We Give QVC A G-H On Its Diamond Event

Kudos to QVC for its diamond event on Thursday, where the home shopping network fully committed to disclosing and discussing the color and clarity of the stones used in its jewelry.

We have long complained that QVC would describe its Affinity Diamond pieces as being colorless or eye-clean but not say whether they were H-I or whatever.

The No. 1 home shopping network in recent months began releasing that info on some of its diamonds, but in its event this week it really went into color and quality for nearly all is jewelry.

And QVC not only offered its TSV rings in 14 karat gold, there were a smattering of pieces where for the first time the network set its diamonds in 18 carat gold!

Were these baubles cheap? No, we like seeing higher quality goods.

And QVC’s Peyton Kelley did a nice job of explaining what the various color grades on a diamond mean.





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2 Responses to “We Give QVC A G-H On Its Diamond Event”

  1. Lil Says:

    Really ladies, do you need to shop on QVC. Ask yourself about the displaced employees and the families that the multi-millionaire CEO Mike George is proud to list as one of his greatest accomplishments – shipping jobs to Poland. If Mr. George had any talents he would had found ways to grown revenues not reduce expense and destroy lives. For this he is rewarded while many of the loyal employees especially the older ones, worry about health care, children education and other essentials. You have a choice ladies, you do not have to buy from a company that treats its employees like this, I suggest you think twice before you reach for that credit card, thank you.

  2. SUSAN Says:

    I like Peyton much better than David M that used to be their jewelry buyer………….

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