Is Suzanne Somers Bound For QVC?

UPDATE: A reader told us she saw a QVC promo saying that Somers is coming to the network in July.

Is this a sign of things to come?

One of our readers noted that several of Suzanne Somers’ products are now on QVC’s website, listed as “new.” The items include protein shakes.

So is the blonde actress-entrepreneur-author coming to the No. 1 home shopping network?

Somers for years was on HSN hawking jewelry, clothes and diet food. Then she landed at Evine for several years, until announcing recently that she was leaving there.

We’re told that many, many years ago Somers was on QVC selling her Thighmaster.

So maybe she’s about to return.


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7 Responses to “Is Suzanne Somers Bound For QVC?”

  1. Mammaberti Says:

    If Somers wanted to be honest she would give her docs names. Lifts, injections etc!

  2. Greg Donald Says:

    She would do great if her and Adrienne got together to form the “Spastic Plastic Mighty Duo”.

    • Mammaberti Says:

      Yes Dr Denese is another one who hawks her stuff like that’s what makes her skin smooth not the Botox etc she uses. She has injected Lisa Robertson to the point that her forehead is twice the size it used to be. Wise up ladies quit wasting your moola!

  3. Kim Says:


  4. Vicki Casson Says:

    “Got to hand it to her,” Suzanne S. looks great for being 70 ! Yes, she’s had stuff done to her face, but yet ‘n still, she’s unbelievable for being 7 decades old ! I’m just not thrilled with the fact that she’s so money hungry. The price for a SMALL bottle of her supplements is very high, and if you order from HER website, you have to spend $100 dollars to get free shipping — whereas other vitamin sites ship to you for free for a MUCH less “purchase-amount.”

  5. Claudette Says:

    I agree, she looks fabulous. What I most admire about her is that she pioneered bio-identical hormones and educated women on menopause. I for one am thankful I no longer sweat like Sea Biscuit after the triple crown, and I feel great at 60.
    Whatever facial work she has done looks good. More power to her.

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