QVC Finally Gives Refund To Widower

One of our beloved readers tipped us off to this tale of QVC, which apparently was not going to give a refund to a widower whose dying wife had purchased a boatload of merchandise from the home shopping network.

That changed when a local TV news consumer watchdog, at WHTM, called QVC to task.

In Your Corner team helps man win refund battle after tragedy

The story involves Tom Carbaugh, who abruptly lost his wife of 46 years, Gretchen, to lung cancer. It was shocking, because Gretchen had been fighting a spinal infection, and was being treated for it when doctors discovered her cancer.

After she died, Carbaugh found out that Gretchen had ordered many items from QVC, and that the unopened packages were strewn about their home, according to

A lot of this merchandise had been purchased more than 30 days prior, outside of QVC’s return policy and deadline.

Initially a QVC sales rep told Carbaugh to return the items any way, but to explain in writing why he was returning them, that his wife had died suddenly.

But unfortunately, QVC sent the stuff back to him and he got the run-around when he called.

That prompted Carbaugh to contact “Your Corner” investigative reporter Kendra Nichols, who emailed QVC to find out why the home shopping network had reneged on its promise to the widower.

QVC finally stepped up. It apologized to Carbaugh, told him to keep the merchandise and gave him a $1,500 refund. He told the TV station that he will donate the items to a local non-profit.

So the home shopping eventually did the right thing, but only after some prompting.

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3 Responses to “QVC Finally Gives Refund To Widower”

  1. Jackie Says:

    Why didn’t they donate the items to all the employees Mike George recently laid off so he could relocate jobs to Poland

  2. sara Says:

    I know I will be called heartless on this one and I don’t mean to be, but………….. I don’t think I would be worried about getting monies back from QVC items if my wife had passed… I mean, the woman purchased them, from what I read, well over the 30 day period of return. I don’t understand why these items were sent back to the gentleman and I do find that hard to believe. I think having him keep the items, plus paying him the 1500. was something they didn’t have to do… Kudos to the Q….

    • Lovie Says:

      You are not heartless, Sara. I agree with you. Legally, QVC was not obligated to issue a refund. And allowing him to keep the items was not required either. They did what they had to do considering that the media was going to make them look bad if they didn’t cave. I feel bad that he lost is beloved wife, but I don’t think it’s right to make QVC look heartless for upholding their return policy.

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