Ex-HSN Vendor Amedeo Did Spike Lee’s Oscar Pendant

We watched the Oscars Sunday night and as jewelry hounds, of course we noticed director Spike Lee’s large pendant and necklace. Little did we know that it has a home shopping connection!

Several stories about Academy Award fashion pointed out that Lee’s pendant, inspired by dear departed Prince’s name symbol (we believe), was created by former HSN jewelry vendor Amedeo Scognamiglio.

A charming Italian, Amedeo was best-known for bringing gorgeous hand-crafted cameos to HSN. What we didn’t know was about Amedeo’s celeb friends.

According to The New York Times, Amedeo did the diamond, 18 carat gold and fire opal necklace that Spike was sporting when he won his Oscar.

Here’s what The Times wrote:

“A man in a high-jewelry necklace is a first,” said an astonished Mr. Scognamiglio. “Plus, he commissioned and paid for it, which is the distinction and elegance of Spike Lee,” the jeweler added, referring to the complex bargaining game celebrities play with those who supply their clothes.

Good for Spike!

And several present and past home shopping vendors provided garb for Hollywood’s big night.

Fashion designer Mark Zunino was the man behind the green gown that actress Katharine Ross, wife of Oscar nominee Sam Elliott, wore.

And HSN designer Antthony Mark did the gorgeous teal gown that Oscar winner Melissa Berton won for “Period. End of Sentence,” which was a film about menstrual periods. That dress caught our eye even before we knew that it was an Antthony creation.

Congrats folks.

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2 Responses to “Ex-HSN Vendor Amedeo Did Spike Lee’s Oscar Pendant”

  1. Beth Says:

    I missed the Oscars; it’s usually not a must for me. I enjoyed your post, Homeshoppingista, and looked up the items you mentioned.
    Touching and beautiful was the Prince pendant by Amadeo.
    The green Zunino gown was fabulous…a far cry from his QVC collection.
    The blue Antthony gown was gorgeous. Antthony has talent and it really surfaces when he designs for special occasions. I liked his earlier HSN fashions best; however, I still find pieces that I like. I love that most of his pants- and some skirts, too- have pockets!

  2. Lucy Says:

    Good to know who was behind these 3 great designs. Gorgeous work, as usual, Amadeo. And kudos to Spike Lee for commissioning and paying for his necklace. I’m still in shock and sadness over the loss of Prince. 😭
    I don’t watch QVC anymore but I doubt that anything Mark Zunino did for them even touches that perfect green gown. And Antthony Mark Hankins has a real talent for occasion designs. The blue gown is another of his beautiful creations.
    Nice of you to bring this to our attention, Ms. Moss. You have a great, informative blog.

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