Catherine Zeta-Jones Debuts ‘Casa’ Line On QVC

We’ve just what you’ve been waiting for: a celebrity doing a product line for a home shopping network.

Now it’s Catherine Zeta-Jones, who InStyle magazine had the scoop on. It reported that the sultry actress is launching a home collection, Casa Zeta-Jones, on QVC on Sept. 28. You know what they say, mi casa es su casa.

The article notes that Zeta-Jones had some bona fides, in that she is the daughter of a seamstress.

“I can’t wait for everyone to see Casa Zeta-Jones,” she said in a statement to InStyle. “I am thrilled to bring my home and bedding line to QVC. This is a project I have been passionate about and working on for years now, and I am delighted to share it with QVC customers.

The line will include towels, bedding, rugs, and table linens, “all of which will take inspiration from the actress’s Welsh heritage,” according to InStyle.


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3 Responses to “Catherine Zeta-Jones Debuts ‘Casa’ Line On QVC”

  1. Carole Says:

    Although I am a fan of CZJ, and her things could possibly be great, I’m tired of celebrity one offs on home shopping.
    Since QVC and HSN share owners, I guess QVC decided to get on the much overdone HSN celebrity band wagon. One MORE reason to stop shopping on TV. Most celebrity lines are extra expensive, and many offer poor workmanship. What happened to the unique finds home shopping used to offer? Especially HSN; they were always bringing new, unique GOOD things.

  2. Mammaberti Says:

    Amen! T.V. shopping done…..hello Amazon, Zappos, etc!

  3. Lorri Says:

    I agree with Carole and Mammaberti. The days of good values and good customer service are long gone from home shopping. I have also been an HSN shopper in the past, and back before 2001 or 2002, they had great deals. After that things started changing.
    Right now I think Evine has some of the best deals. Some of their stuff is junk, the too-long Invicta watch shows suck, and their hosts can be pretty annoying. But on some things, they have good deals.
    That said, I’m with Mammaberti and I’m shopping online at Amazon, etc. Even brick and mortar has better deals than TV shopping channels. And the QVC – HSN merge is the beginning of the end, I believe.

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