QVC Pulls Plug on Studio Tours, On-Site Shop and More Bonehead Moves

There’s so much change going on at QVC, HSN and Evine that it’s hard to keep up.

First of all, QVC is closing its Studio Store at its HQ in West Chester, Pennsylvania, and will no longer be offering tours of its studios there. We were at the HQ once, and at the store, a few years back when the home shopping network held a special event where customers got to meet many of its jewelry vendors.

From what we saw, the tours will end in August. There were several different types of tours, with an “All Access” version costing $100 a ticket.

Here’s what has to say about its less pricey $10 “Backstage Pass” tour:

Since opening in the fall of 1997, QVC Studio Park in West Chester, PA, has become a popular destination for thousands of visitors interested in seeing live television at its best.

At this state-of-the-art broadcasting facility, guests will see and experience how QVC products are sourced, tested, brought to life on air, and delivered to millions of QVC customers. There are views into QVC’s more than 58,000 square feet of studio space where guests may be able to watch QVC programs in progress and may even catch a glimpse of a favorite host or guest!

It seems like the tours were great PR and branding for QVC, fostering even more customer loyalty. Said to see them go.

And this all isn’t just happening QVC. Qurate Retail, parent of both QVC and HSN, has apparently also decided not to renew the lease on HSN’s outlet store in Tampa, Florida. A customer posted on Facebook that she had just been to the Tampa shop and it had signs posted all over that it was closing.

We assume this is all part of corporate belt-tightening. But we find it hard to believe that these brick-and-mortar stores would have been that expensive to operate.

In another obvious cost-cutting measure, HSN will be airing taped rather than live broadcasts overnight. Since we often stay up until ridiculous hours when we should be in bed, we’ll miss those live shows where hosts sometimes got a little wacky. But we wouldn’t want to work those crappy overnight hours, so we guess the move is good for HSN employees.

On the Evine front, the No. 3 home shopping network is no longer a Today’s Top Value. It used to counter program, introducing its TTV at 10 p.m. while QVC and HSN would debut their’s at midnight.

Not sure if how this will work out for Evine. We haven’t had a chance to watch and see how it’s replaced its Top Value, but to us the old concept was a good way to drive shoppers to your channel at a set time every night. But what do we know?

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16 Responses to “QVC Pulls Plug on Studio Tours, On-Site Shop and More Bonehead Moves”

  1. Judy Says:

    It looks like Evine is now using Best Deal of the day to entice customers. Personally I don’t find it much different than Today’s Top Value.

  2. Abigail Says:

    And it looks like Evine is missing a host, they’ve had that woman on who peddles sheets and blankets doing other hosting jobs like those watch shows, saw her and the watches and thought where’s fake Kendy or always annoying Lynn?

  3. Jerri Says:

    So there’s no more “today’s special” on any of the 3 channels?!?! I’ve been busy with work , family, etc and haven’t watched in awhile. Ms. Moss, or another poster, please enlighten me 🤔. It seemed like the today’s special (HSN’s name for it) or whatever the other channels called theirs, was a good way to draw customers.
    I commented on a post last month, predicting that home shopping would be a thing of the past not too far in the future. It looks like the dummies in charge will be making that happen pretty darn soon. I so miss watching HSN late 90s – early 2000s. That’s when home shopping, all channels, was at its best. Change isn’t always good, and as the I Ching points out, it can be stressful and difficult. Even in the world of home shopping (no, the I Ching did not say that 😏). I hope a super hero of some sort comes along and saves it………

  4. Judy Says:

    Abigail: I believe Laura Duffek is a host again.

  5. Queen Celeste Says:

    So much happening. As an insomniac and a night owl I enjoy watching in the wee hours, and somehow taped programming just isn’t the same. Evine has gone to taped programming, too. Sounds like a lot of employee’s hours will be cut or jobs eliminated with this. Totally agree Jerri, home shopping needs a saviour!

    Interesting that Laura is a host (thanks, Judy!) again. I’ve always liked her. Years ago I wrote (via snail mail) to her with a question about a jewelry show and she replied. She and fellow long-timer Skip are great.

    Thanks for being there, Miss Moss. Even if the whole industry shuts down I hope you continue to blog!

    • Vanessa Says:

      I am a nurse. For over 20 years, I’ve worked 3rd shift (graveyard). I work 3, 12 hour days, and try to keep 3rd shift hours, at least a couple days, on my days off. I was an overnight shopper on HSN.
      Remember beat the clock jewelry, beat the clock fashion, fashion clearance, jewelry clearance, home clearance…you know, HSN from late 90s and 2000. I bought a ton from those overnight shows. Then, there was a 2nd or 3rd airing of Today’s Special, as well as some other interesting shows. Antthony Mark Hankins had some late shows. His line from 2000 was very unique. I had so many of his clothes!
      My point is, they’ve ruined HSN to the nth degree, and now they took away overnight shopping. The other shopping channels are off overnight, too. Between that and all the changes, I’m so over home shopping.
      There’s Zara, H&M, Urban Outfitters, and Amazon. Don’t forget Target and Walmart online. You can go online and get bargains. Better shipping deals, and faster shipping.
      I miss old HSN. I was a good customer. I enjoyed many of the shows, and got some great deals. That is in the past, and will never be the same.

      • Naomi Says:

        Hey Vanessa
        First, thank you for doing an important job. Nurses are so underrated and underappreciated. You deserve recognition for doing your job. 😇
        And…I’m not a nurse, or a 3rd shift worker, but I have irregular sleeping patterns…since I was a kid. When my insomnia gets the best of me, laying in bed just makes it worse. I usually get up and read or watch TV. And I was a pretty frequent shopper on HSN; especially in the overnight hours. There used to be some great shows, as you mentioned, and great clearance sales. And, it took my mind off my insomnia.
        If it was a day off, I usually took a short nap if I got tired. If it was a work day….well, I got through it with the help of coffee.
        I miss those overnight shows and also the much better programming of the late 90s to 2001. HSN started changing after that and hasn’t, nor will it be, the same. And all the networks must realize that they’re losing a lot of overnight business.

    • MJ Says:

      @Queen Celeste
      I think the over night shows will be missed badly. The channels will lose quite a bit of sales. I used to be an avid HSN shopper; not for quite a while now. And the taped programming will bring my watching to a screeching halt.
      I have mostly been keeping up on here, with scarce viewing. Ms. Moss keeps us well informed. I hope, if home shopping goes bye bye (and I think it’s inevitable) that she will continue some kind of a blog, as you said.

  6. Silvy Says:

    I recently visited one of the HSN outlets and they mentioned that 2 locations were going to be closed. (I think the other one was Largo) It’s sad to see as I enjoy visiting the multiple outlets they have, and have always found the staff very pleasant. Also I was fortunate to be picked for their on air customer appreciation event and as my ‘shift’ was over night, got to see the operation in action. I sincerely hope those staff are offered continued employment, they do a great job!

  7. Joe Says:

    Can someone tell me why Mike George still has a job? Gee isn’t this a public company with a stock price that has continued to take a nose dive year after year. Let’s see Mr. George has innovated anything. His insecurity has led to letting everyone and anyone who knew what they were doing go. Gee it is not rocket science that the new idiots have not idea what to do. Maybe there is a common thread to all of this… Gee Liberty Media can you think who that might be? I think Mike can live quite well off what he basically stole from QVC over the years. More than the poor folks that lost their jobs over his incompetence.

  8. Judy Says:

    After 14 months away Wendi Russo is back on Evine as a full time host. She said management wanted to right a wrong. Yay!

    • Betty Says:

      Why did Wendy leave? I can’t remember?

      • Judy Says:

        Betty: Wendi was let go in March of 2018 for “lack of sales”. She was at JTV for a few weeks but that didn’t work out. Now she is back at Evine, soon to be Shop HQ again.

  9. Betty Says:

    And still Evine can’t get their act to together on shipping. I’m still waiting on sheets I ordered on the 3rd of the month. Today is the 14th. SHAMEFUL!

    • Lisasa Says:

      I think all three networks are quite guilty of poor shipping times. I placed an order with QVC, got a shipping notification the next day and then found out yesterday my package was never delivered. So, yeah, no one is knocking it out of the park, not even the big Q.

      • Denise Says:

        Truth. Long ago, when CS was at its best with all 3, shipping was still somewhat slow. I live in CA and HSN and QVC both took about a week, from order confirmation to delivery. Evine was a tad faster; 4 to 5 days for them.
        Now, all are outrageously late and outrageously expensive. And that is a small part of the reason I’m done and over tv home shopping.

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