Veteran Host Jill Bauer To Leave QVC in June

QVC host Jill Bauer, who has been at the network 25 years, is leaving in mid-June.

Bauer went public with the news Saturday night on-air, and she later posted a video on her Facebook page explaining her decision to move on.

Bauer said she turned 50 this year, wants to try new things and wants to spend more time with her kids, who are pretty grown up (the girl at college, the son now a teen).

“I decided I wanted to chase some things,” she said

We first learned that Bauer was leaving Sunday night when we were watching her with Jai Jewelry Designer Scott Grimes and all of a sudden he got teary-eyed, apparently over her pending departure. They were often paired together.

Bauer essentially said she is taking a leap of faith, because she doesn’t have a new job lined up.

Of course, we wish her well. It is sad for us to see so many of the home shopping old guard leaving these days.

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15 Responses to “Veteran Host Jill Bauer To Leave QVC in June”

  1. Marilyn Says:

    Sorry to see Jill leave. She always was one of my favorites.

  2. Queen Celeste Says:

    A quarter of a century–where have the years gone?! I remember when she started at QVC. Miss Moss, it IS hard to see the leaving of the old guard. Good wishes to Jill.

  3. Brenda Says:

    I have never been a frequent QVC shopper, but have watched pretty regularly until recently. I’ve always liked most of the hosts on QVC, Jill being one.
    It is sad to see so many familiar faces leaving; but under recent circumstances and changes, I can’t blame them. Both QVC and HSN, a former favorite of mine, have been ruined. The management is making some stupid decisions, and letting go of certain vendors is one of them.
    I wish Jill the best of luck, and I’m sure she’ll do fine. It seems, the way things are going, that it is better to leave on a leap of faith than stay behind.

  4. Katrina Says:

    Jill is a nice host, and will be missed. But I think she is making a smart move, considering the unsettling changes since the merger of QVC and HSN.
    I wish her the best and I’m sure she’ll do very well in whatever she does.

  5. Mimi Says:

    Sorry to see her go but not surprised. Too many changes and shake-ups at QVC/HSN. I wouldn’t stick around, either.
    Best of luck to her. She’ll do great and be less stressed.

  6. Alyce Green Says:

    Sorry to see you go. You always he!p me with my home so I thank you from my heart and good luck to u and your family. Always Alyce xo

  7. Carolyn Says:

    Yes, Jill Bauer will be missed. I was a little late to the QVC party but I have seen Lisa Robertson go and now, Jill. Friendly, warm and relatable, especially with her featured show At Home With Jill. 50 is prime time, Jill. Maybe you’ll open doors you haven’t even yet imagined.

  8. Sara Says:

    Didn’t mind seeing Lisa’s contract not renewed but will miss Jill. I’m sure we won’t see Jill having a website selling junk to make a living, posing pics of herself everyday and bragging about going to live on her new farm.. I mean, can you see her living on a real farm..LOL I wish Jill much happiness,,,,,

  9. Pat Gojdics Says:

    Thank you Jill for the entertainment and joy you brought us for the.passed 25 yrs. I wish you every happiness in the years going forward. ❤️. 🌹

  10. Joyce Blair Says:

    Can’t believe you are leaving. All friendly faces are leaving. I will miss you. You are the best.. Best of luck in what you do next..

    Sorry to see you go.

    Joyce Blair

  11. Peggy Says:

    Loved watching you always. Also always loved your hair. Will miss you. Best of luck and happiness with whatever you decide to do. You’ll be great with whatever it is. Enjoy your family and your new life. Wish you much happiness.

  12. Bernice Friedlander Says:

    I will miss this lovely lady. Seems that all the great hosts are leaving. What’s going on?

  13. Denise washington Says:

    I watch her. ,She will be sorely missed!! Great adventures ahead,God bless

  14. Sara Barrier Says:

    Jill I will miss you terribly. Am sad to see you go you are the best! Wishing you health and happiness always and best wishes on your second act! Be happy always 💞

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