Did Designer Mizrahi Diss QVC ‘Sh-t’?

Noted fashion designer and QVC vendor Isaac Mizrahi, who is also launching a cabaret act, made some interesting comments about the No. 1 home shopping network in a story in the New York Post Friday.

Mizrahi was interviewed about his stint, starting next week, singing at the Cafe Carlyle in Manhattan.


The curly-headed designer recalls imitating Barbra Streisand as a little kid, and talks about the advice that Liza Minnelli gave him to allay his stage fright when he sings.

But what caught our eye in the Post’s Q&A was this exchange:

Post: I understand your act also involves re-gifting. What are you giving away?

Mizrahi: I go to a lot of gala parties, and you get bags of stuff you don’t need, and it just collects. There’s [also] stuff that didn’t sell too well on QVC, like Christmas ornaments. How do you get your audience to like you? Give them s - - t!

So will Mizrahi be “gifting” his audiences at the Carlyle with leftover QVC items, lie ornaments? And are they the “sh-t” he refers to?



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10 Responses to “Did Designer Mizrahi Diss QVC ‘Sh-t’?”

  1. Roberta Jacobson Says:

    What about Sharif leaving HSN forever? Did they fire him due to poor sales or is he going elsewhere or working on his Manhattan restaurant? What’s the gossip?

  2. Ayce Playc Says:

    Honest and refreshing!

  3. Marilyn Says:

    How ungrateful of him to say that about QVC.

  4. Arlene Says:

    I never watch his shows or buy his stuff because I get such bad smug and self-satisfied vibes from him and Shawn, his usual host. So his attitude towards QVC customers and what he said doesn’t surprise me at all.

  5. Mammaberti Says:

    He is an idiot and I don’t purchase his S—! He should stick to selling at Target. Another woman hater with no class!

  6. Twat Waffles Says:

    Ever since he teamed up with that pretentious fawn Shawn his shows are more of a bland infomercial than a live demo.


  7. Carolyn Simpson Says:

    before you pass judgement on Isaac, read his bio. he really is a nice person. his comment about QVC was taken out of context. Now Shaun is another story. I cant stand watching her.Everything about her is contrived and irritating.Shows on the Q have become stale and boring.

  8. Twat Waffles Says:

    Carolyn you make a good point for sure.

    I’ve only seen probably around 7 shows of Shaun and Isaac last year, and my guess is I haven’t seen enough of them to criticize…etc.

    What I have seen this thus far and in the past is with Shawn is it turns into the “cool kids club”, almost like they should have special cool kids club painted jackets to go along with their cool moves and even cooler lingo LOL! You dig? Cool! 🙂

    Personally I enjoy Basso because he teaches the audience and he’s old school and interesting. Yesterday after midnight there weren’t any 72mm Incrapta Chinese watches being carnival barked over @Eswine so I was flipping through the channels and saw Basso’s reversible jacket and a few other items, very nice.

    Now even though I’m not into fashion I must say the show was good, the lineup was very good and the host was nice but she read with the blue card in her face most of the time, then again it was late.

    I’d like to see Shawn grow her hair and stop trying to be overly hip.

  9. Academic Mom Says:

    Isaac Mizrahi has always been a loose cannon and a riot and I think he genuinely likes dressing everyday women. Also as a New Yorker we’ll say “shit” as a synonym for “stuff” so I don’t think it was meant in a mean spirited way. Other than the occasional pants, his clothes aren’t to my taste but I think he’s okay. Now I don’t understand the whole Shawn thing-between her not knowing what a moon is in a hilarious exchange with Isaac and her weird dated hair and makeup, I just don’t understand the appeal. And she isn’t especially nice but she is grating.

  10. Pat Says:

    I hardly think wether your a “New Yorker” or not “Shit” is a very rude choice 0f words for “Stuff”…I don’t care for Issac Mizzahi’s Line of anything..or him..I see no flair for fashion let alone quality..Here is a guy out of millions who just got real fortunate..Landed QVC..And got lucky with little or no talent..He ought to be GRATEFUL..Not show disrespect to his followers on QVC who have purchased his fashions & made him a millionaire..& to all those who have so generously given him “Stuff”…Maybe he should just keep his stupid remarks to himself & do a good deed & drop his unwanted STUFF off at a Women’s Shelter..I am sure it would be appreciated…I wish he would leave QVC..His Show is ridiculous!

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