Evine Host Allison Waggoner Takes a Powder From the Network

Evine host Allison Waggoner has exited the Minnesota-based home shopping network.

The blonde posted the news in a rather brief missive on Facebook, with few details.

As we take it that she did the food-cooking shows, we never saw much of her, since we avoid that home-shopping programming like the plague. But we do know that she has written a number of bestselling cook books, according to her own website.

Her bio is still on Evine’s website, BTW.

“Whether shopping for beauty, electronics, jewelry, or cookware — Allison Waggoner provides a sense of authenticity and expertise that viewers trust,” it says. “Allison is our classically trained chef and host of Evine’s original cooking show, The Sizzle. When she’s away from work, Allison enjoys traveling, reading, and spending time with her daughter.”


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6 Responses to “Evine Host Allison Waggoner Takes a Powder From the Network”

  1. Jerri Says:

    I remember when she was a host on HSN. I think she was gone by the end of 2000 or beginning of 2001. She was ok; not a fave of mine but she was watchable sometimes.
    I didn’t get the ShopNBC channel till I moved in 2004, and I think she was on there then. She has been with them for awhile, for sure. I wonder if they fired her or if she left on her own? With all the changes across the home shopping channels, there have been and will be many host and vendor games of musical chairs. I wish her well in whatever her next venture is.

    • Janet Says:

      I remember her from HSN, too. I think she presented boring things on there, too. I’m with homeshoppingista, I avoid cooking, table ware, and cleaning presentations. I bought a great mop from Sully on HSN about 18 years ago; that was one of the last good home cleaning shows!
      Anyway, I watched Alison in her earlier days on Shop NBC (now Evine) and she presented a variety of things then. I’ve pretty much stopped watching home shopping, so I didn’t realize she was doing a cooking show. It is becoming much more a game of musical host and vendor chairs. This industry has long passed its finest hour; I think it’s on a sinking ship. I hope Alison does well in whatever is next for her.

  2. Lauren Says:

    The host and vendor game of musical channels is getting faster and more furious. Mostly, I imagine, due to the merger of HSN/QVC. But it has gotten crazy, and hard to keep up with. It tells me home shopping is a struggling venue now.
    Once a big HSN customer, I finally stopped buying on there a few years ago due to horrible quality control and customer service. They sell junk at high prices. I’ve never bought much at QVC, but enough that I noticed their quality had gone down badly, too. JTV is hit or miss. If you shop carefully, you can get some nice jewelry there. I have been with Evine since 2004 when they were SHOPNBC. Sure, they have their faults, too, but their prices are way better and the quality is much better than HSN or QVC. For anyone wanting to know why Lisa Robertson left QVC, I think the main reason is she saw this coming. Sure, she wanted to work for herself, and she has a successful business going now. But I believe some of the earlier host departures were due to seeing the mess that QVC and HSN have become before the rest of us even knew. I predict Amazon will eat all the home shopping channels for dinner in a few short years.

  3. Richard Geisen Says:

    Hope it’s not true Allison had a great personality and a great smile she always made you laugh it will be so sad if she did leave

  4. Sheryl Says:

    didn’t must care for her on Evine, especially when she & Paula Deen
    were on together. Sickening! I never saw anyone so nasty preparing
    meals on Evine! Licking their fingers, talking nasty talk, never washing their hands! I guess if you’re rich you can behave like common

    I have stopped watching Evine because of this!

  5. Forrest Leone Says:

    Where is Alison I saw her show up once on QVC with the beekman boys

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