Evine’s Waterford Rep Creates Times Square New Year’s Eve Ball

We used to enjoy watching Tom Brennan of Waterford do presentations on those wares on Evine.

He was engaging, charming and easy on the eyes, with a wonderful Irish accent. And he was a trained Waterford artisan.

Another Waterford rep was swapped in for Brennan, a dandy who didn’t hold a candle to Tom, in our opinion.

Little did we know that Brennan is the Waterford chap who is in charge of creating the crystal ball that descends in Times Square to mark the start of the New Year.

In a profile in Sunday’s New York Times, Brennan described the history of the famous ball and how it is done each year.

Enjoy the Q&A!

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4 Responses to “Evine’s Waterford Rep Creates Times Square New Year’s Eve Ball”

  1. Ralph Lamacchia Says:

    i object to the use of the derogatory word “dandy”

    Ralph Lamacchia Jumpstart Associates LLC 1 Hewitt Square #195 East Northport, NY 11731-2519

    Phone: 631-586-8100 Fax: 631-586-8101

    Email: ralph@jumpstartassociates.com

    Go Green! Print this email only when necessary.

  2. R C Cape Cod Says:

    Agreed. Dandy is highly inappropriate.

  3. Lorri K Says:

    Jorge Perez is beloved by the Evine viewers and is the recipient of an award for being the Top Seller in Dollars per Minute on the Channel. When Tom B was brought in to replace Jorge, people boycotted Evine and lobbied to bring Jorge back. Check out Facebk Jorge’s Club Room..he has legions of fans.

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