Being Catty: HSN Host Connie Craig-Carroll’s Eyes

Sorry to have to say it, but what has happened to HSN host Connie Craig-Carroll?

We haven’t seen her on-air for awhile, but watched her early Tuesday morning and were shocked by her appearance. Craig-Carroll looks like she has had work done around her eyes. A lot of work, and none too subtle.

Her eyelids are so tight and lifted that they almost look slanted, giving her a feline appearance. If fact, Craig-Carroll now reminds us of socialite Jocelyn Wildenstein, who has had so many facelifts and plastic surgery that the New York tabloids refer to her as the cat woman.

We guess this is all a sad commentary on women on TV having to pull all the stops to stay vital on-screen and keep their jobs.


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5 Responses to “Being Catty: HSN Host Connie Craig-Carroll’s Eyes”

  1. Jeannie Says:

    I’ll have to check her out soon. I know what “look” you are referring to in regards to it not being subtle. Suzanne Runyun (sp?) seemed to have had a “refresh” that was way too tight and it has taken a couple of years to relax and look decent.

  2. E. McAlvin Says:

    She’s been having things done for quite a while; Her forehead is so tight and round looking with fillers. It’s too bad because she was so adorable without all the work. I feel like it makes her look older rather than younger.

  3. Carolyn Simpson Says:

    whats wrong with looking older? we can fight it with lotions potions and surgery but it still happens. i dont like it but ill take it versus what i have seen the hosts on different shopping channels do to themselves.

  4. Donna Jones Says:

    What you’ve written about Connie is totally absurd and not true! Connie visited family and friends last week and has severe allergies from pollen. Her eyes have been puffy as a result. It’s really sad that you feel the need to write about things before researching or knowing the facts. I’m a credible source and know the truth. It’s unfortunate that you find pleasure in trying to degrade people. Unbelievable!!!

    • Carolyn Simpson Says:

      nobodys degrading her. how come she didnt have this issue last year? as a rule, allergies dont go away. Miss Moss doesnt find pleasure in degradation, she only reports the very obvious. who are you anyway?

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