Our Bad: Pollen Puffed Connie Craig-Carroll’s Eyes

We were told we were wrong about HSN host Connie Craig-Carroll. It is allergies that are changing her facial appearance, not a nick and tuck here and there by a plastic surgeon.. :

Or so one of her associates told us in no uncertain terms,

“What you’ve written about Connie is totally absurd and not true!” the woman posted on our blog.

“Connie visited family and friends last week and has severe allergies from pollen. Her eyes have been puffy as a result. It’s really sad that you feel the need to write about things before researching or knowing the facts. I’m a credible source and know the truth. It’s unfortunate that you find pleasure in trying to degrade people. Unbelievable!!!”

What say you?








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28 Responses to “Our Bad: Pollen Puffed Connie Craig-Carroll’s Eyes”

  1. Carolyn Simpson Says:

    well, if her allergies are that bad, see a doctor. new medication deal with those problems. i think its a crock of caca.

  2. LindaSonia Says:

    Me thinks they doth protest too much!! lol!

  3. sally Says:

    Her face has changed dramatically. I think it is great to do plastic surgery proceedures. She just needs to cut back so she looks more natural. It is not an insult to suggest work was done! She is a pretty woman.

  4. Mert Says:

    She must have those Kenny Rogers allergies. 😉

  5. Linda Says:

    She has always looked like a space alien, wide set eyes, giant forehead. She also has super fine, thin hair. She is botoxed to the max and wears extensions.

  6. Trina Dade Says:

    This is off-topic, but it is about HSN. I do not know how to reach you otherwise, Linda Homeshoppingnista. I just wanted to know if you have any info on Studio Barse. There are only 16 items on HSN right now. Two are sold out, one is regular price and the remaining are all on clearance.

  7. Queen Celeste Says:

    I hadn’t seen her for awhile but was surprised at her very different appearance the other night, maybe the one Miss Moss saw. Clearly, Connie is very pretty. But her forehead looked so tight and shiny. I suffer from severe allergies and have never experienced such a look. It’s sad, as they’re probably encouraged to have things done. So often today I’ll see a host or guest after not seeing them for awhile and experience that “ah ha” moment of them looking different, rather like The Invasion of the Body Snatchers!

  8. Abigail Says:

    Its her massive forehead that distracts me, and nope not being catty, she needs a new hairdo and stop with the fillers, she cant even smile anymore, guess all them are running boo since they got rid of Bill Green, they always go to extremes with umm pollen and other procedures, sad.

  9. Alanna Says:

    I’m an allergist and that’s bullsh**. No allergies lift the outer corners of your eyes, hello! I like Connie but she has been botoxing and restalayning for awhile now. That’s cosmetic eye surgery, not allergies!
    I have allergies and my eyes get puffy and swollen…but not like that. Oh, and Mert, love your analogy…Kenny Rogers allergies for sure, lol. Sure as heck aren’t Bette Davis allergies!!!!
    I read your blog, Linda, and it wasn’t degrading. Your point was how sad it is that one has to undergo plastic surgery to keep their jobs, etc. Her associate is trying too hard to make the point, as LindaSonia said. All of the women on HSN are nipped and tucked way too much. And make it worse by lying about it. We can tell, people. It’s not very subtle.

  10. sara Says:

    Yes, Mert, loved your comment,, Was drinking water at the time of reading and I was amazed how far I can shoot H2O out of my mouth with laughter.. Now.. can someone tell me what is making Ms. Gonzalez from QVC become the look of 2 people? She too has allergies, its been reported….

  11. Jerri Says:

    Well, Linda, I agree with you. Connie, whom I like very much, has had surgery.
    I read your other post and you were not degrading. But your point- that it’s a shame plastic surgery is needed to keep one’s job- is valid.
    Now I have a question. I’d appreciate a reply from you, Linda, and any of the posters on here. I’ll accept your opinion, agreed with me or not.
    I have a friend in another state. We don’t see each other very often. I call her about once a week or so. I call her because she doesn’t use her cell phone. I use mine and the call is free. We have been friends about 8 years.
    I called her last night, and she couldn’t talk because she was watching a movie from the 1990s. It is shown many times over the course of a year. She excused herself politely, but I thought it was rude. She has done this before- and not only to me.
    Had it been a blockbuster premier, or a one time only showing, I wouldn’t have minded. Or, if she had company, or wasn’t feeling well. But to hang up on a friend to watch an old movie that’s repeated constantly is rude, in my opinion. I not angry with her, just put off.
    So what do you guys think? Is she rude or not? I’ll accept whatever you say. If she’s not rude, I’ll ignore it. If she is, I’ll cut and paste this and email it to her. She accepts criticism pretty well; maybe she’ll learn something.
    Thank you for your opinions.

    • Georgie Says:

      @ Miss Moss
      Yes, I think Connie had surgery. She’s one of my faves, and I was sorry to see she did that. Your post was not a put down of Connie, but another example of people getting cosmetic surgery to stay in their jobs.
      @ Jerri
      My dear, your friend was very rude. If it were me, she’d no longer be a friend. She’s done it before so she’ll do it again. I’ve had friends call and interrupt TV shows or news programs I was watching. I took the call, and enjoyed talking with my friend or relative. You never know what will happen. A good friend suddenly and unexpectedly passed away last Fall. I’m glad I took advantage of all our calls, bless his soul.
      Please DO cut and paste my post in your email to her. IMO, she’s selfish and shallow till she proves otherwise.

    • Bob Says:

      I don’t post on here much, but I am always happy to help out if someone needs an opinion.
      Jerri, your friend was wrong to blow off your phone call. The only excuses are guests, ill health, or work. Friends and family are treasures and shouldn’t be taken for granted.
      I’ll go one step further. Your friend is probably older, overweight, and spends her time in bed due to various “aches and pains” that are greatly exaggerated to enable her to stay in bed. Her husband or partner probably waits on her hand and foot. The phone and TV remote are right next to her on the night stand. Does she eat bonbons, lol?! Good luck Jerri and you may send my post. As per Sarah DO make sure to send Georgie’s.
      As for Connie, yes, she is surgically enhanced, and does resemble cat woman. I like her; she was much prettier before the surgery.

      • Jerri Says:

        Oh, Bob, please read my update below. And thanks for your reply.
        I didn’t give this much attention earlier because of not wanting to offend my former friend, but you are SPOT ON.
        You described her to a tee and may I add her husband is a bumbling idiot. Both are unintelligent, unkind bores.
        I just wanted to add this because you were so right. Are you a psychic, by chance?!? If not, lol, you should be!

    • Cathy Says:

      Jerry, I think your friend should have taken the call. Yes, that is rude, to excuse yourself to watch an old movie when someone has taken the time to call you.
      I don’t know the circumstances of your friendship, but you must have a pretty good one to last 8 years. I think your friend just needs a reminder about how to treat friends when they call. After all, it is you who always calls her.
      You may paste my post to your email. I do agree with others that Georgie’s post will drive the point home better. In any case, she needs to be reminded.
      I hope this helps and wish you the best.

    • Fran Says:

      Jerri, I think your friend was wrong to excuse herself from your call to watch an old movie. Those 90s movies are played relentlessly and repetitiously on all the channels- cable and free TV, where you’re lucky enough to still have it.
      I don’t think it’s worth ending a friendship over, but you should definitely tell her she needs lessons from Miss Manners!!
      On another note, I think it’s nice that other bloggers are contributing and showing support for you.
      Miss Moss, Connie has definitely had cosmetic surgery, injectables, and possibly facial implants. And she looks worse, not better. You were not being hard on her, only honest. And I do like her but she has reached the point where her nip and tucks have gone too far.

    • Liza Says:

      Connie really looks nipped and tucked!! I lost HSN for about 6 months because of cable TV changes and got it back recently. I saw Connie recently and she looks almost alien.
      I’ve noticed the Botox a little over time….but recently she must have gone all out. I like Connie and she was pretty. This is not a good change.
      Jerri, I’ve read all the comments and I wish you the best. If you happen to read this thread again, I have a question for you. How are things going with your friend now? I’m asking because of something that happened recently with friends of mine. Our situations are similar; I wonder how things have worked out for you. Not so well with me…but that’s ok. My friends showed their true colors, and they are no longer my friends. Good luck to you.

      • Carol Says:

        We must have the same cable company, Liza! I lost most of the home shopping channels, too, for about 6 months. And was extra surprised, when I got them back again, to see Connie’s puffy face! Such a sweet lady…why did she do that?!?
        I read all the comments, and would also like to know what the final outcome is for Jerri. I have had people do rude things like that to me. If they aren’t in my “inner circle”, I could care less. But when something like rude phone matters shows itself, then other things reveal themselves. At least it seems to go that way for me.
        Let us know, Jerri, we wish you the best!

      • Jerri Says:

        If you scroll back just a little bit on Connie’s Facebook, there is a photo of Connie and Lynn, circa 2004. To substantiate Linda’s theory, I’m adding this because if you look at that photo and compare it to Connie now, you’ll see that she looks more lifted and plumped (and horribly artificial) now. She was much prettier before she started with the injectables and surgery.
        Liza, thanks for your concern. My story ended up like yours. I am no longer friends with those people. And it wasn’t finally because of her rude manners, it was because of something her rude and stupid husband said and assumed. They are stupid and rude, and think they are better than everyone, and we are done with them.

  12. homeshoppingista Says:

    I think she should have taken your call.

  13. Jerri Says:

    Thank you, Linda, for replying. I think she should have taken my call, too.
    I’ll wait a few days, and see if any other bloggers reply. Then, I’ll email it to her saying “Here is some loving but much needed criticism of your phone etiquette.” She is always critical of others’ manners; hopefully this will help her.
    Thanks again for your opinion.

    • Anna Says:

      First of all, Connie, whom I like as a host, has been nipped and tucked. As someone else said, it took away her resemblance to her son. As a hairdresser, I would give her bangs, and stop with the all-over lightening, and do a weave instead.
      Jerri, your friend is not a real friend and she is rude, rude, rude! Anyone who would take watching an old movie, that she’d seen a hundred times, over my phone call would not be a friend of mine anymore. I’d forgive the first time but after that, goodbye. And you have my permission to cut and paste my post to her email. She doesn’t deserve a good friend like you, Jerri. Good luck.

  14. Sarah Says:

    This post is to Linda and poster Jerri:
    Miss Linda
    Your post about Connie was true. I definitely think she’s had cosmetic surgery. For awhile now the only pose without sunglasses she’ll do for photos is a side shot. You can really tell straight on. Her friend is making a big deal of it. The post was not defaming or mean. And I, too, like Connie. I have seen her turn difficult situations with vendors into smooth sailing. She’s a really good host.
    Miss Jerri
    Your friend is rude. I can only agree with Linda and the other posters on here. I would definitely reconsider that friendship. I don’t know the details, but your friend sounds rude and very selfish. My guess is you are one of very few of her friends. People like that never have many friends.
    Please feel free to cut and paste my post. I think you should use them all. However, if you use only one, be sure to use GEORGIE’S. Her comment about losing a friend so unexpectedly should bring the point home even better to your friend. And if it were me, I’d send the email and let her call me. You’ve reached out enough. Blessings and luck to you, dear.

  15. Jerri Says:

    To Linda, and those who responded to my post:

    Thank you! I was surprised everyone was in agreement. I’m late with this because a personal matter came up and I was sidetracked. I appreciate your responses. Georgie, my condolences to you on the loss of your friend. 😢

    I copied Linda’s, Georgie’s, and Cathy’s posts; as well as my original one. Bob, your description is way too close….I didn’t want to be too hard on her! Anyway, she sort of blew it off, “I need new glasses, and couldn’t read it well. And I just excused myself to watch a little movie.” Ok, guys…..she is being evasive, and a little self righteous. No, it isn’t, as some of you said, worth ending a friendship over..YET. I’ll give her another chance. If she does it again, I won’t call or email her. I’m sure I’m not the only friend who is getting put off by this. So we’ll see what happens.

    Thanks again for your input. You are all great friends.

    • McKayla Says:

      Looks like Connie is on the nip/tuck train, and has been for awhile. She looks much harder with her “new face”.
      Jerri, I’m sorry I’m late here, but I wish you the best. Your friend sounds a little spoiled and thoughtless. Play it by ear, and see if the good outweighs the bad. She must have some good points; you’ve been friends for a long time.

  16. donna Says:

    I personally can’t stand giggly QVC model Jacquie whatever her last name is. Every time the camera goes to a close up shot of her she giggles like a 7 year old.She is so immature and all the host seem so protective of her.She has the worst THICK figure.Shes not only unattractive and silly, but highly over ate by the host who all act like she’s the “teachers pet” lololol

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