Is Big HSN Sale On Victoria Wieck Jewelry A Bad Sign?

Is Beverly Hills jewelry designer Victoria Wieck headed for the door at HSN?

A reader pointed out that all of her jewelry, real gemstones and absolute, are on clearance on

She is a lovely lady, but we feel her designs have grown rather stale. Maybe the home shopping network thinks the same thing. Or maybe not.

Wieck certainly has loyal fans who will be disappointed if she exits.

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19 Responses to “Is Big HSN Sale On Victoria Wieck Jewelry A Bad Sign?”

  1. Linda Says:

    She drives me nuts, this woman has been on air for years and still doesn’t know how to look at the camera when talking.

  2. Kitty Says:

    I have some of her earlier pieces and they are worn frequently. They still look new. I haven’t bought anything from her in about 6 years. I’m hoping they don’t get rid of her. She could freshen up her designs a little, to update herself.
    Off subject but nowhere else to post….what’s up with Colleen’s Facebook? You can’t see the comments anymore; just emojis. I closed my Facebook account because my email was hacked on there twice. I look at her page, especially before “the list”, because the comments and questions usually address any questions I might have. Everyone else’s (hosts) comments are visible without signing in; what happened to Colleen’s? This is day 3 or 4 of this, so I’m thinking it’s not a Facebook glitch. I liked her, but if she is making herself that exclusive, she doesn’t need my business anymore, nor does HSN. I buy from the list and her collections regularly. I will not buy if she is so exclusive that one can only read the comments by signing in.
    Miss Moss, and fellow bloggers, if you know what’s up with Colleen’s Facebook, please post here. And thank you.

    • Julie Says:

      Kitty, I also love my VW pieces. She has been on HSN a long time. My stuff is from the old days; 2000-2004. I hope she isn’t going. I still pick up a piece here and there.
      I still have my Facebook account. I logged into Colleen’s page after I read your post. She has really become elitist as I only see emoji things, too. There are no written comments! So you’re not missing anything by not having a Facebook account. I don’t like her anymore so I could care less. But that sucks for her fans.
      A side note, I am closing my account later today. I have had my email hacked several times because of Facebook. I’m tired of it.

    • Beth Says:

      Kitty, hi,
      I was trying to remember where I saw this comment of yours awhile back, and finally remembered it was on here.
      Well, now you HAVE to sign in to see Colleen’s and the other hosts’ comments. I’ve only looked up a few, but no sign in = no comments!
      Just like you, Kitty, and others, I closed my Facebook account because of serious hacking. I was visiting a coworker recently and she has an account. If she didn’t sign in, the comments didn’t show up; if she did, they were there. I liked to look at them, too, because they helped guide what few purchase decisions I made.
      Well, I’m not going to open another Facebook account and set myself up to be hacked again. Ditto other social media. So, I won’t be purchasing from HSN anymore. They’ve changed for the worst anyway and it can only go downhill since QVC bought them out. I like many of the QVC hosts, but have never liked their merchandise. And now the hosts’ comments on all 3 big channels are not viewable unless you log in. What a scam….does Facebook own a piece of these channels?!? Bye bye, HSN.
      Miss Moss, if you know what’s up, please post here, and thanks for a great column.

  3. Gina Says:

    I looked this up on homeshoppingista’s blog as soon as I looked at Victoria’s selection on HSN. There’s a lot, but it seems odd to have it all on clearance. I was shopping for a ring , bought 2. I like her jewelry, but I agree, Linda Moss, that her designs need updating.
    Kitty: I was signed in to Facebook earlier and saw the same thing on Colleen’s page that you did. And, changed since yesterday was Suzanne Somers’ page…… it’s the same way Colleen’s is! Ok, fellow readers and bloggers, if you know what’s going on, please fill us in! I can understand Suzanne doing that, in a way; she has so many comments. But Colleen? Maybe she’s copying Suzanne 😛like she’s some sort of celebrity. I don’t care for her anymore; she has become way too full of herself.

  4. Franny Says:

    I saw some other vendors with big clearance, too, or sales. Signature club A is all marked down. I don’t think Adrienne is going anywhere. And hopefully not Victoria, either. Maybe summer clearance?
    I, too noticed several host pages with the overblown emojis; I don’t get it either. And, I was signed into Facebook. It makes for a boring page that no one will follow, so I don’t get it. Anyone know what’s going on?

  5. Greta Says:

    Yes, what is going on with these Facebook accounts. Just big emojis and cute cartoons. Silly and boring. Someone know?
    It’s 50/50 that Wieck is on her way out. There are many things on sale and clearance at HSN. Remember, they just changed CEOs. So who knows who will stay and who will go.

  6. Liza Says:

    I loved when she did czs in rhodium over sterling. Older stuff, I wear some of her pieces when I travel and leave my “real” things in the safe. I have some of her critter stuff; pandas, big cats….I am a white metal person so I was glad when she started doing more silver. Yes, she needs a little refreshment in her designs, but her stuff has always been well done.
    As other posters have mentioned, many lines from various vendors are being cleared out, so who knows.
    I, too, have noticed the lack of comments and insertion of silly cartoons and emojis on Facebook. Guess I won’t be buying from these people. I no longer get QVC or HSN; to add it to my cable lineup would cost too much $$$$$$ per month. And Evine isn’t worth watching. So, I did depend, like some of you, on the Q and As in the comments to help me shop occasionally. Well, I guess occasionally just became never. Why have host Facebook pages when they don’t even help you? Guess I’ll go back over to Lisa Robertson’s page. Great quality jewelry. A tiny bit pricey, but so much more well made than QVC or HSN. I have a few of her pieces and love them. And, she posts questions and comments. Bye, HSN…’re not on MY list anymore!

    • Bernadette Says:

      Lisa does have some lovely pieces but her prices are exorbitant. Also (although I am one of those skinny gals), I don’t like that most of her necklaces and some bracelets only fit skinny necks and wrists. Also, she doesn’t offer her clothing in plus sizes. I smell discrimination. As I said, I am a bean pole. But she should offer all sizes so everyone who wants it can have it.
      So far, the clothes seem to be made of that thin cotton gauze, that you can buy at Cost Plus, Walgreens, and other places for a fifth of the cost.
      Nice jewelry, but I don’t like price gouging and discrimination. Just saying. All have a good week.

  7. Janice Says:

    Victoria’s things are still on clearance; hard to say if she’s staying or going. I’ve been doing what little home shopping I do on JTV. Their things are more reasonably priced than HSN, QVC, or Evine.
    As for Lisa Robertson’s jewelry, it’s ok but nothing special and definitely not worth the price. I have a few pieces; a couple are tarnishing a bit after careful care and storage. I think you are paying for her trips to Italy, not for Italian craftsmanship. I won’t buy any more from her or the “big 3”.

    • Grey Says:

      They are airing her final show right now. No explanation given other than this is her last show after nineteen years

  8. Aimee G Bond Says:

    I am disappointed to see Victoria Wieck go. She is a class act. I hope she goes to JTV. Love, love, love JTV. I did buy some gorgeous rings on clearance today. Good bye for now, Victoria. Hopefully see you soon!

  9. peace Says:

    Why don’t they get rid of Colleen I’m so tired of her……same w/QVC old timers…..let’s have someone uptodate for a change!

  10. Aimee Bond Says:

    Keep QVC Jane Treacy though. She is a sweetheart!!!! Love her! I do think it’s nice that QVC and HSN retains their older hosts. JTV Hosts drop like flies lately. Very sad!!!

    • Jerri Says:

      I should have made my comment more clear. I was only referring to Colleen. She has become completely annoying.
      I like Jane Treacy, too. The QVC hosts, or many of them, anyway, are much easier to watch than Evine or HSN hosts.
      And no, just because a host is aging, or has been on a channel for a number of years, that does NOT mean they should be fired. But any annoying hosts…. veteran, new, young, older, ….whatever, need to go.
      And why is it, they (JTV, HSN, QVC, Evine) always get rid of good hosts?!? HSN has sent a few out the door, yet they keep the chatterboxes and big headed annoying (Colleen) ones….

      • Aimee Bond Says:

        Jerri – so sorry. I just saw your reply. Thank you for the note! I haven’t watched Colleen in years, but I used to like her. However, I agree with you. If hosts are annoying, they should go. I think QVC does have the best hosts. They have long timers who we love. JTV keeps hiring new young hosts who are so chatty and annoying! I love most of the older hosts – on QVC, HSN and JTV. Guess it’s because I’m old! 🙂 Jane Tracy is definitely my favorite.

  11. Vandalyn Wilkerson Says:

    I will miss her.

  12. Aimee Bond Says:

    Victoria Wieck is now on Evine. She was on the show 9/28, and she appeared to be doing great. Good for her! So happy for her! Love Evine!

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