HSN Sells 42,000 Copies of Mangano’s Book

It looks like the debut of huggable Joy Mangano’s first book on HSN was a humdinger!

Mangano hawked hand-signed copies of her tome, “Inventing Joy,” last Saturday on the No. 2 home shopping network.

She pre-sold more than 42,000 copies leading up to its world launch this week, according to an HSN press release.

“I am so excited to share my journey with everyone!” Mangano said in a canned statement. “‘Inventing Joy’ was years in the making, and now so many people will be able to benefit from my roller coaster of a life story. It makes the unbelievable believable because it really happened! Now it’s your turn.”

The HSN offer included a hand-signed copy of the book, plus free readers with a slipcase, an inspirational book mark with $20 off coupon, a CBS All Access one-month subscription and a two-year subscription to Good Housekeeping magazine.

To coincide with the book’s launch, Mangano partnered with CBS to bring exclusive video content to the network’s subscription streaming service, CBS All Access. The video-series features Mangano and her family.

“The book is an entertaining and binge-worthy read that will unlock the best and brightest version of you,” HSN’s press release says. “And filled with lively anecdotes, catchy principles, and high-octane inspiration, it serves as a powerful and encouraging blueprint for readers who want to live with more success, confidence, and happiness.”

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2 Responses to “HSN Sells 42,000 Copies of Mangano’s Book”

  1. christabell2002 Says:

    That woman is a Legend in her own Mind, please go off the air

  2. chick20112011 Says:

    Apparently Joy did NOT sign the books with a full signature, just initials which upset quite a few that ordered the book who wanted the “collectible first-edition with signature”. I thought about buying and thankfully cancelled my order. Her “world launch” show started to grate on my nerves, the longer that the presentation went on. I was embarrassed for HSN. I don’t know how someone can be that out of touch thinking that her going through “tough times” was worse than anyone else going through the same things. When I heard that Joy being a single mom was worse than what any other single-mom experiences and we all can learn how Joy handled it and better ourselves, I cancelled my order.

    I have bought many Joy items and these are a hit and miss. Bought a “tuff tech” tote, used for 6 months now, and the seams are coming undone on the side and bottom. The “drum died” leather purse I purchased is losing its color on the bottom and leather is peeling. The luggage I purchased and should have sent back, came to me looking extremely CHEAP. The TS of totes (valued by hosts and Joy at $149 and comparably to MK) and better beauty cases (I ordered 2 TS), smelled like Petro Chemicals. Nauseating. The beauty cases (signature Joy item) would not stand up without falling over, were too big (did not close tight enough) to be able to pack. Almost all my 21″ case was taken up in space by these. The seams were already coming apart, strings hanging off, and looked cheap. The large shopper tote nylon felt like a cheap shower curtain. Never would those totes have been confused for a MK tote. No one would have paid $149 just for the shopper tote. I swore off buying anymore of Joy’s offerings.

    I had good luck with the $14.99 clearance set of a wax warmer/small vases/fragrant sticks. I would not have paid $60 for the set (original asking price). I also liked the mini steamer I purchased. The steamer didn’t remove all the wrinkles of my Slinky outfit that arrived all wrinkled but it did a good job.

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