QVC Plus Is Now QVC2

We got an email a few days, and just heard loud-mouth host Shawn Killinger announce it, that QVC has renamed its spinoff network QVC2. It used to be called QVC Plus.

The email said to tune in for live shows, favorite brands and hosts, and the QVC2 Big Deal, apparently its Today’s Special, which debuts at 9 p.m. every night.


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13 Responses to “QVC Plus Is Now QVC2”

  1. chick20112011 Says:

    Read your post about being “pink listed”. I just got another pink list again and at my age (after being a full-time, stay-at-home mom for 25 years and divorced), finding it very hard to find another job, let alone get an interview. Being laid off, finding a job, laid off (and injured by the job (no sorry, just a lay off), I’ve had the time to view HSN and sporadically QVC. Haven’t purchased nor really viewed QVC in 6 years when I had to drop cable, but kind of shocked at the change in the Q, products, vendors, hosts and the “look”. I get HSN over the air and it’s been “entertaining’ the last month. I had not purchased anything from HSN in 4 years. Sig club A was my last purchase.

    HSN appears more trendy, viewer friendly, offering the very-catchy and “gotcha” flex-pay. I have purchased some of the beauty lines to stop the hands-of-time and try to look younger for job seeking prospects. Since trying and returning these lines ,I have noticed some things that I don’t like. Before and afters that don’t look any different. The hosts claiming they used the products, but in listening to all the presentations, they can’t use everything. What was claimed was NOT reproducible on my skin and I don’t have many wrinkles. The “30” day use (from receipt) and return policy is flexible somewhat. I had a discussion with a HSN agent about the 30 days and asked how I can use something for 30 days and have it returned to the HSN warehouse by 30 days from delivery. They have a “return calendar” that we buyers aren’t privy to. It takes a longer period to “return” even using vip-returns. The refund of “flex-pay” and full-price charges to the HSN card are SLOW. VERY SLOW. I have paid three flex-pays on some items, completed the flex-pays, or have paid the bill and the next bill on my HSN charge, while waiting for the refunds. I will finish the flex-pays of what I kept and QUIT the HSN card. They do offer good pricing and I have bought some clearance items which were NOT true-to-size despite what the vendor and host said, that were the cost of the item if not more, to ship back.

    I’ve gotten a chance to see most of the hosts and vendors. The most annoying vendor (voice and cackling) is Heidi Daus. I have to turn off HSN. Her designs are beautiful, pricey, and I’d never have the opportunity to wear her pieces at an event. Close at second is the Slinky vendor. I purchased a few Slinky pieces on clearance. These are keepers. Pricey if not on clearance, but Slinky is made in the USA. Rare these days for clothing/jewelry to be made in the USA. Purchased jeans from the jean maven, DG2 Bought on clearance to try. Pricey reg price and I was surprised these were made in China also. Long gone are the days of “the Q” when my kids were little and products were made in the USA.

    Just thoughts on home shopping in the new age.

  2. SUSAN Says:

    So now QVC has not one, but TWO channels to show the same limited number of products over and over……how “exciting” šŸ˜¦

    • Jerri Says:

      Chick 2011, and Susan

      Chick, you are saying what I’ve been saying for a long time. I was a shopper on HSN late 1990s, early 2000s. I bought things somewhat regularly from them. For your reasons, and more, I no longer shop on TV.

      Susan, HSN had a second channel some years back. It did not last long at all. And for the very reasons you have mentioned. It makes no sense at all. I’ve never been a QVC fan….and now, I don’t even watch for entertainment.

      These channels have all gone off in the wrong direction. And they’re alienating their good customers.

  3. Mary Smothers Says:

    What is host Kirsten wearing during the bionic show? She and Shawn really need to dress more decent,gosh gosh forbid if they had to return to being professional. Their attire is hideous. Kirsten’s top really didn’t pass as ma tunic or dress.

  4. Peg Altomari Says:

    I can’t stomach Shawn killinger. There is a new hair product on OUAI. This poor guy can’t get a word in edgewise. She’s talking like its her product line. OMG she screeches!!! I have a headache.

  5. Peg Altomari Says:

    I wanted to also say besides Shawn killinger screeching and getting on my nerves Sandra Bennett is another one. When she presents a TSV she doesn’t let the know vendor get a word in edgewise. Drives me crazy ! There are also some nights I want to scream at the TV Sandra take a shower and wash your hair. !! She looks dirty to me sometimes. It sounds awful I know but check it out and let me know if im crazy but I know im. Not crazy about Shawn. OMG shut up !!!

  6. Michelle Says:

    I do love Shawn, but I agree with the comment regarding Sandra Bennett. I can’t even watch her, because she interrupts constantly. I recall way back in the early, early days Jane Treacy used to do the same thing, and I couldn’t watch her for years. I love her now – perhaps because she is seasoned and far more relaxed. Maybe that is what it’s going to take Sandra. She just appears to be trying to hard. Relax and shut up a little, Sandra.
    Shawn is my favorite. I love her vivaciousness and her sense of humor. I was taught not to make fun of people’s outward appearance/hair/clothes, so I won’t.

    • LadeeGee1958 Says:

      Hello everyone. Let me make this disclaimer: the comments I make here are not to be taken as hating or dissing, but just my opinions.
      Alrighty then. My concern: what is up with Shawn Killinger’s clothes? Its like she’s a combination of thrift shop mixed with Goth and it just looks, well, awful. Her makeup is very dark and scary looking, and just completely out of place. Maybe it’s just me, idk, but she also seems a bit impatient with some of the guests on her show. A very strange woman indeed.

      • Michelle Says:

        Yeah, that’s not hateful or dissing in the least. Right-o.

      • Lovie Says:

        Shawn is….well…different. She used to be a news anchor before she came to QVC. She had that conservative “girl next door” look when she first came to QVC. Then over the years, she has gradually morphed into the “alternative” appearance that she has now. I’m not crazy about it either, but I think it’s a phase that she’s going to grow out of. Entering middle-age makes people push the envelope in a lot of areas in their lives including their appearance. When the hormones level off, she’ll start to settle down again. But that might take another 5+ years.

  7. sara Says:

    Shawn adopted a baby.. šŸ™‚

  8. Jessee Michael Says:

    Back in the late 90’s, QVC had a secondary channel called Q2, which shot out of Silvercup Studios in Queens. It had it’s own buying and production staff, and ran pretty independent of the main channel. This time around, the secondary channels are all under the same roof, run by the same staff – for better or worse.

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