QVC’s Team Moseley To Run Travel Agency

That QVC couple Jeff and Erin Moseley have found an additional port of call, so to speak.

“It’s official, we now own a franchise of the largest travel agency in the world, Cruise Planners –,” Jeff posted on Facebook. “Please join us in the celebration and we look forward to the opportunity to help you plan your next Dream Vacation!!”

The married pair are alums of Jewelry Television, and they eventually found their way to the No. 1 home shopping network, QVC. Jeff is a gemstone expert for the channel, while his wife Erin is the on-air Diamonique rep.

We asked Jeff directly on FB if he and Erin were leaving QVC for their new venture.

“No we love working at Q,” Jeff wrote back. “We just had an opportunity to buy a franchise in travel and with so many people asking us for advice every week and the fact we love to travel ourselves we felt it was a good fit and fun.”

We always thought they were a classy pair and enjoy their QVC visits. They are “following our heart” by buying this franchise, Erin and Jeff said on Facebook.

“Over the years so many of you have told me ‘You should be a travel agent!’ and I’m finally following your advice,” Jeff wrote. “As a Cruise Planners franchise owner I’m here to share my experience as a world traveler, as a destination specialist, as a husband/father of a family who loves to vacay and as your friend. TeamMoseley is here to help you plan your next cruise, all inclusive resort, safari, Alaskan land tour…The possibilities are endless! Let’s get you out there to see the world, make memories and find your happy place!”

And they haven’t wasted any time capitalizing on their gemstone knowledge. Jeff posted this on Facebook Sunday night.


If you want to learn more about where gems come from & want to learn more about how jewelry is designed & manufactured & what’s hot & what’s not while enjoying a glass of champagne at sea then stay tuned!

Team Moseley is currently speaking with some of the biggest designers, manufacturers & site holders for mines & top home shopping television host in the business and will soon be announcing details as far as who is cruising with us for this exclusive event.

If you are interested please email us in advance and we will share details as soon as all designers, manufacturers and site holders have confirmed.

Do you love to cruise? Do you love gems & jewelry?

Evine, of course, runs gemstone jewelry and Invicta watch cruises.

This should be interesting.

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7 Responses to “QVC’s Team Moseley To Run Travel Agency”

  1. Janis Says:

    Another one leaves QVC/HSN. And it sounds like they’re doing what they love, and are picking the right time to do it. And that time being the merger of QVC and HSN, and the body count they are leaving behind. Good eye, Moseleys….leave before they fire you.
    I wish them the best and hope their new venture brings them fun.

  2. Hannah Says:

    Well, wake me up! I didn’t even know the Moseleys were on QVC. I don’t like QVC , so never watch it. I did know they were gone from JTV, however.
    I hope their new business is profitable and they enjoy it. And as Margo and Jerri said, it is something to fall back on if QVC crumbles or gets rid of them.

    • Karen Hendrickson Says:

      Keeping track of hosts and vendors now is a full time job. Don’t feel bad; I didn’t even know they were off JTV, let alone on QVC!!
      I wish them well with the new business. It sounds interesting.

      • Janelle Says:

        That’s for sure! Who’s leaving, who’s moving, where will they end up?
        My main concern is Nicky Butler. A long time fan and customer, I miss him. And I buy a piece or 2 from him somewhat regularly, so I hope he lands at Evine.
        I, too was unaware that the Moseleys we’re at QVC. I seldom watch QVC or JTV anymore. The musical chairs game is getting tiresome to keep track of.

  3. Miranda Says:

    Interesting article, Ms. Homeshoppingista.
    Good for the Moseleys. They’re a nice couple.
    Most interesting is that Evine runs gemstone and Invicta cruises.
    JMHO, but I think we get enough Invicta on air, so who needs an Invicta cruise?!? 🤷 I didn’t know Evine ran cruises. I wonder how profitable they are..

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