Times on Marlo Thomas’s HSN Clothing Line

There was a profile of actress Marlo Thomas in The New York Times last week, with the news hook being her doing a clothing collection, “That Woman,” for HSN.

The article, “New Career In Fashion For ‘That Girl’: Marlo Thomas, Now 79, Is Offering Her First Clothing Line,” is a pretty interesting update on the life of the actress who played single career woman Ann Marie.

There were only a couple of tidbits about the HSN stuff. The story notes that the HSN collection has 15 pieces and a tote, and that during the interview Thomas was wearing clothes from her line.

Those included a “form-fitting” black sweater and black jersey pants, according to The Times. Thomas “her figure still girlish, made the outfit look wonderful,” The Times wrote.

The paper described HSN’s demo as a median age of 59,

One point we thought was interesting was that the clothes Thomas wore on “That Girl” represented “the uniform of the ’60s youthquake — graphic, eye-popping designs from Andre Courreges and Mary Quant — to be followed by the more bohemian accouterments of the early ’70s, like the styles of Halston, Giorgio di Sant’ Angelo and Yves St. Laurent<' The Timed wrote.

We always envied "Ann Marie" her prefectly straight hair, which reminded us of our friend Donna.

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3 Responses to “Times on Marlo Thomas’s HSN Clothing Line”

  1. Marilyn Says:

    Congratulations Marlo Thomas and good luck with your clothes line. I saw a few pieces in the AARP magazine. They are lovely.

  2. SUSAN Says:

    Mindy Grossman has lost her mind…..yet another celebrity tie-in which always seem to not last long and are flops!

  3. Carolyn Simpson Says:

    why is she doing this? I think aged stars should let us remember them as they were before they became so cosmetically and surgically changed. she doesn’t even look like herself.

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