JTV Alums Moseley, Lau To Be QVC Gem Experts

Gem expert Peyton Kelley is gone from QVC, but two Jewelry Television alum are coming to the No. 1 home shopping network: Jeff Moseley and Michele Lau.

Both Moseley and Lau posted almost exactly the same messages separately on their Facebook pages.

“I’m thrilled to announce I have officially accepted the offer from QVC to be one of their two Gemstone Jewelry On Air Guests!” Moseley wrote.

And Lau posted, “It is a done deal! I have officially accepted the offer from #QVC to be one of their two Gemstone Jewelry On Air Guests!”

We enjoyed them both on JTV, and this is no reflection on them, but we are a little perturbed if Kelley was let go to make way for them.

As we recently reported, not only Kelley, who was at QVC for years, but most recently host Jacque Gonzales are gone. As one former QVC host suggested, companies like QVC often let veteran employees, who are at the top of the pay scale, go as a belt-tightening measure. Hell, we were laid off at two newspapers for the same reason. It sucks.

Now that that’s off our chest, we note that this news about Moseley means that yet another husband-wife team is on home shopping. Moseley’s wife Erin is already on on-air rep for QVC’s Diamonique line.

Evine has jewelry vendors Judy Crowell and hubby Paul Deasy. And the network also has Pam McCoy, who used to appear on the channel back in the day with her husband Wes.

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15 Responses to “JTV Alums Moseley, Lau To Be QVC Gem Experts”

  1. Lovie Says:

    Wow. I had a feeling that Peyton did not leave QVC because he found another gig. On his good-bye facebook message, he wrote that he did not know what he was going to do next. I would image that the highest paid personality on QVC is Jane Tracey. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think she was there from the beginning. We’ll see if her contract gets renewed. If it doesn’t, I’m sure that she’ll make an announcement that she’s “retiring”.

    So Jeff is no longer at Royal Caribbean? I’m happy for Jeff and Michelle and I hope it works out for them. I hope that Libby Floyd can find a good home somewhere, too. Right now, she’s at the “Lux Jewelry Network”. This is her 5th gig since leaving JTV (that I know of). She is the only host airing two 3-hour shows per week. It’s a low-budget operation, but they do sell some nice pieces and it’s near her condo and husband. She’s a pretty lady with beautiful hands. I wish she would consider updating her hair style and color. It’s not current and it makes her look older than she is. I think that one little change would make a huge difference in her career.

    No matter what line of work you’re in, ageism abounds BIG LEAGUE. But it’s especially bad in television.

    • MaryAnn Says:

      I personally found Jeff Moseley very boring on JTV. Never liked his presentations! I do however, love Michelle Lau, and look forward to seeing her on QVC. To me, she was the most knowledgeable of all the others. Always learned something interesting when she was a host. I also like Erin Moseley as the Diamondique presenter. They should let her do the shows alone, instead of with one of those yappy hosts. She’s better than they are! And prettier!!

      • Lovie Says:

        I agree about Erin. She’s great with Diamonique and I think she could handle it alone. I’m not trying to bash Antonella Nester, but she never allows Erin to speak much. The other hosts seem okay with it. And yes, Erin is cute. But then again, she’s about 20 years younger than most of the QVC hosts.

  2. Diane Banks Says:

    Sad that they let Peyton Kelley go – he really added a lot to the gem shows. In the tv biz, with revenues down, there’s always lots of changes in talent.

  3. Kim Says:

    I too like Erin. In fact, I have a little renewed interest in Diamonique because of her presentations. And she could go it alone — Antonella and Rick are just unwatchable. I did like Peyton Kelley although I never quite believed what he said because it was all delivered in the QVC wrapper.

    • Lovie Says:

      Kim, I think Rick is fine for other stuff, but not Diamonique. I doubt that he’s crazy about it either. I like it when Erin works with Pat, Nancy and Stacey… (especially Pat). Otherwise I’m not overly interested in tuning in.

  4. Lovie Says:

    Since we are discussing JTV people, does everyone know that Misty Mills is engaged again? She posted it on her facebook page back on May 21st. There’s a picture of the ring and her fiancé. I guess she couldn’t get outdone by Nikki. LOL! I’m being snarky, but I’m happy that she was able to find love again. That guy from a few years ago seemed too young for her. This time, the guy looks to be about her age and he’s cute, too. Good for her.

    • MaryAnn S Says:

      I agree Lovie!! I think that whole “girlfriends” thing is weird! But Misty I can abide! She has sense enough to tone the other one down! That girlfriend Friday show is horrific!! 😝

      • Lovie Says:

        I’ll be honest, MaryAnn. I very seldom watch Misty or Nikki. And the GFF stuff is not my cup of tea either. But I know that I’m in the minority, because other women seem to love it. The only hosts that I can tolerate are Heidi and Jennifer. Not that my opinion matters all that much, because I’m not a JTV powershopper buy any stretch of the imagination.

  5. SUSAN Says:

    I’m sorry but QVC did NOT need a Diamonque representative, if QVC was trying to cut costs getting rid of Peyton Kelly (who I enjoyed) and Jacque Gonzalez (who I didnt) then why not an unnecessary vendor for fake diamonds! ……

    • Lovie Says:

      They would not have hired Erin, if Diamonique was doing well. There might have been a decline in sales. Therefore, a “fresh face” was brought in. Same thing with Peyton. I loved him too, but it’s always about money. If Peyton was still making it rain with Affinity, he would still be there. I hope Peyton and Jacque find great homes elsewhere. Given the fact that neither of them are in their 20’s, prayers are definitely needed. Like I said, the struggle with ageism is very real.

      • Greta Says:

        Very real, Lovie, and very unfair. We have more to offer as we get older, but nobody wants us. Just a.shame.

  6. Jerri Says:

    Glad to see Michele Lau has found a good gig. I think JTV was very unfair in letting her go. She’s a bit chatty but very knowledgeable and a nice person. She didn’t deserve that.
    I hope QVC does right by her.

    • MaryAnn S Says:

      I agree Jerri! Some of those JTV hosts are truly grating on the nerves! Particularly Nikki R, with that “I been selling jewelry here since I was twelve” or whatever! Grateful to see some fresh faces there like Jana & Michelle! I’m a big shopper of JTV but find myself changing channels more often lately!

  7. Gena Stone Says:

    Really??? M a y b e Peyton Kelley r e t i r e d. I think I’m his age-ish and think that if I had the opportunity to retire (I do not) well, heck, I would! If there were a couple of peeps ready and able to try to fill my shoes and I could afford to go, I’d go!!!!! If we don’t KNOW why, precisely, he’s gone, let’s assume the best!

    Let’s celebrate his brilliant career, his accomplishments and wish him all the best! Let’s stop all the negative thinking, the finger pointing and stop speculating about a p o s s i b l e, nefarious departure.

    Kudos to Peyton! The on-air Q folks are talking mad Congrats (about his work in prep for today’s Gem Day) to him on Gem Day.

    Peyton, job well done! Enjoy!!!!!

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