Evine Opens LA Studio, Welcomes Celine Dion and a ‘Shah’

Just a day after Qurate Retail, parent of QVC and HSN, announced it would be sending pink slips to 2,000 employees, and whittling down the staff in St. Petersburg to nothing, Evine was having a big shindig on the Left Coast.

We were invited, but couldn’t make the trip, to attend the West Hollywood launch party kicking off the opening of Evine Los Angeles, the network’s new studio facility. We also missed the “Live from LA” broadcast Thursday.

Did anyone see it? What did you think?

Apparently in conjunction with that event, Evine has unveiled two new celebrity lines — handbags from singer Celine Dion and “Be Obsessed” hair care products from Reza Farahan, who is part of the crew on Bravo’s “Shahs of Sunset.”

When we saw pictures that party-goers posted on Facebook, we didn’t recognize Reza. He looked familiar, but he lost his mustache and a lot of weight since we last watched that reality show.

We like a lot of what Evine is doing, and opening a studio — far away from the HQ in Minnesota — is brilliant. But from what we have seen, home shoppers are not enamored of celebrity product lines.

There are so many stars of Bravo reality shows that have done lines for HSN, QVC and Evine that the list would take up a page.

For example, one of Reza’s co-stars on “Shahs” had a fashion jewelry line on HSN, while Lisa Vanderpump of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” has her own fashion jewelry line on Evine. She was at the swanky launch party, as were vendors such as Chuck Clemency.

Evine’s marketing maven, Nicole Ostoya, on FB said that she will be stationed in LA now, not in the cold wilds of Minneapolis, and she appeared to be quite pleased about that.

And while we are on the topic of Evine, we saw that another former HSN jewelry vendor had turned up at the No. 3 home shopping network. Hilary Joy is now part of the lineup.

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14 Responses to “Evine Opens LA Studio, Welcomes Celine Dion and a ‘Shah’”

  1. Jerri Says:

    While I can understand wanting a studio in a better climate, and trying to make a profitable change, I wonder how this will affect Evine financially. It seems they have been struggling, at least a little, for awhile. If it pays off, great…but if not, the cost of setting it up is a lot to lose.
    I guess most of the Minnesota crew will stay there in MN, and they’ll export some to LA, and hire more in LA. I missed seeing it, and am wondering…how often will they broadcast from there? Or will they broadcast from both simultaneously? It is either a great move, or it will be a loser. They have my respect for thinking out of the box; let’s see what happens.

  2. Evie Says:

    Thank you for your post Ms. Moss. Darn it! I missed it! I was so busy that TuesdaybecameWednesdaybecameThursday. I thought yesterday was Friday! I really wanted to see that. Do you know if they will be broadcasting from there full time, or will they still use the MN studio?
    I was a pretty frequent home shopping customer for a number of years. The desperate cloying behavior of some of the hosts has been a turn off; also, the quality of the merchandise has become so poor. And the prices are no longer a value. That said, I shop seldomly. HSN used to be my go to, but now I shop Evine for my very infrequent purchases. The hosts are annoying on all channels; I’m just looking for a decent bargain! Evine’s merchandise is better, and they have some good bargains…. especially clearance sales. So, that’s about it for home shopping for me. I do occasionally go over to JTV for a look, and sometimes buy, but you have to watch for quality there.
    I hope Evine does well in their new studio. I wish them luck and look forward to shopping there.

  3. Abigail Says:

    It was like watching Jeb, granny, Jethro and Ellie Mae, they were acting like had been promoted to QVC, the only good thing was the Celine bags, they were awesome. Will look for them locally, the hosts are a turnoff.

  4. Judy Says:

    Alison Waggoner seems to have disappeared on Evine. Heather Hall has been on vacation for weeks now. Wonder what’s going on?!

  5. LittleBirdie Says:

    Speaking of (former) Evine hosts, Wendi Russo is on today (Oct. 23rd) on HSN hawking a new jewelry line called Amara. Apparently managing beauty pageant contestants isn’t a full time job for her so she needed to be a rep for yet ANOTHER new jewelry line. Hopefully she got to say hi to former Evine turncoat Sarah Anderson while she’s there as well as Mr. Musical Chairs, Paul “Queasy” Deasy.

  6. Judy Says:

    Little Birdie: she did say “hi” to Sarah and posted a picture of the both of them on facebook, like she did last time she was there. She also sees Pam and Wes McCoy while in Florida. Wendy is a natural, Evine was crazy to let her go. She was the best host there in my opinion. I’m not so sure Sarah and Paul left on their own accord either..

  7. LittleBirdie Says:

    Judy: I didn’t see Wendi’s Facebook but I’m sure she DID and has said hi to both of them. I was sort of being facetious about that. But don’t get me wrong, I too like Wendy as well as Sarah so it was great to see her on air again today. They were both big losses for Evine. But with Sarah and Paul, I don’t think they were let go. It’s my speculation only, but Sarah left Evine only a few days before they had scheduled her 10th Anniversary show. Why schedule her big anniversary show and then chop her only a few days before it? If they did, she must have done something nasty which I don’t see her doing. She seems like a sweetheart of a person and I know she fosters rescue dogs which makes me like her all the more. I’m just disappointed she left Evine because she seemed to be ‘free-er’ there than she is at HSN. Her first day at HSN and they had her sucking up to those pretend superstar hosts, Amy Morrison and Adam Freeman, which was a sad sight to see her in. She was especially good with Erin Newberg on clothing shows on Evine. Those two could have been a highlight on Evine if Evine had made the effort. As for Pauly boy, don’t care much for him. It may be just me but I always feel like he thinks he’s doing everyone a favor selling them his jewelry. And I think he left Evine on his own, again my own speculation, but Evine had him on plenty of shows just before he left and then shortly showed up on HSN. Plus, why would Judy Crowell stay at Evine if they canned Paul? Judy is still there for now but I would place bets that she once again follows him to HSN eventually, now that she’s a ‘big’ hit as a jewelry designer, even though she’s failed many times before with other lines of stuff including jewelry on JTV! Those two seem to like to gloat about their traveling and their vacation homes. I don’t know about others but do you want to pay high prices for their stuff just so you can fund their jetsetting around and see them kind of brag that they do it? It’s almost like selling jewelry is just a sideline to their traveling. Also, how long has Paul D. been on TV selling things? Decades now I believe but he’s unlearned that he should be talking to the camera when he’s doing his sales pitches, not constantly looking/talking to the hosts or the darn studio monitors. He only talks to the cameras for his closeups and callers for the most part. But that’s my pet peeve for many guests on all the shopping channels but he should know better if he’s selling his wares. Lastly, I would also place bets that Pauly will again leave HSN for somewhere else, though probably not QVC because I believe he and Judy sort of burned that bridge when they hooked up and left there. Still puzzled why he even went to HSN now that QVC owns it. Well LittleBirdie has chirped too long and needs to get off it’s little soapbox. 😉

  8. Queen Celeste Says:

    Fun reading the replies. I also missed the LA doings except Marc Bouwer, one of my favorites. Didn’t realize Lisa Vanderpump has a fashion collection. I hope it does better than her jewelry line there a few years ago.

    Have seen Allison Waggoner on a lot lately, so maybe she’s now on vacation. Saw Heather Hall who said she’d been away for a month.

    I still miss Wendi Russo and her quick wit and graciousness with the guests. She’s one smart cookie. Weird about Sarah leaving abruptly. Hope she’s happy at HSN, but I liked her on Evine where she could suddenly do the splits or kicks or something.

    Tonight saw a commercial on Evine for The Gem Insider with a man whose name I didn’t catch. I assume he’s taking over for Paul, and I guess that means Paul didn’t own the name? Or is maybe licensing it to Evine? I guess all will soon be revealed.

  9. Judy Says:

    Who knows what really goes on behind the scenes at home shopping. Wendy has been truthful about her departure-they let her go last March because of lack of sales. I thought that when people disappear like Charla, Wendy, Sarah, etc it’s because they were terminated, where others who leave on their own they get a little goodbye ceremony on their last show. But I watch much less than I used to because the changes there in selling and personnel just don’t interest me. As for Paul Deasy, I purchased three of his items and the quality was below par and back they went. I wouldn’t watch him and would never buy another thing from him. Judy’s jewelry doesn’t interest me either. As for him leaving HSN I don’t think he has anywhere to go. Funny sideline: someone posted a Wendy’s Back and they are so happy on Evine’s facebook page. Whoops.

    • Jerri Says:

      Been there, done that with Deasy jewelry, too. Kept 1 ring; nice but waaay over priced. He was ok as an HSN host, but got tired of the husband-wifey thing with Judy. He has certainly played the home shopping musical chairs game!
      My other Evine thoughts are in a post above.

  10. Queen Celeste Says:

    Judy, interesting about Wendy. Does that mean she wasn’t making a sales quota? Hard to imagine, as she was so good with all of the shows, and I found myself watching her presenting things I find boring. Well, Evine was damn lucky to have her! Will watch for her on HSN.

    • Judy Says:

      Queen Celeste: yes, Wendy has been very honest about her termination. She just sort of disappeared and since she was my favorite I checked facebook and she was let go last March for not making her quota . She has been on HSN twice so far representing a jewelry line.

  11. Queen Celeste Says:

    Judy, thanks for the info. I don’t go on Facebook (am probably missing a lot!) so it’s good to hear the scoop. Still hard to imagine Evine letting someone so good go.

  12. Megan Says:

    I’ve been out of the picture; taking care of an injured friend who is now doing better. She doesn’t get home shopping on her TV. And I came home to my own TV going out….so till black Friday when I buy a new one, I’m TV-less! Thanks to Ms Moss, I’m catching up.
    I am looking forward to seeing Evine’s new studio, and how they will integrate it. Not watching HSN or QVC to buy, anymore, let them have Deasy and his junk. I ordered jewelry from him twice, and it was a HUGE disappointment. I sent all of it back. It may look pretty online and on TV, but in person, it’s junk. At least what I ordered was. I’ve learned to stay away from home shopping jewelry period.
    I’m hoping the new studio will give Evine a boost. I don’t buy much on home shopping, but they’re my go-to when I do.

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