QVC Designer Louis Dell’Olio’s Wife Dies

Why do the holidays so often come with such heartbreak?

We lost our younger brother Jimmy on Dec. 20. His wake and funeral service are this week. And yesterday we learned that fashion designer Louis Dell’Olio, a QVC vendor, lost his beloved wife Jac earlier this month to cancer.

Jac had a career as a model, and she often accompanied Dell’Olio to QVC to model his fashions. This elegant lady was well known to the home shopping network’s customers.

Dell’Olio wrote a stirring blog about Jac’s death on his blog, which offers the sad details about her death and the joy of their life together. He can best tell that story.

He said they made a decision not to announce that she had passed until after Christmas.

There were hundreds of condolences from QVC hosts and customers on various Facebook pages regarding her death.

Dell’Olio posted this message on Jac’s FB page.

“To all of Jac’s dear friends, and I know she did consider you all her friends, it is with a broken heart that I must give you this very sad news. My Love, my Jac has passed away, and is now in the arms of her loving Mommy. I can only hope and pray that the time will come that she will be in my arms again. Thank you all for being so kind and caring to the love of my life … My Jac, with love, Louis Dell’Olio.”

Many condolences.


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9 Responses to “QVC Designer Louis Dell’Olio’s Wife Dies”

  1. MaryAnn Says:

    My condolences to Mr Dell’Olio on the loss of his beautiful wife!! Such a lovely couple! And my condolences to you as well, Miss Moss, on the loss of your brother! So very sorry!🙏

  2. Carolyn Simpson Says:

    sometimes, I wish I was a poet or at least far more eloquent, to express such sadness and pain for another, I only know that this loss creats a hole in your heart that never goes away. somehow you learn to live around it but the world is never the same.

  3. Owenna McDonald Says:


  4. Jerri Says:

    Deepest condolences to Louis del’ollio. And to you, Linda, on the loss of your brother. That is so difficult. May time heal you, and may his memory give you strength.

  5. Linda Says:

    SAD but their marriage was fake.

  6. Queen Celeste Says:

    Miss Miss, I’m so very sorry for the loss of your brother. All good thoughts to you and your family. 2017 was a really rough year.

  7. homeshoppingista Says:

    Thanks so much.

  8. Marcia H. Hudson Says:

    Louis Dell O’lio is a fav. Of every one I know that watches QVC. He is a far better designer than any one
    On your station. Why oh why
    Would you consider such a thing.

  9. Yolanda Linares Says:

    I am so sorry to hear about Jacc’s passing, I love seeing both of you together on QVC she was such a classy and beautiful person. I love you clothing line on QVC I would never have a chance to purchase it if it wasn’t on the show you’re clothesline is so fashionable and affordable there is no other line like Like years on QVC thank you Louis thank you so much may God bless you . My husband passed away in November and I know the emptiness you must feel they see you visually get over it is been five years and I still am not over there things that I see and remind me of him and bring this world to my face I hope in time that emptiness for both of us will go away

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