Want to Be a JTV Host? Heed the 5 ‘Ps’

If you are interested in becoming a Jewelry Television host, and wouldn’t mind moving to Knoxville, Tenn., here is your big chance.

JTV is holding host auditions in New York City Jan. 13 to 15.

Here’s the part of the post we saw on Facebook:

As the face of JTV, our hosts are responsible for achieving on-air sales goals while providing an excellent customer experience. The right candidate will combine his/her genuine passion for jewelry with an equal passion to drive sales.

Our hosts will maintain a professional persona, both on-air and in the community, and are looked on as leaders in our industry.

No pressure! And we guess no drinking to excess or coke snorting off-air.

JTV also says that its hosts live by the Five “P’s.” As in “Be prepared, prompt, professional, polished and polite.”

Candidates must be available to work all day parts — including weekends, holidays and overnights. Sounds like journalism. Hope it pays better.

They must also “be able to sell all types of jewelry and gemstones.” Oy!

Finally, sales and/or jewelry experience is “strongly preferred,” while prior TV hosting and being a graduate gemologist are pluses.

Have at it, folks.

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3 Responses to “Want to Be a JTV Host? Heed the 5 ‘Ps’”

  1. Susan Says:

    No pressure! And we guess no drinking to excess or coke snorting off-air…..Whats the story behind this????

  2. Glenna Says:

    The way JTV fires and hires hosts, that would be a big “no” for me.
    This post is about saying goodbye to 2018, and some trends that should go byebye with it.
    Off the shoulder and cold shoulder tops: sorry, they look trashy.
    Sharkbite and any other disparately unmatched hems. A little asymmetrical, fine. Some are ridiculous.
    Eye shadow with the crease sharply outlined with liner. Ugh!
    While we’re on the subject, neon colors in eyeshadow. Sorry, bright red and chartreuse are not flattering on anyone.
    Flood length baggy-ish pants/trousers. If you want capris, fine. Ankle length, fine. A billowing cuff mid calf looks stupid.
    Super cropped crop tops. Especially those with turtlenecks and long sleeves. What’s the point?!
    Ripped/destroyed jeans. Look messy, trashy…again, what’s the point? A little worn, fine. Holier than holy, should be thrown in the trash like before. Who’s going to spend $$$$ on jeans that are so ripped they won’t last for 5 washings?? People “dress up” in these, too. Why not roll around in the mud in them and add to the effect?
    That seems to cover the worst trends, for now. Let’s kick these abominations back into 2018.

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