Evine Threatens To Get You Organized

This week Evine is debuting a new vendor, Lindsay Soko, whose products will supposedly help you get your home organized. This we have to see.

“Lindsay Soko Solutions” will air on Tuesday and Wednesday, and the press release describes it as a “storage and organization collection is focused on solving everyday problems with simple, yet effective, solutions” that is “designed by women, for women, Soko’s products are not only functional, but feminine as well.”

And here comes Evine CEO Bob Rosenblatt again.

“You can’t help but be excited for what Lindsay Soko can bring to our customers,” he said in a canned statement.

“Not only is her on-screen energy contagious, but her products are unique, highly demonstrable and a great value… things we know are key to success in our video commerce space. Beyond her products and camera-perfect personality, I believe there’s a huge opportunity for us to be disruptive in the storage and organization category. Customers look to us to help make their lives better, and by delivering products that simplify everyday organizational tasks, we help them to be good to themselves.”

And here’ssssssssss Soko.

“There’s a real joy in simplifying your life,” she said.

“As an entrepreneur, wife, mother, step-mother and attorney, I know as well as anyone the benefits of streamlining and simplifying. Most of the products I’ve designed, I’ve done so out of necessity to organize the chaos of everyday life. I can’t wait to show women everywhere that taking control and becoming more organized can be feminine and elegant, as well as functional and practical.”

The collection includes:

  • Accessory Stax – a hanging vertical organizer for storing scarves, jewelry, handbags and other accessories.
  • Shoe Stax – a solution which accommodates two pairs of shoes into the space of just one.
  • Boot Hanger –  created to fit any closet and designed to protect, store and organize boots.
  • Boot Snugs – suspenders for pant hems, Boot Snugs keeps pants tucked inside boots.
  • Any Wear-it Wallet – a garter-style wallet that allows women to tuck their important cards, identification and cash inside their boots or around belt loops.

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12 Responses to “Evine Threatens To Get You Organized”

  1. Queen Celeste Says:

    Anyone else here need organizational device for their shopping channel organizational devices?! Or maybe I’m just beyond help.

  2. Queen Celeste Says:

    p.s. Love your use of “threatened!”

  3. Kim Says:

    Lol — Glanced at it — looked iike stuff that took up space in closets where you had no space to put more stuff. Like huggable hangers — I have a ton of them and I like them but I got more space because I actually cleaned out my closet while putting in the hangers.

  4. Sherry Bradford. Says:

    Much ado about nothing. I was not impressed with her nor her products.

  5. Dr. Death Says:


    Same could be said for Homeshoppingista, especially the latter as Twat Waffles has been posting on another blog because the Homeshoppingista was told not to post his comments anymore.

    Must be because TW tells the truth.

  6. Jerri Says:

    I guess every shopping channel needs its own Joy Mangano, purveyor of junk. 😛

    • Lanie Says:

      That’s exactly what I was thinking, Jerri. I’ve ordered Mangano items off and on. They mostly got sent back due to not working out of the box, or falling apart. Those that I kept usually gave out shortly after the 30 day guarantee.
      On another subject, not just to Jerri but to homeshoppingista and everyone: has anyone noticed Antonella Nester’s Facebook recently? It has been a series of shares, except for a couple original posts. And they keep getting weirder and weirder….almost as though they were electronically generated, not coming from her. She posted that she had hand surgery recently. But the weird posts started before that. It could just be a new phase, but she seems cold and aloof now, at least on Facebook.
      Anyone know what’s up? Just hoping everything is ok with her.

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