QVC Airs Reruns On Gem Day

As far as we know, Evine pioneered rerunning its prime-time programming in the overnight hours, the wee hours of the morning. That was a switch, since it’s a home shopping tradition to broadcast live 24/7.

Maybe we’ve just missed it before, but early Thursday morning for the first time — at least that we’ve ever seen — QVC reran host Jane Treacy and gem expert Peyton Kelley’s introduction to the TSV. It is Gem Day at QVC.

Anticipating a snow day, we were up watching QVC at 3 a.m. or so when we saw a presentation on a rainbow-colored sapphire bracelet that sounded familiar.

It was familiar because we had seen it shortly after midnight.

On-screen QVC said that the programming had been previously recorded. We didn’t stay up long enough to see how many hours of the earlier programming, the “Gem Day Grand Opening,” was rebroadcast.

What gives?

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9 Responses to “QVC Airs Reruns On Gem Day”

  1. Jessee Michael Says:

    QVC has a secondary channel (Q-Plus) that reruns on-air shows, usually on a 3-hour delay, so that the west coast can see them at the same time as if they were first broadcast on the east coast. It also means that TSV prices are valid until 3am in the east, as they used to expire at midnight when the next TSV kicked off. Q+ is also getting some exclusive programming that won’t be seen on the main channel, both live and pre-recorded, and will sometimes air packages of previously-aired items.

  2. Angela Bedore Says:

    Supposedly it’s an experiment for a couple of weeks and starting this past Sunday they are re-running the Midnight to 3:00 am stuff again from 3 to 6! It’s nuts!!!

  3. Sherry Bradford Says:

    I don’t like it one bit. I think I will call and complain.

  4. Shannon Says:

    QVC is not live 24/7 nor is this a new thing. Many years ago, my Mom was up in the wee hours of the morning and then that afternoon saw the exact same show reaired again. She called the customer service line to complain because the network is supposed to be live 24/7.

    That customer service person could not tell her directly that they lie, but she did say to listen carefully.

    When the host says something like “We are live on QVC” that means you are watching a totally live show. If they don’t say “We are live” and say something like “Thank you for joining us on QVC today” then you are watching a show taped in advance. They usually air these shows at different times in the day or aired over two days.

    • Wifeylove Says:

      Most of the time this is because the guest wants time to sleep in between their TSV’s. So the company feels they can make more money with the actual guest instead of having a host some of the loan and the guest needs to sleep.

  5. Lana Says:

    HSN did this several years ago….don’t know if they still do. I don’t like it; makes us insomniacs watch reruns. They all have so little on rotation, at least keep it live.

    • Vera Says:

      I remember that, too! I’m not sure exactly when, but I’m thinking about 10 years ago, give or take.
      Evine does it, too. I can honestly understand why the networks do it; but that doesn’t make me feel any less cheated. At some point, it won’t matter, because I find myself watching home shopping less and less. The items are most low quality with high prices. And there isn’t the variety of items anymore.

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