Ex-HSN Vendor Nicky Butler Debuts on Evine April 22

Best news this week: Jewelry designer Nicky Butler is coming to Evine.

Butler, a Brit who used to sell high-end jewelry in a London shop to the likes of Princess Diana,was one of our favs for years on HSN. His sterling silver jewelry, with gemstones from India and an artisan look, were gorgeous.

Over the years we bought many of his pieces, especially his crosses, since we collect them.

When Butler said he would no longer be on HSN earlier this year we and his other fans were dismayed.

But Butler recently posted on Facebook that he has a new home, Evine, with a link to the channel’s website.


“Tune in April 22 for the premiere of my jewelry collection,” the site says, featuring a photo of Butler standing next to a British phone booth. “More announcements coming soon.”

There is also a sweepstakes to win one of his creations.

Butler joins a whole bunch of HSN jewelry vendors who have landed at Evine.

Congrats Mr. Nicky!

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3 Responses to “Ex-HSN Vendor Nicky Butler Debuts on Evine April 22”

  1. Rose Says:

    Ms. Moss
    Thank you for posting😍😍😍 I rarely post, but keep up with your blog almost daily. I’m not into social media; therefore, no Facebook….so was hoping you’d keep us updated. I’m so glad he’ll be at Evine.
    I’ve been buying his jewelry since 2000, when I started watching HSN. I have a decent collection and wish to continue. For all of you on the fence about his jewelry, it looks more beautiful in person than on TV. Also, it is well made and holds up beautifully. There is 1 set I bought from him 19 years ago that goes with everything; hence, it gets worn a lot. It is as sturdy and beautiful today as it was when I opened the box for the first time 19 years ago.
    I hope Nicky enjoys being at Evine, and I hope he helps them stay afloat.

  2. Julie Says:

    I was hoping he’d land at Evine. I’m interested to see what he designs there. I love his jewelry, but it was getting sort of repetitious. Victoria Wieck said that she had more design freedom at Evine; hopefully Nicky will use that freedom and create some new-old designs. I miss some of his work from the late 90s-early 2000s. It was a little more varied. Don’t misunderstand me; his jewelry is great. But a little more variety would be awesome.
    I’m looking forward to seeing him on the 22nd, and there’s plenty of room on my credit card for a little splurge! Enjoy your stay at Evine, Nicky! So many of us are looking forward to your jewelry!

  3. Queen Celeste Says:

    Such wonderful news, MIss Moss! Agree with all Rose and Julie say. I’d actually written to Evine after learning (here) that he was leaving HSN, and suggested they snap him up at Evine. So glad they listened! Well, maybe they’d an an eye on him before that, but it’s great to see he’ll be landing there. Would like to see Nicky doing more of his fashion jewelry in addition to the sterling. I have a gorgeous Egyptian ring and necklace from his fashion line at HSN and hope he’ll do more of these.

    Welcome Nicky–will be watching and buying on the 22nd!

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