Will Your Too-Frank Obituary Mention QVC?

Is being a QVC customer an “endearing foible”? It is according to The Wall Street Journal.

The broadsheet on Thursday in its so-called “A-Hed,” or Page One feature story, wrote about how obituaries today are not depicting the deceased as angels when they were alive.

The top of the story talks about the obit that was written about an Oregon plant manager, Wayne Brockey, by his grandson.

The Journal wrote that the obit “opens by alluding to the deceased’s penchant for ordering gadgets and clothing touted by TV pitchmen: ‘QVC lost a loyal customer on Sept. 28, 2016.'”

And??????????? Is that a crime?


The story goes on to quote Brockey’s grandson, who penned the obit, as saying that his family always joked a lot.

“So it made sense to mention his grandfather’s endearing foibles,” according to the Journal, i.e. shopping at QVC.

Actually, labeling someone as a QVC fan isn’t the worse thing that people are writing about the dead these days, as the headline of the Journal story indicates: “Haze the Dead! Obit Writers Tell It Like It Was, Warts and All.”

Here are some of the other descriptions that obit writers are using about the dead: “old grump,” “demanding old fart,” and “sore loser.”

Yikes! What happened  to not speaking ill of the dead?








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5 Responses to “Will Your Too-Frank Obituary Mention QVC?”

  1. LB Lionne Says:

    Unable to read article without a paid subscription..

    On Thu, Apr 13, 2017 at 8:23 PM, Homeshoppingista’s Blog By Linda Moss wrote:

    > homeshoppingista posted: “https://www.wsj.com/articles/ > braise-the-dead-more-obit-writers-tell-it-like-it- > waswarts-and-all-1492009964” >

  2. Mammaberti Says:

    Live and let live!

  3. sara Says:

    I read one from down South , where this family wrote about their mother, calling her a whore, how she was a terrible mother, doing her “business” while the kids were in the home. They said she was a drunk as well…. Now. my thought is, how could any newspaper or funeral home , let this go to publication? I know here, even if you post something nice, to an obitutary it states that whatever was written, is being reviewed before publication. I mean maybe the woman was a bad mother but to do this, I don’t know…..

    • Jerri Says:

      Sounds like she deserved it, but better no obituary than that. Sounds like the newspaper didn’t like her any more than her kids did!

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