Is Iman The Next HSN Exit?

Is entrepreneur/super model Iman on her way out, or already gone, from HSN?

All of Iman’s Global Chic merchandise is on clearance on the No. 2 home shopping channel, which has undergone dramatic changes since QVC’s parent, Qurate Retail, acquired it.

The new regime has shuttered “Miracle Mop” and “Huggable Hanger” queen Joy Mangano’s company, Ingenious Designs, and showed Mangano the door. And Iman’s clothing and accessory line was part of Mangano’s Long Island-based company.

Has anyone heard anything?

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37 Responses to “Is Iman The Next HSN Exit?”

  1. Abigail Says:

    I hope not, I love her stuff and she’s a money maker for them, but, looks like it, I can’t see her on Evine, but, could on QVC.

    • Carla Says:

      Remember, HSN and QVC are run by the same company, so if HSN axes someone, they will not be going to QVC.
      We can only hope she’ll go to Evine. I like some of her things, too, and will miss her if she doesn’t continue with Evine. I certainly wish her the best.

    • elizabeth langevin Says:

      I haven’t see Iman, I think she’s gone, which is too bad. Her products were different, the Q makes every designer design the same stuff and it’s really annoying. They think they are Neiman Marcus on TV, and the products are low quality, cept for Linea, and over priced. I do have several Denim and Co articles, and they was high quality, like their chenille top I’ve had for yrs, washes up every week like it was new. I do wish they would bring back their real leather jackets they used to sell under Denim and co.

  2. Susan Cralle Says:

    I saw that Skinn Cosmetics by James Dimitri has left Evine and is now on HSN. Funny, Serious Skincare left HSN for Evine!


    • Carla Says:

      Dimitri’s skin care is very good. I’ve used it for a long time. With the changes at HSN/QVC, I’m surprised he went back to HSN (he was on there about 19-20 years ago; his company then was Parthena).
      The only thing I can think of is that he feels there’s less competition at HSN now. I think he did well at Evine; why switch? I will not order anything from HSN or QVC, so I guess I’ll be ordering my Skinn cosmetics from Dimitri’s website.
      I sure hope the other vendors leaving HSN/QVC go to Evine; especially Nicky Butler and Iman.

  3. Jerri Says:

    I haven’t heard anything, but Tori, another poster, and I discussed this on a blog from last month.
    It really looks like she’s going, TBH. Hopefully Evine will be her new home. The merger of HSN and QVC created a big mess, with vendors changing channels like mad; whether HSN/QVC fired them or they left on their own. All I know is, home shopping is NOT anything like it used to be, and doesn’t do anything to lure anyone back to shop there.

  4. Louise Says:

    I haven’t heard anything but TBH, I’ve been expecting this since they axed Mangano. Iman would do fine on her own without Joy’s collaboration, but since they are linked, and Iman is “older” (a bullshirt reason for discrimination) so in TPTB’s eyes, less desirable, it seemed inevitable that they would push her out the door, too.
    Nevermind that she is beautiful, famous, nice, and has a great line…. remember, kids, so did Suzanne (“older”) Somers….age is seen as a negative on TV. And they don’t seem to care that Somers, and Iman, as well, is/can be making $$$$$$$ on other channels. The old school expression for this is ” cutting off your nose to spite your face”. And indeed, they are.
    For myself and all other Iman fans, let’s hope she lands at Evine. Oh, and Nicky Butler, as well.

  5. Andrea Says:

    I haven’t heard, but have sort of taken for granted that she would go; given that they ousted Joy. A really crappy move on their part, I might add.
    I don’t buy too much from Iman; I find it hard to shop TV or online for clothes. I’m tall, thin, but curvy….which means I need to try on almost everything. I’ve bought a couple of her sweaters and ponchos which I like and they’ve held up very well. I have several friends and co-workers who buy from her and they are already missing her.
    Like everyone on here says, we hope she’ll turn up at Evine. I don’t follow home shopping like I once did, and I’ve closed all social media accounts, so if anyone hears anything, please let us know here on homeshoppingista’s blog.

  6. Jerri Says:

    I stumbled on an HSN community blog, and 2 days ago someone posted that they were watching the Iman clearance show. The host said that Iman and her daughter were going to be traveling for the first part of this year, then returning to HSN later on (Summer or Fall, I’m guessing).
    This was not an official post from someone on HSN; it was a viewer; so I’m not sure how accurate it is. But it did sound like they actually heard it on the presentation, so I hope it’s true, for Iman and all her fans.

    • Jerri Says:

      I went back and more comments were added on the forum. Someone else said that Callie had announced that same thing earlier. And, it will be Summer. Supposedly she’s returning to HSN with her Summer line of fashions.
      One skeptic said they’d believe it when they saw her on air. I am more with that opinion. Summer is 3 months away, and a lot can happen behind the home shopping scenes in that amount of time, as we’ve seen. But hopefully she will return.

      • Tina Says:

        I am skeptical, too. I will believe she is back when I see her on air. There are too many different stories circulating about this; most due to conflicting facts given by various people at HSN.
        I don’t watch HSN much anymore. I buy mostly online, and not very much. HSN has become the “Colleen Lopez channel”. Colleen is ok in small doses but she dominates the channel now. Way too much Colleen and her crappy fashions and jewelry. And, worse than that, the ugly merger with QVC. Way to chase viewers away, HSN.

      • Lola Says:

        I read this blog Jerri, and I agree. I also read the customer service blog and oweeee!!! People are getting ripped off, left and right. It’s actually pretty much the same on all the channels. Other than being charged for items that HSN cancelled, or being over charged, money not refunded, etc., the biggest complaint was rude customer service.
        Customer service will make or break a company.
        One late night, early in 2000, I was watching Jeanne Cooper sell jewelry on HSN. I’d bought some of her jewelry before, and liked it. She was selling a beautiful necklace called “Winter Nights”; it had dangles and gems and pearls, all in beautiful cool blues, silver and white. It was quite detailed and labor intensive, and somewhat expensive. I ordered it; it would work perfectly with so many clothes and other jewelry pieces. I was a good HSN customer at the time, and had nothing but positive experiences with CS.
        After the show, I went to my garage to retrieve a bag I’d accidentally left in my car. I parked differently or something, because when I turned the garage light on, it showcased 4 very bald tires!!! I hadn’t really looked at them in a month or so; and the light never hit them this way before. I was off the next day; I had no choice. Tire store, here I come.
        The budget didn’t allow for the necklace and tires; so I had to cancel my order. The HSN CS rep was super nice; I told him I needed the tires but didn’t know it till after I made the HSN order. He was helpful and professional, cancelled the order, and told me good luck with the tires. He also told me that the necklace had sold out; he couldn’t hold the one I returned. But, he promised to call me if it was back in stock, or came back as a return.
        About 4 weeks later, late at night, the same CS rep called me and told me that someone had returned their “Winter Nights” necklace, unworn. I still couldn’t afford it, but was touched by the gesture. That NEVER happens today, on any channel. Mostly they are rude and dismissive….which is why I watch and never buy now. And they wonder why sales are down.

      • Jessica Says:

        I have the Jeanne Cooper Winter Nights necklace! She presented it on a later night show in March 2000; I was thinking it was being shown toward the end of Winter.
        I’m sorry you had to let it go, but when we need tires, we need them. It was on the expensive side for costume jewelry, and as I remember, they didn’t offer flex pays. I used it to dress up denim and other things, and wore it year round. It was a holiday fave and I wore it a lot. Consequently, the finish has come off some of the faux pearls and stones, so I just keep it as a remembrance of Jeanne, rest her soul.
        I also have the Family Tree pin, and being a pin, has held up well. I have a matching set of faux amethyst earrings and ring; silvertone with 2 rows of tiny czs surrounding the cabs. They have held up well, too. They have dressed up business suits and summer dresses. And are spot on for dressy evening clothes.
        Anyway, I enjoyed Jeanne in TYATR, and on HSN. She was a great personality and had a wonderful sense of humor. I cried when I heard that she passed away. And you can’t find her jewelry anywhere. I’m so glad I have the pieces I do. Some have held up well, like I said; others, not so much. But I keep and cherish them all.
        I had to respond because hardly anyone has mentioned her since her passing. I could be wrong but I think it’s possible that former HSN host Rachel Huber posted a picture of herself and the late Jeanne on set at HSN. If not Rachel, then possibly someone else….but that was about it, other than her TYATR costars. And it’s a small world, when you read someone’s post about watching a home shopping segment that you watched, on the same day and time, many years ago.

    • Jerri Says:

      This may be a double post, I just did one and it disappeared, sorry…
      I revisited the forum and more comments were added. One said that Callie had announced earlier that Iman would return. And, in Summer, with her Summer line.
      One skeptic said they’d believe it when they saw her on air. I’m more inclined to agree with that. Summer is 3 months away, and with recent changes, we all know that a lot can happen behind the home shopping scene in 3 months. Hopefully she will, indeed, be back.

      • Shelby Drake Says:

        Thank you, Jerri! I hope the post you read was a true fact. I love Iman’s line.
        Now, everyone, I have a question. Is Adrienne the next to leave HSN?
        I don’t watch too frequently, but I’ve noticed that she has been on less recently. I don’t care for (most of) her products anymore; but I do get a smile out of watching her. She’s a staple at HSN, as well as a big seller. It would be a shame to let her go.

      • Betty Says:

        Interesting you say that Shelby, Adrienne had multiple hours listed but all were canceled today. Of course I don’t know the reason but I was usual.

      • Betty Says:

        * It was unusual.

      • Jenna Says:

        Jerri, Betty, Shelby
        On the same HSN forum Jerri was on, I saw several posts about SCA being on less and less, and also about cancellations of Adrienne’s visits. It is VERY unusual, Betty.
        Like Shelby, I don’t care for her new skin care formulations, but I still like to watch her. I know she has been at HSN for at least 20 years. She still sells out products and people still love her; I’m sure she will be missed if they let her go.
        One thing to consider, she has worked a long time and had a good life- maybe she wants to cut back visits and eventually retire. That would be a much better exit than being fired.
        As for Iman, I’m skeptical, too, given that not too long ago CS reps at HSN were not sure if she was coming back at all. I hope she does; I like her clothes and have accumulated a decent Iman collection.

      • Monica Says:

        Shelby and Betty

        I’ve noticed this, too. I hope she isn’t being let go. She has brought in tons of money for HSN for many years.
        I don’t care for her skin care of later years. And some of her foundations are heavy. But she makes beautiful powders and blushes, and I order from her regularly.
        Like Shelby, I get a kick out of her presentations. She has gotten a little sloppy, but is still fun to watch. And she wears some great clothes. She has always been very fashionable.
        She still has a great following and sells many skin care/makeup kits. There are HSN customers who still order a lot, and have been ordering for years. My aunt is a 20+ year loyal customer. She certainly doesn’t want Adrienne to leave HSN. And many others who feel the same way.
        I guess we’ll have to see what happens. The HSN/QVC merger has cost the channels some viewers, especially HSN. It seems to have been hit the hardest.

      • Karen Hendrickson Says:

        I was on the HSN forums, too, Jerri. The most recent word is that she’s returning. But there have been too many conflicting stories to trust it.
        I’m thinking there were things to separate in the design collaboration with Mangano, and legalities to finish up that partnership. That takes time, and she and her daughter deserve a breath of fresh air for working so hard. But I will not believe she is returning till I see her on there.
        Also, I think Adrienne will be the next to get axed. Not a fan of her skin care and makeup, but I like some of her jewelry and I love watching her. She is a true beauty icon. She will be badly missed, to be sure.
        And letting Nicky Butler go was just dumb. This channel has lost so much, and is so different than back around 1999, when I loved shopping there. Not anymore.

      • Eva Says:

        I’ve noticed cancellations of Adrienne’s visits a few times now. Also, there seems to be fewer of her products, especially of her jewelry online now.
        Also, someone mentioned in another blog on here HSN no longer carries Marilyn Miglin’s facial skincare lines. It seems (correct me if I’m wrong; I don’t watch often) that her visits are less frequent now.
        Both women have good followings, and those who like their products are good customers. I used to buy Marilyn’s oxygen line years ago; it worked very well with my skin. Adrienne has always had more products, especially when she started her “real collectibles” jewelry line. But Marilyn’s fragrance and skin care custom were just as loyal.
        I think, I addition to the terrible changes, vendors leaving or getting fired, and other unpleasantries, we are going to be seeing more and more of our favorite brands disappearing. These channels seem bound and determined to get rid of older vendors…and for what? Skin care lines are a dime a dozen on the home shopping channels, and are mostly mediocre at best.
        I haven’t bought anything on home shopping in a couple years, but will miss the vendors that are gone/leaving. Things are most definitely not the same anymore.😑

  7. Jacqueline Says:

    HSN is no longer HSN. It’s a watered down version of the current sad QVC. Vendors going back and forth, hosts moving or being fired, bland products….why do home shopping?
    I like Evine a bit better, but can do without their (and HSN and QVC) high shipping costs. It makes online stores like Amazon, H&M, Zara, etc seem so much more inviting. And Target and Walmart have better prices on cookware, some clothing, bedding, etc. And, you can try things on, and look at them up close.
    I think many people (like I used to, some years back) shop on TV out of habit. It’s easy, you can do it all from your living room, and your purchase comes delivered to your door. Now, the prices are higher than competitors, the quality is lower, and so much less variety.
    I like Iman, too, but I haven’t bought anything from her in a couple years. The shipping costs are a huge deterrent. I hope she stays for all her fans. But I think we all need to turn TV off and go online, or out to the stores. Home shopping, as we knew it, has gone.

  8. Colleeen Says:

    It is obvious that Joy and Iman are on a gag order. Neither has said a single word. HSN announced Joy was pursuing other opportunities but Joy never released any statement herself and I cannot find any statement she has given since. The whole thing is very strange because one of her last TSs included coupons that they made a big deal about being good for the entirety of 2019 and then they announced her departure 2-3 weeks later. She announced during that TS that she would not be able to bring the same sort of bundle (hangers with gift bags and coupons) that they said had been offered annually before Christmas for about a decade, so did HSN already know that the coupons that they claimed were worth $120 were valueless?
    There has been no Joy TSs in 2019, unless you count Ming Tsai’s Blue Diamond pans. Ming Tsai was brought on to present the pan a couple of month’s prior to Joy’s departure, so I wonder if they knew then. The pan is not part of the SImply Ming branded collection. It is only branded Joy and Blue Diamond, but Ming was the sole rep in 2019. Simply Ming branded products are all on clearance, like Joy’s and like Iman’s. Ming alluded to introducing new products in the future, which would be one of the few instances where QVC’s in-house team actually produces future collections originally produced by Ingenious Designs.
    The thing is that Joy sold hundreds of thousands of units every visit, so there is no way that it could have been that sudden of a departure. It means they knew Joy would not appear in January long before they announced it because the products would have needed to be assembled in China long before January.
    The announcement said that they will continue to offer some of the products but I dont know if they still plan to if they are clearancing off all the inventory now. It seems like they plan on phasing the brands out.
    But the question remains: what happened with Joy? She sold her company to HSN, but she gained a board seat there. Does anyone know when she lost her seat or if she even did? The allegations that she got fired are baseless unless Google is no longer reliable. I cannot imagine them terminating her suddenly. If they actually wanted her out then they still could have made a killing exploiting her 20th and final year.
    If Joy and Iman have not said a peep, there had to be something in it for them. If Joy was fired they would have said something. The fact that neither said anything at all about HSN since their departure means that they had to get something worth their silence, which could be the future rights to their own names. Joy may have been forced to give up some of her autonomy with the consolidation of Ingenious Designs but the dissolution of the original agreement would have meant she was able to renegotiate the terms, unless there terms were already stipulated for this situation in the original agreement.
    QVC’s TSV sweet spot seems to be $4.1M in sales, at least on weekends. HSN only hits that level with a few vendors and Joy was one of them. It does not make sense that they would cut her when the only other proprietary brand with similar gross sales is Andrew Lessman. I originally thought the merger would mean Joy’s products would make their way to QVC’s international market.
    Something happened. What it was and when is a mystery. I would think something that big would have needed to be explained to investors in greater detail. And I wonder if the coupon was a legitimate scam.
    I will miss Joy’s products. If Evine gets her that would change the game and it may be the only way they can keep their NASDAQ listing.

    • homeshoppingista Says:

      I blogged on this. QVC said it was pulling the plug on Joy’s company, so it is no surprise that she would be exiting. She has no company to run. I don’t even think HSN has a board anymore because it it part of QVC parent Qurate now.

      • Jerri Says:

        That makes sense, Ms. Moss. And happy birthday early, BTW.
        It would stand to reason, that since HSN was “absorbed” by Qurate, their board is gone now. There are indeed shifty, mysterious, and unfair things going on behind the scenes. We can all hope we’ll find out the dirty details, but I doubt if we will. Things are not looking good on the home shopping front.
        Hopefully Joy has a big savings and investment account, because this put her in a bad position. She will probably be ok financially, but this had to be a huge shock to her and her employees.

  9. Ruth Says:

    Karen Hendrickson,
    Adrienne IS a true beauty icon. She has written several books, perfected makeup application, and aside from HSN, has a high end beauty line that seems to be successful.
    I love her presentations, and enjoy her jewelry. She has a couple vitamin c creams that work for me, and some makeup that I like.
    About 19 years ago, I was planning a short spring trip, and needed new makeup. Adrienne was on with some fabulous specials, and I ordered a LOT from her shows that weekend. I remember using and liking almost every single product. There was a pink kit with beautiful powders and blushes, a pretty nude pink lipstick, eyeshadows, mascara, and a very nice set of makeup brushes. I ordered at other times, but I remember being especially pleased with that kit.
    Anyway, she sells out a lot, and is a money maker for HSN, so I hope she isn’t going. From what everyone has said, and from what I’ve seen, it looks like it’s possible. Huge mistake if you let her go, HSN.

  10. Jeanne Says:

    I seldom comment, but I found this site and everyone here seems highly intelligent and knowledgeable.

    I LOVE IMAN. Imagine my explaining to my husband why I was buying so many clothes the past few weeks–all IMAN. I hope that if she does go to Evine, her shipping & handling charges will be FREE. Evine’s are the worst. I have been a customer of HSN & QVC since the mid 1980’s. A LOT has changed since then. I used to purchase HSN’s Slinky brand back in the 1990’s (maybe earlier),but it just got worse and worse. The material is practically R-rated now. People who didn’t know how good the quality was back in the day have no idea how bad it has gotten. They have nothing to compare it to now. IMAN’s clothing is classy and reasonably priced. It is also a quality product. I will miss her if she, indeed, has left. Companies only seem to be interested in the “bottom line” and keeping their share holders happy. BIG mistake! HUGE! Those companies will lose in the end. Greed is NEVER a good thing or has a good outcome. I’m an older (and hopefully wiser) woman today. I’m kind of like that line from the Beatle’s song, “Fool on the Hill”. If QVC/HSN/Qurate (QXH)/Evine aren’t careful and have their customers’ concerns at heart, they will all be history. They will destroy themselves. Over Christmastime, I purchased a lot of things from Amazon. Love the FREE shipping and handling. One of you mentioned it, and I so agree with you. Someone from the Post office once told me that the shopping network customers really get gouged on the shipping and handling charges. Guess they would know.

    As I said, I have enjoyed reading everyone’s posts. Nice to know there really are bright and intelligent people “out there”. Cheers!

    • Jerri Says:

      Hi! I liked your post. And I agree. The home shopping channels are making suicidal mistakes.
      I’m glad you mentioned Slinky. I never bought a lot of it, but I needed to travel occasionally and Slinky rolls up small, packs well, and comes out of the suitcase wrinkle free. Or, at least it USED to. My last Slinky purchase was in 2005 or 2006; and it had become much thinner even then compared to the 2000-2002 pieces I bought. I shudder to think how it must be now!
      HSN has been “crappifying” the quality of clothing and jewelry for about 15 years now. They made Suzanne Somers’ jewelry cheaper and more expensive…their reason being because gold and silver were on a rise. At the prices they charged, and since Somers’ jewelry was plated, not solid, they could have continued making it well like before. Ditto her clothing line. It started out well made and reasonable, and ended up being super expensive and more flimsy. Not a reflection on her; she didn’t like them doing that; it may have been partially why they fired her.
      Not just Somers’ line but many others. And Colleen’s clothing and jewelry are crap.
      With Nicky Butler going to Evine, I might have to break my vow of no more home shopping; I’ll have to see. I lost a set by him I bought in 2000 during a move a 3 years later, and I loved it. It went with everything, dress up or dress down, and was very unique. A bit different than his usual style. I have been looking for something similar by him ever since; no luck. Hopefully at Evine he’ll make a few different things being in new surroundings. I will buy something from him, if I see what I’m looking for.
      Best to you; nice to see your post.

  11. Dina Says:

    I’ve been looking at the HSN forums, and found a post that was interesting.
    Poster said that there was less Diane Gilman fashion in stock, and that her clothes go on clearance sooner/faster than they used to. And also, Joan Boyce had less inventory. I don’t watch much anymore, but I know Joan was doing fashions and shoes as well as jewelry.
    Anyway, this person is concerned that Diane and Joan may be leaving. If they do, hopefully it’s their choice. HSN is a cold hearted place now; it would be horrible to let Diane go after all she’s been through. I’m sure she’s made her money, but what a blow to be fired from HSN after she is getting on her feet again after her cancer treatment.
    As for Joan, she’s a fun vendor and I’ve always liked her jewelry. I own very little as it’s kind of pricey. I have a few of her fashions and I like them. I hope they aren’t looking to let her go.
    Those that are leaving on their own are seeing what a bleak place HSN has become, and how dim its future is. With Evine struggling to stay afloat, I hope the HSN vendors go there. It will help Evine and we can still shop our favorite vendors.
    Any word on Nicky Butler? I really miss him. I usually buy a few pieces a year; I love his jewelry.

    • Carole Says:

      @ Dina
      I wish I knew more about Nicky Butler, too. I don’t follow Facebook, but from what others are saying, nothing has changed. Hopefully Ms. Moss will let us know if she hears anything.
      As for the other vendors; those you mentioned as well as others whose inventory is suspiciously low, I have a feeling they’ll all leave HSN, sooner or later. Because HSN has shut out others, I’m sure it has made those remaining very nervous. I was glad to see that Victoria Wieck went to Evine, as well as Serious Skin Care.
      Like you, I’m hoping those who leave or are fired will go to Evine. That should help Evine quite a bit. And like you say, we will be able to shop with our favorite vendors.
      One thing I want to say, however, is that home shopping has become worse with each passing year. And HSN started awhile back…they haven’t been the same since the very early 2000s. And now being under the Qurate umbrella, they’re worse than ever. I was never much of a QVC shopper, but they’ve declined badly, too.
      I have gone directly to vendors’ websites to avoid dealing with the shipping costs, confusion, poor packaging, pre-used products, and rude customer service. They may not have the “deals” that they have on home shopping, but the shipping is cheaper, the product is fresh/unused, and it is packaged better. If home shopping disappears, I’ll miss it only for its entertainment value.
      If you hear anything about Nicky Butler, Dina, please post on here and let us know.

  12. Wendy F Says:

    I think the merger of QVC and HSN spells trouble for both.As one person commented about a designer who’s clothes are shoved down my throat,and remind me of guranimals,namely LG,and so age inappropriate,childish,I mean do you have any new fresh design ideas?Horrible.The exit of Iman, is a disaster.Personally,I have slowed shopping on television to nearly a stand still,and purchased mostly for ” filll in items”.Good luck to you shipping channels,they all need a fresh approach.

  13. Cecelia Says:

    Nicky Butler is on Evine

  14. L J Wilson Says:

    I can’t believe we’ve lost IMAN. I guess QVC didn’t want Denim and Company to have to compete with IMAN, because that would force them to have to look at some quality control issues (petite size pants that drag almost 4 inches on the ground while pulled up underneath your bust line and the second pair of the same make half way down your butt). I think IMAN brought a little more glam to the game and at a competitive price.

    QVC had owned 38% of HSN for a while, but now they own the whole pie! What a disaster for TV shoppers. As soon as this kind of thing happens, they fell to hear the voice of their paycheck (the customer). We saw that when Krispy Kreme bought Panera bread (which is an oxymoron) a year and a half ago. Dropping long time favorites from the menu, changing recipes, cutting portions. Customers shouted back on Facebook, but Krispy Kreme didn’t hear them. Cable TV dropping and adding shows and programs based on office politics, government politics, handshake deals between them and other networks to control actors or actresses on promising budding shows who have left other shows—but I think that somewhere these companies have to feel that sting. Krispy Kreme drop in sales, streaming video trumping over the networks with original programming that is customer rated based and at a fraction of the cost, and maybe QVC will follow that path, or deal with what the gravy train (customers) are saying they want to pour their gravy on.

    • elizabeth langevin Says:

      Philosophy was bought out and the scent of her bath gels are horrible. Many yrs ago I used to buy right from their website, and they had some wonderful scents, not now, weak to almost nonexistent scents.
      I feel badly for IMAN, I really enjoyed her presentation, and it’s a shame, but I bet it hasta do with the Mangano exit. they also got rid of Serious Skin Care too, they are on Evine now. What’s strange is they took Evine’s Shinn skin care line which is garbage. In fact anything I buy from Lancôme, as skin care, does zero too.
      I also hate that Dooney is on both channels, along with Patricia Nash now on the Q, and also Ripka is on both too, Camuto, and I could go on and on.

  15. elizabeth langevin Says:

    I have a feeling they will be using HSN as another type of shopping channel, not sure what, but I think in another yr the plan will unfold! What I loved about HSN is they have different clothes lines, unusual, and really nice stuff, but I see the writing on the wall, it will all go, like Serena, is no where, too. I loved Sheryl Crow’s stuff too, so different. The Q thinks they are the Neiman Marcus TV shopping, which is not so, the clothing lines, cept for Louis Dell’Oliois line is classy. I miss his wife too, she was such a classy model. Oh well, I could go on about the hosts, but I need tyo shut my mouth, lol.

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