QVC Mourns The Passing Of Kenneth Jay Lane

Our thanks to the readers who pointed out that jewelry designer Kenneth Jay Lane, whose baubles were sold on QVC, passed away this week.

The obit that The New York Times wrote had the headline “Kenneth Jay Lane, Jewelry Designer Who Made a Fortune Faking It, Dies at 85.”

We have to take issue with saying that Lane did “fake” jewelry, even though according to The Times that’s how he referred to his creations. After all, they were jewelry, just what was once called costume jewelry, but is now referred to as fashion jewelry. But we digress.

QVC mourned Lane’s passing on its Facebook page.

“We are saddened to learn of the passing of QVC’s own Kenneth Jay Lane<' the home shopping channel posted. "He will be greatly missed by all who knew him, but his legacy will live on through his designs. We are thankful to have spent more than 20 years with Kenneth as a part of our QVC family, and our thoughts & prayers are with his loved ones during this difficult time."

Anyway, he was a talent who will be missed.


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6 Responses to “QVC Mourns The Passing Of Kenneth Jay Lane”

  1. Bertie Says:

    Sad to hear that. He had class and talent. Rest in peace, Kenneth.

  2. Queen Celeste Says:

    His appearances on QVC were always entertaining. I remember one of the hosts saying something like “And you can wear this to a cookie exchange party!” and watching his bemused expression. He was a real designer, not a celebrity slapping their name on something designed by a real designer. I own several of his pieces from QVC and department stores and always admire the craftsmanship. He was sophisticated, droll, and always had remarkable stories to tell about his movie star and cafe society clients. He is of a time and milieu in America we’ll never see again, and it was pleasure knowing him, if just on TV.

  3. Kim Says:

    Queen, I never did see that side of him but I’m glad you did. I found him uncomfortable to watch. I thought he was condescending and acted like he really didn’t want to be on QVC and that was the only venue where I ever saw him. He was particularly nasty to Mary Beth over a comment she made about how to get a pearl necklace to relax. I have a few of his pieces but they are no better or worse than any other costume piece I have. The guy who came on in his stead in later years was much more pleasant.

  4. Queen Celeste Says:

    Kim, maybe it’s a little like Scassi on HSN some years ago. He could be snotty and condescending with the hosts, but somehow I got such a kick out of watching that I didn’t mind. Barry Ort ? was more personable, I agree, and sadly passed away too soon. Hutton Wilkinson is another of KJL’s ilk, though younger, but also a true designer unlike the young celebrities. I miss him on HSN.

    • Kim Says:

      I agree — it’s a pleasure to see the real designers, not just someone who’s famous for being famous. You brought to mind Nolan Miller. Another loss.

  5. Cheryl Says:

    I loved Kenneth, and I’m sad to hear that he passed. Regarding the NYT headline, that was the name of Kenneth’s book, “Faking It.”
    Kenneth was friends with the rich and famous, including the Duchess of Windsor, Jackie Kennedy, Barbara Bush, from Hollywood to New York to Europe, so maybe television shopping was a bit of a step down. Nevertheless, he had some really great stories, and I tuned in to as many of his appearances as I could. In fact, Kenneth was one of the reasons I started watching QVC, because I was familiar with his name. RIP, Kenneth.

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