Ex-QVC Host Lisa Mason’s Husband Dies

It’s with great sorrow that we report that former QVC host Lisa Mason has lost her beloved husband Gino.

After she left QVC Lisa chronicled Gino’s battle with brain cancer on Facebook, and he certainly survived for years after his diagnosis.

But the end has come, and Lisa told the at least part of the tale.

To my Gino:
Before we met, I felt like half a person.
After we married, I finally felt whole.
You’ve left, my Love. But God has not.
He fills my broken, empty heart.
He has promised to remain there until I take your hand again.
Rest, my Beloved. I count the days until we are reunited. Heaven awaits!
I love you forever. I will always be your faithful wife. Lisa.

Lisa always talked about Gino when she was on QVC, and it was obvious they were soulmates.

We are so sorry to hear of his death, and wish her our deepest condolences on her loss.

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4 Responses to “Ex-QVC Host Lisa Mason’s Husband Dies”

  1. Ellen Cicenia Says:

    He’ll always be by your side……………

  2. Jerri Says:

    So sorry, Lisa. My condolences to you.
    Your dear husband put up a valiant fight against that terrible disease. I’m so sorry it finally took him.
    I’m glad you have comfort in your faith. And may your memories bring you comfort, and help you to heal. No matter what one’s faith or beliefs are, I do think we will all see each other again. Blessings to you.

  3. LindaSonia Says:

    I believe Gino died from esophageal cancer. At one time, Lisa implored people to be aware.

  4. Irene Lavenhouse Says:

    Dear Lisa, you were always a down to earth wonderful person. I am so deeply sorry for your loss.
    I know you will be fine because of your deep faith in our lord in savior. The joy will come in the morning. Love

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