Coffee With HSN’s Heidi Daus In Montclair

For those who don’t read our Facebook page, wanted you to know that we ran into HSN jewelry vendor Heidi Daus at the Montclair Quick Chek Wednesday morning when we were getting our coffee.

We knew that she lived in our North Jersey town, but had never seen her.

She was very gracious and lovely, and said she has a TS coming up later this month!

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2 Responses to “Coffee With HSN’s Heidi Daus In Montclair”

  1. Lovie Says:

    She seems like a really nice lady, but her line is overpriced in my opinion. Her designs mimic Indian jewelry, which can be purchased from Indian retailers at a much more affordable price. Again, she’s a nice lady, I just wish that Heidi would give credit where credit is due. She is not the originator of that style of jewelry.

    • Jerri Says:

      I agree, Lovie. And she works only with brass, yellow metal. What about those of us who wear white metal? Because of that, I’ve never bought from her line.
      And, to reiterate what you said, her stuff is over priced. It’s also too over-the-top. Where would you wear it? If you’re a rich socialite, and go to the Opera, the ballet, and the symphony frequently, you might have use for it.
      For those who like it, good for you, enjoy it. It just isn’t for me,

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