QVC’s Shawn Killinger Adopts Baby

Belated congrats to QVC host Shawn Killinger. She and her husband Joe have adopted an adorable newborn baby.

Killinger announced the news on Facebook on Father’s Day, along with some sweet photos. The blonde apologized for missing her 10th anniversary on QVC, and then explained why she was “mysteriously MIA,” as she put it.

“Meet Jagger Jude, born Friday June 9 in California!” Killinger wrote.

“Joe and I are out here adopting a baby girl! She is perfect and a long dream come true. God is so good, His ways so perfect. I won’t be seeing you on Q for most of the summer, but in between feedings and poopy diapers I’ll pop up on social media to share the fun. I’m thrilled, anxious, full of questions, and in awe of women who have done this so gracefully bc I haven’t showered in 3 days…and I’m loving every minute of it! Plus my clothes smell like Dreft baby detergent bc I’m combining loads.”

Her post generated about 14,000 comments from well-wishers.

The news is especially joyous because Killinger, like other women we knew, endured a miscarriage that broke her heart.

So we wish this new mom luck!


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10 Responses to “QVC’s Shawn Killinger Adopts Baby”

  1. Lisa P Says:

    Congratulations to Shawn and Joe and baby Jagger Jude! May God bless you always.

  2. Lovie Says:

    Good for her for being open to adoption. At least she’s not spending a fortune doing IVF over and over and over and over. She’s just as much a mother as anyone who gave birth in a hospital. That’s great news.

    That being said, I wish we could be see more examples of people who are willing to give older kids a chance. I get why couples prefer newborns. But it’s sad how older children get passed over until they turn 18. Then what?

    Note: I am too poor and too single to adopt a goldfish, much less a child.

  3. Mammaberti Says:

    Blessings to the bio mom for making such a difficult but rewarding decision. She will never regret giving life!

  4. Ann Silver Says:

    Jagger Jude???

  5. Sandra Roepke Says:

    Congrats on your baby girl. So happy for both you and your husband.

  6. Linda Says:

    Yes named after a brand of alcohol. I always thought she had a drinking problem.

  7. Patricia David Says:

    Well congratulations, I am really happy for you!

  8. Patricia David Says:

    I am really happy for you!

  9. sylvia cassese Says:

    God bless you and your new baby girl…God certainly heard your soul speak Shawn…xxx

  10. Sandra david Says:

    Congratulations Shawn on your beautiful baby girl she is your heaven sent bundle of joy so happy for u and joe but really miss u on the qvc but enjoy every minute of that baby girl

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