Gem Expert Peyton Kelley To Exit QVC ASAP

Absolutely shocked, stunned and disappointed to learn that QVC’s gem expert and buyer Peyton Kelley is leaving the home shopping network.

Kelley posted the news earlier today on his QVC Facebook page, which he said will soon be eliminated. Tomorrow is his last day at QVC.

This is very abrupt news, and we are not happy about it. Kelley was informative, gracious and interesting when he appeared on-air.

QVC, give us a break!

Here is Kelley’s post:

May 1 will be my final day at QVC. I wanted to tell you all what a pleasure and privilege it has been for over 18 years to share my passion of Gemstones, Diamonds, and Artisan Crafted Jewelry with you.

We have had quite a journey together through many mines, countries, and designers. I hope you have had as much fun as I have. I have loved every minute of it!

I have been blessed to work with many wonderful designers and brands over the years. A little montage of some of these are mentioned below.

My Peyton Kelley QVC Facebook page will be going away at the end of day May 1 but my personal page will continue on. I will be taking a break from Facebook for a while. I am not sure what my next adventure will be but please stay tuned.

With Warmest Regards,


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4 Responses to “Gem Expert Peyton Kelley To Exit QVC ASAP”

  1. Lovie Says:

    It sounds like he was let go. Sad. I liked him, too. A sweet man. Perhaps Nancy Hornbeck can take his place. She’s also a graduate gemologist and this way was she can focus on diamonds only. I doubt that she likes selling all of that other anyway.

  2. homeshoppingista Says:

    Maybe he got a new gig at a rival, and that’s why QVC wanted him to exit so abruptly.

  3. Mammaberti Says:

    I love that Lisa Robertson selling jewelry and clothing from her own site now. Some great stuff!

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