too…as a vendor before she was a host. And Brett has a great personality, and will be missed.
      Good luck to all 3.
      I would rather have seen others go, too. Some of them can be annoying.

  7. j Says:

    Interested to see if any of them pop up at the Q. Connie will just seek more alimony/child support. Robin will be fine with her producer hubby. Brett will always be able to fall back on his movie career..

    • Maureen Says:

      Since QVC and HSN are owned by the same company, doubtful they will end up on QVC. Maybe Evine? Or as vendors? Time will tell.
      They will all be ok financially; it’s just sad to see them go. Especially Connie; she’s been a good host for many years. I wish them all good luck in their future endeavors.
      Home shopping, especially HSN, has changed to the point where it’s not worth watching or shopping.

  8. Josie Says:

    They have to let a certain amount of time go by, just like vendors who move, before they can go on another channel, or anything else.
    Since QVC owns HSN, or, they’re both owned by Qurate, they won’t be going to QVC. Maybe Evine will snap them up; who knows? Yes, they will all be ok, but it was crappy of HSN to let them go. Especially Connie….she has been there a long time. Not that Brett’s and Robin’s 10 years is a short time. I sincerely wish all 3 the very best. I wonder who’s headed for the chopping block next??

  9. Maddie Says:

    Robin was a vendor for many products at HSN for some time. It seems like Brett has been there longer than 8 years…time flies.
    Both Connie and Robin left heartfelt long goodbyes on their pages. Brett’s was nice but brief. A guy thing, I guess ☺️.
    Colleen left a sweet tribute to Connie on her Facebook page. They have worked together for a long time.
    These firings remind me of the abrupt, unpleasant firing of Rachel Huber several years ago. They will all be fine, but it must be a hard hit to the gut to get that news. And although Brett isn’t my favorite host, I like him, and Connie and Robin are good hosts. Maybe it’s a blessing in disguise for them; HSN has been a s**tshow of late and it, along with “the other 2”, are speeding downhill like an Olympic skier.
    All said, they’ll be missed, and leave us wondering who or what’s next.

    • Julia Says:

      The firing of Rachel Huber still sits badly with me. I never liked Mindy Grossman and this proved she’s a cold beyotch. Huber was a very good host. Enthusiastic about items without gushing; good rapport with vendors, and good knowledge of products. Why Mindy fired her is a mystery. Several viewers posted their displeasure in various blogs and forums.
      Also, Mindy way overdid the celebrity trend, and the stupid movie-themed presentations. I did buy a few items from King Fu Panda 3; unlike many others on HSN they were reasonably priced and held up well. In fact, all are in current use. The other movie products were poorly made, with a very few exceptions, and over priced.
      As for Huber, she is doing well, and selling beauty products…I believe through Tori Spelling. Huber has done a few things since her days at HSN, simply trying to find what suits her. I, among many, miss her at HSN, just like Robin, Connie, and Brett will be missed.
      Hard to believe but HSN has gotten worse after Mindy’s departure, and no one wants to fix it. I say take it back to late 90s to very early 2000s HSN, when it was good.

      • Emma Says:

        So agree with you about RH. She was one of the best hosts. I especially liked her with RJ Graziano and Jay King.
        You may have seen, since you know somewhat what’s going on with her, a certain video she posted on Facebook. I don’t remember exactly when, but I’m thinking it was about 2 years ago. It was her, talking, and reflecting on her career at HSN. It was very candid…she didn’t pull any punches. She told how she gave up holidays, weekends, nights, away from her husband, for her job at HSN. She had one of the worst schedules on there. How she would be called at the last minute to fill in for someone. How she took time to educate herself about the products. She did say she loved her job, but, for all her sacrifices, she was never appreciated, and end the end, got no notice before they kicked her out the door. There is a point to this.
        Rachel’s job at HSN took many hours and days away from her time with her husband, and her fur babies. Her husband must be VERY patient and understanding. There are questions on here about Connie’s divorce. Like all of you, this is the first I heard of it. I have no idea when it happened, but I can tell you this. Certainly, a decent part of the reason must have been the extremely demanding show host schedule. I’m sure Mr. Carroll wasn’t pleased that he had little time with his wife due to her work schedule. Other than Colleen, who gets whatever she wants at HSN (I like her but they cater to her WAAAY too much) the hosts all have mixed up schedules, and work odd hours, holidays, etc. So it stands to reason that Connie’s job must have contributed something to her divorce.
        I don’t like the firing of Brett, Connie, and Robin. All 3 are nice people who do not deserve that. I watch very little, and the little I do watch it’s mostly JTV. Once in awhile, Evine. But no more HSN and QVC.

  10. shawnie Says:

    I think QVC and HSN”s new management sucks they have not improved at all! Instead they are getting rid of everyone and everything that makes HSN Great! I hate this new owner they should keep HSN and QVC separate and stop firing HSN hosts I like them so much better then QVC hosts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Queen Celeste Says:

    Julia and Emma, I agree about Rachel Huber. She was a lovely host in every way. Interesting about her working with Tori Spelling–I remember their shows together and how Rachel seemed truly fond of her. (I still have a necklace from the line that has held up well.) It’s sad to see hosts suddenly vanish and new people appear, usually without the knowledge and insight of seasoned hosts. Some can’t even pronounce the word “jewelry” properly, let alone various terms relating to jewelry.

    Well, some good news: Wendi Russo is back at Evine!

    • Haley Says:

      I miss Rachel, too, Celeste. She was my favorite host. She was friendly, knowledgeable, down to earth, and not desperate. They made a huge mistake firing her.
      I’m glad she’s happy and doing well. She deserves it. And it seems working from home suits her well. And she did have a nice connection with Tori Spelling. I liked Tori’s line, too.
      And to your point…hey hosts, hey people…. it’s jue-wul-ree, not jue-lah-ree or joolree.

      • Amy Says:

        Rachel was a great host. I’m glad she’s doing well. Connie, Robin and Brett will all be missed. What a mess HSN is becoming.
        And Amen to jue-wul-ree! I’m so sick of hearing jue-lah-ree. Oh, and please, it’s real-tor not real-ah-ter. Thank you!

  12. Beverlee Einfeldt Says:

    I will really miss Robin Hall, she was my favorite host. She was never promoted like some of the others. So sad to see her go….

  13. Mark Rose Says:

    I’m disappointed that Robin Wall is leaving; she was my favorite HSN host.

    I suspected something bad was up when I didn’t see her for several weeks.

    I’ll miss her.

    Mark Rose

    Ps: Do you know where she’s going next?

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