Paula Deen’s Sons Follow Her To Evine

We guess we should have seen this coming. Paula Deen’s brood is joining her on Evine, the network said this week.

Dean Brothers – cookware, kitchen accessories, and a curated collection of wines from Jamie and Bobby Deen, will debut on home home shopping network next Tuesday.

Like possums hanging on their mom’s back, the boys are following in Deen’s footsteps, as Paula offers food, kitchen, fashion and home products on Evine.

“I’m so pleased to offer our customers and fans of the Deen family a complete ‘Deen dining experience,’” Evine CEO Bob Rosenblatt said in a canned statement.

“With the debut of Deen Brothers, customers now have access to everything they need to make meaningful events out of mealtime, including food, cookware and wine. Beyond the products, we’re excited that Paula has made her family a part of our own. We take pride in our ability to foster and grow new brands, and the fact that Paula has brought her boys to Evine is a testament to that.”

And both the Southern sons chimed in.

“As Paula Deen’s son, I had the incredible fortune to learn a lot from mama growing up in her kitchens,” said Bobby, who in described as “an accomplished culinary personality.”

“She always taught us to welcome guests like they were a part of our own family,” Jamie said. “That’s really what this collection is all about… warmth and hospitality. I can’t tell you how excited we are to bring our collection to Evine. We’ve worked together with the team over these past couple of years and look forward to growing our business – as a family – with Evine.”

The brothers will offer items from their new cooking collection, as well as a variety of wines from Savannah Cellars, which they developed with vintner and restaurateur Doug Margerum.

“Each wine was hand-selected as the perfect accompaniment to toast to food, family and fun,” according to the press release.

“For the debut, the collection will offer an assortment of varietals, including Chardonnay and a red blend developed by Jamie during a recent trip to Santa Barbara. In addition to wines, customers will have access to Deen family recipes online, each a perfect pairing to a different Savannah Cellars wine.”

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5 Responses to “Paula Deen’s Sons Follow Her To Evine”

  1. Lovie Says:

    “Like possums hanging on their mom’s back…” Indeed, Linda. You nailed it.

  2. Kim Says:

    So I ordered a Paula Deen Home down blanket from Evine. I get the package yesterday from Evine. I open the package from Evine. There is a packing slip in there from Evine. The blanket package says…
    Northern Nights QVC

    • homeshoppingista Says:


      • Kim Says:

        I’m sure there is an Acme Blanket company somewhere that makes things for private label. But somehow a QVC shipment went to Evine and no one noticed or didn’t care. Ironically I looked for the blanket on QVC and it’s not there so was this old stock? Weird as hell. But the label inside the blanket package says Northern Nights and QVC. And when I called Evine to query why I got a QVC item when I ordered a Paula Deen item, they were curt and told me I could send it back if I wanted. Do you realize how many hands this went through before it got to me? That no one stepped in front of it and said we here at Evine can’t send out something from our competitor. How many more were sent out? So far Evine has not published my review. 🙂 Paula Deen ought to be spitting nails.

  3. Sven Crappie Says:

    The whole Deen family on live tv?

    Well I’ll tell ya what I think, methinks they’re all full of donkey crap just as much as these fly by night lucky to be on air anywhere hosts this shit show of a network has!

    Make me puke y’all.

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