Jacque Gonzales Bids Farewell To QVC

Time to say bye-bye to QVC host Jacque Gonzales.

We remember when she arrived at QVC, a perky young lady. Over the years QVC glammed her up quite a bit, and we imagine her hiring was to appeal to the Hispanic demographic, at least in part.

We haven’t seen much of her on the home shopping network recenty, and on Monday she posted on Facebook that she is leaving.

“I wanted to take a moment to let you all know that today I am leaving QVC,” she wrote. “It has been such a privilege to get to know so many of you and be part of your lives for the past 15 years.”

She added, “I would absolutely love to stay in touch with all of you – you can find me on my NEW Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/justjacquegonzales.”

And Gonzales ended with, “Blessings to all of you.”

Wish we knew exactly what happened, but we don’t. We’ve been too busy working long hours at our start-up paper to be snooping around.


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32 Responses to “Jacque Gonzales Bids Farewell To QVC”

  1. ann Says:

    I’ll take a guess, she was canned by Mike George like the rest of the poor souls who were making too much money. Maybe Mike can find robots to be show hosts… Seems Mikey got a nice raise and he already makes multi millions… such a great leader

  2. Marilyn Says:

    Sorry to see Jacque leave QVC. It seems many of the veteran hosts are being left out in the shuffle amid the changes.

  3. sally Says:

    Wonder what really hsppened.

  4. Kristin Gennerich Says:

    I thought I had read she had purchased a new home and she was moving. I also know 5 new hosts have been hired and will be making their debut this summer.

  5. MaryAnn S Says:

    And yet they continue to employ the horrific Shawn Killinger & the entitled, boring Kerstin Lindquist! Qvc has become totally unwatchable!! What are they thinking?

    • Michelle Says:

      Love Shawn, especially with Isaac. I don’t care for his clothes necessarily, but I love their rapport.

  6. Sue Pisacreta Says:

    I agree, Shawn Killinger is the worst!

  7. SUSAN Says:

    @MaryAnn and @Sue….I totally agree with you both. Curious that the host that polarizes the QVC audience and a host that provides the most negative feedback from customers on the Forums and on the host own Facebook Page, Shawn Killinger seems to be the bet host of the QVC Executives. She speaks candidly how she doesn’t like pants, not excited about handbags, and a producer had to get her to have some interest in shoes (she shared the story on her Blog) she wears non-QVC bizarre clothing & shoes; YET QVC makes her the QVC Diva and their head Fashion “Queen”. And you can put Kerstin Lindquist in the same category—she acts like she hates her job and talks so fast it’s like she wants the show to be over quickly so she can go home, I’m tired of hearing how she misses California and I wish she’d return there!!! But I guess
    “Mr. Mikey” thinks Kerstin will appeal to the “busy mom” demographic….but for me she is down right ANNOYING! Both these hosts are UNWATCHABLE…yet look who they get rid of!!!

  8. Mammaberti Says:

    I think Jackie must have been too normal for them. Has to be something in the water over there that makes all those women act so nutty! Susan Graver and that Logo Goldstein both just too goofy to watch and now that Josie Maran who is on way too much and she’s a nut and the same for Lisa Rinna and her tacky stuff. I’m really beginning to wonder about the sanity and class of women who can still watch them and who wear that stuff.

    • Sue Pisacreta Says:

      I believe the best ones are the older ladies, not that they old. I love Mary Beth, Carolyn, Jill and Sandra are all good!

  9. Mary Says:

    I’m not much of a QVC watcher, but I do like Jacque. This doesn’t make any sense; and I’m hoping it’s her choice but it doesn’t sound like it.
    Home shopping has really taken a bad turn and I am not turning with it. I was an HSN shopper “back in the day”, and I can’t stand it now. They seem to keep the annoying hosts and get rid of the good ones. They are (especially HSN) Hollywood crazed and celebrity oriented. Poor quality, high prices and crappy hosts make me turn away.
    Good luck, Jacque. You deserve better.

    • Leigh Says:

      QVC is not much of a value anymore so with that said I have been watching EVINEand their prices are great but they do not have the all the inventory like QVC but I’m a clothes / shoes aholic so I have made several buys fr them and really like them

  10. JONNYSBRO Says:

    I think Jacque was let go due to budget cuts at QVC. I think Antonella Nester is probably next. They rather hire newer hosts they are cheaper.

  11. Abigail Says:

    Too bad I enjoyed and bought lots of stuff she was selling, I wish her all the best.

    They need to get rid of that one who does fashion on Monday, they one with Logo, her and Lori need to both wear flats, watching them hobble around in heels and feet pointed inwards is just funny and sad.

  12. Carolyn Simpson Says:

    omg, where do I start. I seldom watch anymore, I just go online and check out everything.shawn killinger is horrible. I cant stand listening to her or looking at her. logo lady reminds me of a homeless person who wears all her clothes at one time.jane tracey is too old to be so fucking perky.most of the older hosts have gotten really big as in fat.. I am not a goddess by any stretch of the imagination but then again I am not on television. come on girls stop eating and hit the gym. anyway, I could go on and on and on.last one to bust on is susan graver. she needs tranquilizers or a shot of tequila now and then. that’s all, now I feel better

  13. Lisa M. Says:

    I will miss Jacque a great deal; I still miss Albany, too. I always liked Shawn, but not sure what’s going on with her. She’s been making some very strange choices lately in terms of wardrobe, makeup, etc., and does seem to be phoning it in. I really like Kerstin Lindquist — I don’t see her as entitled at all. I loved her story about adopting her kids, and she strikes me as grateful for the opportunities she has.

    And to Carolyn Simpson, I don’t think any of the “older” hosts are “fat” — time does have a way of making it harder to stay svelte, and you have no way of knowing what’s going on with them. In summary, you sound like a bitch. There, now I feel better, too.

  14. James Says:

    Guys, it’s pretty clear to me why Jacque was fired. She has exhibited unprofessional behavior on the air for years now, and it finally reached a breaking point. In late 2015, she started getting out of control on the air. She was doing sexy poses and drinking wine on the air when she wasn’t allowed to do that (she specifically said she wasn’t but did it anyway), she acted like a lustful lesbian whenever she was on with Josie Maran, and constantly made sexual remarks and even made references to pornographic shows when she was on the air. Did any of you notice that she was gone from QVC for four months from January to May of 2016? That was right after her lewd behavior, and she never explained why she was gone. Just made some vague references to a “health issue”. After she returned last May, she was a lot more subdued and quiet on the air. Many of her facebook friends even said she didn’t seem like herself, and that her excitement was gone. She was obviously suspended for those four months and told to tone down her behavior on the air. ANother interesting thing is that when she returned last May, she wasn’t on the air with Josie Maran at all until September, and only did a couple shows with her in September and October and that was it. Her behavior on those shows was a LOT different than it used to be. She acted a lot more professional. But her hours had also been drastically cut back. She was usually only on two times a week, and only for an hour or two. And now, all of a sudden, she’s been fired, with no indication that she was leaving whatsoever. It’s pretty obvious to me that she was on thin ice for a long time because of her behavior on the air, and she only got away with it because she’s married to one of the producers, but now they’ve finally had it with her and they canned her. It’s what she deserved for acting that way on the air constantly.

    • majaca3 Says:

      @James – wow, I had no idea about all that. And are you saying that Jaque’s husband works for QVC as a producer?

  15. Michelle Says:

    Hosts have come and gone for years. This isn’t the end of the world. Why people have to make it a bigger story than it should be is beyond me.
    She was not my favorite although I didn’t dislike her, but whatever. I would be okay with a few others that shall remain nameless leaving, but I just don’t watch them if they’re on the air. Simple as that.
    I think you will all survive, and it really isn’t any of our business why someone leaves.

  16. Margaret A Moran Says:

    So sorry you are leaving. You are so sweet.

  17. Elaine Lage Says:

    Sorry to hear. I think she was a great host.

    • DJ Says:

      If you read thru her Facebook page, you should get, in part, as to why she has left. To all, you may not want to be so harsh after reading what she has posted. Blessings to her on this new chapter in her life.

  18. Josephine Says:

    I love all the hosts on the Q……it can’t be easy trying to please everyone…..including 100 million households!

  19. Emm Says:

    If they’re let go it has to do with sales while they’re hosting. If they leave on their own, maybe it’s just time for them to move on. I think a lot of you are acting like QVC is the end all and you’d be crazzzzzy to leave a job as a host. That job has lots of perks but I can imagine it would bore the hell out of a lot of people. They listen to the same talk over and over about a product they’ve sold a million times. We get to turn the station, they don’t. How can you remain excited about your 100th presentation on those sandals, the marker, and the model’s calf?

  20. sara Says:

    Her face book page is gone, I just tried, even the one Linda posted.. So what was the reason she left, seems like one poster here seems to know..

  21. S.H.Reese Says:

    I do agree with the other ladies.Shaun and Kirseten need to go.QVC to me has a classier show than the other net works. I love Leah,Carolyn and Antonella They are real.The other two vendors who sell on ACC act like they are on happy pills.Hope they don’t ruin a goid shopping network Also Courtney Cassin acts like she knows more than anybody. Too Yuppy.

  22. Liz Says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this blog/website!!!! I liked to watch Jacque G. too, but did cringe at some of her antics, especially with Bob Mackie. I do not care for Shawn Killinger or to look at her skunk highlights. She needs to look in the mirror!!! I do, however enjoy watching her and Isaac banter back and forth. I really miss classy Lisa Robertson and Shawn could never replace her talent wise, personality wise or in the good looks department. Kirsten Linquist is not my favorite either, as she’s always talking about her tennis bracelet and the meaning behind it. Antonella is such a hoot! She’s sooooo real, just like Mary Beth and Carolyn. The Q is very entertaining and does have great merchandise but prices are climbing, that’s for sure.

  23. Janice Balta Says:

    QVC two you could let go are Shawn and Kirsten. Can’t stand either one. Shawn is so into herself and I think Kirsten is also into herself and boring . Love Antonella, Carolyn, Marybeth is OK. The one theat is on Monday with logo could go also.

    • Michelle Says:

      Love Amy Strand and Shawn. They’re pretty awesome as hosts and entertaining as heck to watch. Especially Shawn. She’s so funny with Isaac. Love those two together.

  24. Jennifer Says:

    Hi Jackie, please take care of your little girl Theresa

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