3 Responses to “Buy QVC Clothes At Dirt-Cheap Prices At Walmart”

  1. MLS Says:

    i have purchased items from “chels closet” on ebay before. there are good resellers that purchase pallets of clothing from qvc and resell them in facebook groups and on ebay. this is just another way for them to sell. some of these sellers sell brand new returns, lightly worn returns, or defective items.

  2. Jessee Michael Says:

    “Exclusive” means it’s *manufactured* exclusively for QVC. If an item goes onto clearance and cannot be returned to the vendor, QVC will sometimes back-channel it to another seller, who would list it on a Walmart or eBay site… or they’ll sell it off through their PA outlet stores where customers will buy it and then resell online.

  3. Lovie Says:

    Walmart’s website is like Amazon. Some of the stuff is sold by Walmart and some of it is sold by vendors.

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