Court Asked For Final OK Of $26.3 Million Settlement Against Wen

FYI re Wen By Chaz Dean: Consumers who filed a class action suit against the hair care company have asked for final federal court approval of a $26.25 million settlement of the case.

In Los Angeles the motion on May 1 was made to the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California, asking it to put its imprimatur on the settlement of the lawsuit against direct marketer Guthy-Renker LLC and Wen By Chaz Dean Inc.

QVC sells a variety of Wen products, pitched by Dean.

In the litigation, consumers alleged that Wen products caused hair loss and problems with their scalps.


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2 Responses to “Court Asked For Final OK Of $26.3 Million Settlement Against Wen”

  1. Sherry Williams Says:

    I have bought thousands of dollars worth from QVC over the years, even in gallon jugs, and my hear is falling out, never notified by the Q or anyone else. Guess it is tool late for me-thanks a lot.

    • Carole Says:

      Dear Sherri
      I am a hairstylist with a great deal of experience in helping hair loss. Here are some tips, I hope they help.
      1. Take the supplement MSM, separate, or in joint support.
      2. Take the supplement biotin, at least 2000 mg daily. Take a good multi vitamin as well.
      3. Use professional shampoos and conditioners only. Buy on sale to save $$. Do not use shampoo conditioner combo. Like wen. It doesn’t work. Use a moisturizing shampoo regularly, and twice a month use a good clarifying shampoo. Use moisturizing conditioner on the ENDS ONLY. your scalp does not need conditioner. It clogs the follicles.
      4. Try to shampoo more infrequently. Every other day…..or less frequently is best. If you color or perm, wait at least 3 days to shampoo. Do not use protein or reconstructive conditioner more than once a month.
      5. If you use a flatiron, use it on medium or low, and only on special occasions. And only on VERY DRY hair.
      6. Don’t blow dry often. And dry hair a bit before pulling the brush through or straightening.
      7. Do not use oil of any kind on your hair. Henna products, either. Very, very drying.
      There are good reasons for all this, but too long to explain. They work; it just takes time. The least processing and thermal tools (blows, flatiron, curling iron etc) you use, the better.
      Good luck!

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