Grace Kelly, Jackie Onassis, And Who?

OK, what is his name?

We mean the gentleman who used to sell reproductions of Jackie Kennedy Onassis’s jewelry on QVC. He was back at the home shopping network on Friday, now selling copies of actress Grace Kelly’s baubles.

We used to enjoy his shows on Jackie, where he would show us the former First Lady in photos from back in the day wearing the jewelry the QVC items were fashioned after.

He knew all the history, and he was a fascinating speaker. But Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg but the kibosh on the line.

The Jackie line had been manufactured by Camrose & Kross of Boonton, N.J.

Now QVC is taking the same approach with Kelly, who married Prince Rainier of Monaco.

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6 Responses to “Grace Kelly, Jackie Onassis, And Who?”

  1. Susan A Farrell Says:

    Philip Katz? I think. How quickly we forget! I always watched the shows. He presented the pieces with panache, always a photo of JKO wearing the real and gave the back story. I bought Jackie’s watch and the wedding bracelet replica. Still work them into my wardrobe today.

  2. Marilyn Says:

    I enjoyed The Grace Kelly jewelry presented on QVC> Phil Katz is a great story teller. He makes everything seem to come to life with his history of the subjects. QVC has done two good moves recently. I am referring to bring Kirk’s Folly back and adding the Grace Kelly collection. QVC has been getting tedious and boring for quite a while. The Grace Kelly collection and the return of Kirk’s Folly is just what the doctor and or viewers ordered. Thank you QVC for the addition of these two shows.

  3. Jerri Says:

    Phil Katz. He was on HSN years before he was on QVC. Enjoyed his stories (not sure if they were all true) because they gave the pieces a story of their own. I also miss Erwin Pearl, who was also on HSN years before he was on QVC. Both men brought old school glamour on board. I liked Erwin’s designs best and have a few of his pieces.
    Linda, I’ve been searching like crazy and cannot find an answer…maybe you can help me… you know if Erwin Pearl is still alive? Thanks.

    • Kim Says:

      This is from the company website. It speaks of him in present tense but who knows. There was a pix also — he looks aged but well.

      Erwin Pearl is an iconic American designer that has been making affordable fashion jewelry since 1952.

      He began his career as a diamond cutter and early on became one of this country’s foremost fine jewelry designers. He is recognized as one of the most respected authorities in the field. Honored with many prestigious international design awards, his most coveted is the Diamond International Award which he won for five consecutive years. He is a past winner of The Dallas Fashion Award and The Mikimoto Pearl Award. His unbridled passion, artistry and extraordinary technical skill can be seen in examples of his early work in 18k gold,diamonds and fine gemstones. This is the aesthetic that Erwin Pearl brings to the fashion scene. Applying this mastery of design, he has redefined fashion jewelry.


      • Jerri Says:

        Thank you, Kim. I hope he’s still with us. He has to be in his late 80s by now, if not older. The article you shared looks like he’s doing ok.
        I didn’t like everything he had, but there were a few pieces that were just too good to pass up. Also, I’m a white metal girl and he did a good assortment in silver tone.
        Thanks again….and great researching, by the way!

  4. Diane Banks Says:

    Phil Katz shows with Jackie jewelry were great. A bit of a history lesson with your jewels 😉 I missed the Grace Kelly hour but it looks like they sold out of just about everything. Hope they do another hour soon.

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