Former HSN Host Chris Scanlon Charged With Felony

Here’s some pretty shocking and sad news about former HSN host Chris Scanlon.

One of our readers tipped us off to this report that Scanlon had been arrested in Florida.

The story said Scanlon, now 59, was arrested and was being held in a detention center on multiple felony warrants.

WTXL reported that she was accused of “being a fugitive from justice for multiple felony counts related to theft, forgery and tax evasion.”

Scanlon faces two charges of felony theft, two charges of felony forgery and a felony tax evasion charge out of Routt County, Colorado. She was arrested at her Tallahassee apartment last week, according to WTXL.

When the story appear, Scanlon was being held in jail on a $10,000 bond while awaiting extradition.

Scanlon left HSN in fall 2011 to move to Colorado, where her husband was a ski instructor. We don’t know what happened since then, but this is unfortunate.

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19 Responses to “Former HSN Host Chris Scanlon Charged With Felony”

  1. pussmom212 Says:

    Very sad.wasn’t she married to a another former HSN host or Tony Little for a bit?

    • Jerri Says:

      She was married VERY briefly to Allan Skantz (sp?) who used to sell coins (mainly) on HSN.

      Ok, now for the rest of my post. I always liked Chris as a host on HSN. She was knowledgeable, genuine, and was very smooth with difficult vendors. I especially liked her with Marilyn Miglin, and the Borgheses (Perlier). I missed her when she quit, and was a bit surprised.
      I believe Ms. Moss posted a blog on the death of Mr. Scanlon, her ex husband and father of her 2 boys, a few years ago. The ski instructor was her current (don’t know about now, with all this other info coming in) husband. Also, I heard she did a brief stint on Shop LC….don’t know if that was true, or not. She DID represent some Joy Mangano type household organization products on Evine a few years back, I don’t think it lasted long. I don’t do Facebook et al so I’m not sure if anything followed. It looks like things may have fallen down hard for her.
      I will say this, although I liked her, there was something about her that made me think she could go bad quickly. I can’t describe it. ANYONE can go bad, but I could really see it in her. I didn’t think she would. But she did.
      I guess she was living in FL again? Was her ski instructor husband with her? What about her sons? I’m not sure if the youngest is out of high school; kind of think (and hope) he is. She sure left a big mess in her wake. One would think that after all the years on HSN, she would have built up a sizable savings, to help if things got bad. It looks like there was bad money management, and living beyond one’s means.
      And not to be cruel, but my goodness….I didn’t even think her mugshot was HER!!!! 😱😨 I have no intention of committing any crimes, but that mugshot should be a deterrent to anyone!!!! I am not believing that “hair and makeup” can make that kind of transformation. What in hell’s bells happened to her?!?!
      Ms. Moss, please keep us informed. This is very sad and unfortunate, and a huge mess. My heart goes out to her sons.

      • Jerri Says:

        Allan Skantz was indeed a host. I kind of made it sound like he was a vendor. Sorry…shocked.

      • Kelley Says:

        I agree, Jerri. Although I liked Chris and thought she was a very good host, there was something subversive about her. There was definitely “another side” to her. What a shame she ended up like this. And her poor family.
        Another one who has that kind of vibe is former HSN host Diana Perkovic. Unlike Chris, I never liked Diana. She was always uppity and had a bitchy side to her. And before she came to HSN, she was a nobody. She’s in Los Angeles now, and does some promotional work for a homeless youth organization. But I think there’s MUCH more to her than meets the eye. I have a feeling some day we’ll see her in a much worse mess than Chris is in. I hope not, but who knows.

  2. Jill Says:

    Yikes!! this post sure raises a lot of questions. Her mugshot is sad too!

  3. Rachelle Says:

    Yes, it is sad. But no matter what happens, there is no excuse for criminal activity unless a life is threatened.
    The show hosts make good money, and with all her HSN years behind her, Chris should have built up a good savings, as per Jerri. It sounds like other problems were there. Drugs, maybe? Gambling? Or just living waaay too high “fallutin”. With her horrible mug shot, one can’t help but think drugs. One also can’t help but think that at almost 60 years old, isn’t she too damned old to be involved in criminal activity?! Especially drugs, if that’s the case.
    I feel sorry for her kids. As for her, maybe she’ll learn a lesson.

  4. Carmella Says:

    Chris was always a pretty good host on HSN. I never saw any of her more recent TV endeavors; apparently things fizzled out for her. She was on Facebook for awhile; I haven’t really kept track, but it seems her account disappeared or was privatized awhile ago.

    To me, home shopping hosts are largely overpaid used car salesmen. The emphasis is on overpaid because why did she need to steal and commit forgery? And her mugshot leads me to believe all the Botox and juvaderm came to a screeching halt when she went broke.

    I have no pity for her, but do agree that it’s a sad end. I feel bad for her kids and family; what a burden to bear. All I can say is, I hope she likes orange jump suits.

  5. Lana Says:

    Yes, Chris was married briefly to Alan Skantz. I believe it was a bit before she married Scanlon. The last husband (sorry, don’t know his name) was the ski instructor. I don’t know what their current status is. Also, I don’t know if Skantz was her first husband, or if she was married previously.
    Mindy McCortney, a former HSN host, was married for a short time to HSN vendor Tony Little. I read somewhere that she is in the real estate business. With the mess that home shopping has become, that sounds like a smart move.
    As for Chris, she has ruined her chances at any career, and is looking at prison time, unfortunately.

    • Norma Says:

      Lana, I’m not positive, but I think I remember reading someplace that Chris was married, at least once, before she married Alan Skantz.
      It seems like it was a home shopping forum or blog, and the question was raised because the poster was surprised that Chris was no longer married to Scanlon. On a HSN electronics presentation, Chris was in the boat with new hubby and sons, taking videos. I actually remember the show, but I didn’t know the guy was not Scanlon until Chris made a reference to her “new” husband.
      The person who answered the post knew a great deal about Chris from way back when, and said that she was on husband number 4 or 5, and there wasn’t much of a pause between them. Apparently the marriage to Skantz was a dud; they annulled or divorced after a couple months.
      I had always liked her as a host; she was calm and collected, and pleasant. It sounds like something went very wrong, and I feel bad for her, and even more for her boys. It doesn’t look good but hopefully something positive will come out of this.

  6. Queen Celeste Says:

    Yikes. I liked Chris’s easy manner on air. I remember her hosting a show with Suzanne Somers on HSN many years ago and talking about the ski instructor for her boys. She was rarely paired with
    Suzanne, but I liked how she treated her as any other guest, no genuflecting, etc.

    • Viki Says:

      Yes, Chris treated all vendors equally, unlike Callie and Colleen, who drool over celebrities. I like them, but please stop kissing vendors’ feet, gals!
      As for Chris, what the hell, lady? You’ve ruined your career and made all kinds of trouble for your family. Was the $$$$$$ you made at HSN not enough?! Sad and stupid.

  7. Carolyn Simpson Says:

    perhaps people should not judge until the facts are known. always remember that there is one side and the other side and then there is the truth. regardless of the facts I do feel badly for her

    • Rita Says:

      It’s true; people shouldn’t judge. Theft is a vague charge; she could be innocent. However, forgery and tax evasion are pretty concrete. She probably is guilty.
      I always liked her as a host, and I do feel bad for her. What the sad part is, and what we may never know, is what drove her to do these extreme things. I’m sure poor money management is involved, but I have a feeling there are personal/relationship circumstances as well. I hope her sons will be all right. This must have hit them hard.

      • Angie Says:

        No one can say for sure, but I have a feeling the ski instructor husband is somewhat behind this. No one forced Chris to do those things, but I feel he may have been a bad influence. She left a high paying job, and I doubt that his salary is much, and they lived beyond their means.
        No one can force you to do anything, unless they threaten your life. But certain people can be a bad influence, if you let them, and I think this is what happened to Chris. And, as posters up thread stated, she did have an air about her that she could easily be led astray.
        Her sons are who we should be concerned about; they’re innocent and must be shocked and hurt. I hope they’ll be all right. As for Chris, it looks like recent hubby left her holding the bag. Sometimes single is better, Chris.

  8. Lena Says:

    Too bad; I liked Chris as a host. She is in a big mess now. It was odd that she left HSN so abruptly. It seems there have been many changes in her life since she married the ski instructor. And some of those changes were bad choices and bad decisions.
    I hope everything works out for her, and her boys, too. First they lost their dad, now this. What a terrible situation.

  9. Deborah Cardinale Says:

    A few months ago, I saw Chris on ShopLC, co hosting a few shows.She was paired with Dan Denis,but she seemed very tentative and unsure of herself. You would never have known she was an experienced on air host and I guess it didn’t work out for her. Too bad to end up like this!

    • Jerri Says:

      Deborah, thanks for posting. I had heard she was briefly on Shop LC but wasn’t sure if it was true. It seems she struggled after leaving HSN. And surprising she wasn’t her usual confident self on Shop LC.
      Indeed, it is a shame that all happened. So sad for her and her sons.

  10. Sylvie Says:

    I spent May moving, and June recovering from said move, so I’m behind with homeshoppingista. I just found this today. Wow…..just wow.
    I liked Chris as a host; she was very down to earth yet professional. She handled vendors well. But I do agree with some posters up thread; there was subterfuge with her; something bubbling beneath the surface. I think that her last husband was a very bad influence, and she was ready for that.
    The whole thing is sad, and I don’t know what happened but her looks in her mug shot lead me to believe drugs were involved, or extreme poverty. One would think that with her salary and the fluctuating economy she would have stowed a nest egg away. I think it’s very possible the ski instructor’s name is Bad News.

  11. carolyn simpson Says:

    as a rule, mug shots are awful. after the tears and the trauma of the arrest there comes the fingerprinting and the general police consensus that you are a piece of shit. finally your pictures are taken in the worst light known to man. you have to stop making suppositions about this women and remember that it could happen to you

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