Amazon Looms, New Evine Prez, Beekman Boys to HSN ?

Because of family and work duties, we haven’t had time to blog. But here’s playing some catch-up.

E-commerce behemoth Amazon dipped its toe into home shopping show it had, “Style Code Live.” It pulled the plug on that but has not given up. reported that Amazon has filed a patent for “a live online shopping service where viewers watch products being demonstrated and can buy them with a click of their mouse or tap of the screen.”

Seems this is what will be part of a service called Amazon Live.

On another note, talk has surfaced again that those goat herders the Beekman Boys, who sell natural products created from the milk of the horned beasts, are heading to HSN after recently leaving Evine.

And speaking of Evine, we used to get all its press releases. No more. So this snuck by us earlier this month: The network has named a new president, Anne Martin-Vachon, who joins the company Aug. 1.

She will report to CEO Bob Rosenblatt. Chief Merchandising Officer Michael Henry and Chief Marketing Officer Nicole Ostoya will report to Martin-Vachon, who is coming from TSC – Today’s Shopping Choice, a division of Rogers Media.

The boilerplate on her says:

She spent the last two years there as president and is credited with the operational and sales turnaround of the company. Her expertise lies in cultivating a high-performing team, leading brand transformations that resonate with customers, the instinct to curate a product assortment that shoppers want, and keen attention to top-and-bottom-line growth – all with the customers’ experience at the center.

With passion, experience, and business savvy, Ms. Martin-Vachon is uniquely suited to lead Evine’s next chapter.

“Evine has now entered the third year of its three-year turn around,” said Rosenblatt. “Anne is the perfect fit to continue to grow our sales and merchandising organization and deliver on our strategy to grow both sales and profit this year. She has a great track record and brings a balance of creative and operational strength to the position. She also has the unique position to have strong partnerships already in place with many of the brands that are here at Evine, that also appear on TSC, and will be hitting the ground running.”

During her Canadian tenure, Ms. Martin-Vachon rebranded the company (from The Shopping Channel to TSC -Today’s Shopping Choice), grew the customer base, re-energized the merchandise portfolio, and improved the broadcast and digital content experience to deepen customer engagement. Operationally, she reorganized the company, simplified processes, focused on flawless execution to deliver a better end-to-end customer experience, transformed the digital marketing strategy, and reduced inventories by 30 percent.

“Ms. Martin-Vachon has been able to leverage her considerable experience over the last couple of years with the impressive work she has done with the TSC turnaround,” said Landel Hobbs Chairman of the Board at Evine. “Her results are a testament to her focus, growing sales and margin at TSC by double digits and delivering record results during her tenure there.”

“I love the multiplatform digital retail experience – this is my sweet spot,” said Anne Martin-Vachon, incoming President, Evine. “We are storytellers. The story of great brands told by expert storytellers, and that unique trust we create with our customer. Now, as I join the company, I am looking forward to shaping the exciting next chapter in the Evine story – it’s going to be a great one!”

Prior to her appointment as President of TSC, Ms. Martin-Vachon was Chief Merchandising, Planning and Programming officer at HSN, The Home Shopping Network.

Before joining HSN, Ms. Martin-Vachon held various executive positions in the consumer package goods and retail industry including Chief Marketing Officer at Nordstrom, Inc., a leading fashion specialty retailer, Chief Executive Officer at Lise Watier Cosmétiques, Inc., a Canadian-based beauty and skincare company, and Chief Marketing Officer at Bath & Bodyworks, LLC, which operates retail stores for personal care products.

Ms. Martin-Vachon began her career at the Procter & Gamble company where she spent more than 20 years in a variety of marketing and general management leadership positions across the company‘s portfolio of beauty, personal care and household brands.

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4 Responses to “Amazon Looms, New Evine Prez, Beekman Boys to HSN ?”

  1. Queen Celeste Says:

    Not in a hurry to make Amazon even richer, so will forgo whatever it dreams up. As for the Beekmans, a move to HSN would mean more product. I sure hope they aren’t headed toward goat factory farming! Surely they’re too kind for that.

    I hope any Evine changes will be positive ones. I hope the bigwigs there know what a gem they have in Skip Connelly. A marcasite show he hosted on Value Vision eons ago got me watching I like his easy, conversational, low-key tone. He’s been around the block a few times and knows his stuff. I find I’ll watch shows he hosts even if I have little to no interest in the products. Even the dreaded watches!

    On a sad note, Michael Volbrecht died recently. He was on HSN for awhile with a fashion line. I own a couple dresses, one, sleeveless and organey, with a sort of chiffon cape. Very fun and girly. I’d read he was a nice man. He’d been away from the network for awhile, so I doubt they’d do something to honor him. In the article Iris Apfel had some nice things to say about him, and that’s praise indeed.

  2. Kim Says:

    I know this is really naive but I am always baffled by the size of Amazon. I order things here and there from them but certainly not enough to keep the lights on. And the times I’ve been in Whole Foods you could count on one hand. I cannot imagine what people are buying in such bulk that they could not source it locally or through other online sites. There is so much competition and Amazon is not always the cheapest.

    I wish the Beekman boys would land. I enjoyed their shows although I thought they were rolling out so much product it was getting a little silly and too processed. I liked the down home/small town thing but I’m sure like all the channels, Evine kept pushing for more new stuff to keep viewers coming back. After all, how many times can you watch them make soap bubbles?

    Evine, Evine, Evine — top heavy and rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. Its press releases could rival The Iliad. Me thinks it is trying to baffle us. Now if Skinn would go elsewhere …

    Saw Suzanne Somers on QVC the other day. Man, did she and Alan look really old. Maybe it’s time to get off the home shopping ride.

  3. Judy Says:

    Evine is firing long time hosts and vendors. Remaining hosts keep telling us they are a “family”. They’ve been together for such a “long time”. Everyone calls each other “honey”. Sure. Meanwhile they shove stuff down your throat-you should never buy one. Sometimes when you try too hard it can backfire. Hardly watch anymore and only if there is jewelry involved.

  4. Queen Celeste Says:

    Just received an email from HSN welcoming the Beekman “boys” and products are on the website. I’m just wondering with the presumably larger audience and orders than at Evine, how it will be possible to provide enough goat milk without resorting to factory farming? The video shows several goats frollicking at the farm, but I can’t help wondering how many it will actually take to produce the goat milk and how they will be treated. Would love to read more about this.

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